Candice-2 *ON HOLD*

•Sequel to 'Candice'
Matthew and Candice were in a car crash,and Candice has been in a coma for a while. Once she wakes up,everyone realizes that she's lost her memory,the doctor says that she has 2 weeks to gain her memory.
Will Candice regain her memory?
Are Janet and Sam still in the picture?
If they are then did THEY cause the crash?
If they didn't then who did????


1. Chapter 1

Matthew's POV

Alice,Katie,And I all sat around Candice,still asking her questions,trying our best to get her to gain her memory. She just shook her head or just said NO to every question. I stood up and decided to go to my room,I felt defeated,like nothing was going to work. I guess that I just have to live with a girl that was my girl. I opened the door to my room,it was cold,I threw off my shoes I jumped in surprise, the carpet floor was very cold,I shuffled towards my bed. I laid down and stared at the ceiling. I started to cry,the love of my life doesn't remember me. Then there's a knock at my door,I sit up and wipe fresh tears off of my face. I stand up and take two big steps towards the door,I open it to reveal Candice.

"Hi..." Candice sounded uncomfortable as she walked in.

"Hey..." I say,Candice sits on my bed and she jumps as she sinks into it,I sit next to her. Candice scoots a little to the side,I get the message.




"Right!" I turn to face her. Candice looks at me back,but her eyes look left and right....that was making this awkward.

"Well,one of the girls lead me up here so...yeah" I just nodded.

"So...tell me about this whole Candice thing..." She said, she placed air quotes around " Candice". I just sighed and gave her a nod.

"Well,Candice was just a regular girl in Alabama that went to high school,but she didn't like school because there were three girls named Jennifer,Olivia,and Malinda that bullied her for no reason everyday,but she had her best friend Sam that kept her standing...." I told her everything that the old Candice told me. Once I got to the part where I brought her to that abandoned park,I started to cry.

"Candice! I know you're in there! Please...." I cried,"Candice" just looked at me she hugged me and rocked me back and forth.

Candice's POV

The guy told me everything about this "Candice" girl,she had an okay life I guess,but nothing rang a bell. I sighed,I shook my head.

"I'm sorry,I just can't remember...." I said,Matthew shook his head and cried a little more. I walked out into the hall and I closed his bedroom door. I sighed in disappointment,and I shook my head. This was just too much,I then snapped my fingers.

"I need a walk!" I say to myself. I walked down the steps with a small smile on my face.

"Hey...uh guys?" I say,the girl with red hair and a girl with brown hair both look at me.

"Candice,it's going to rain..." The red head says.

"And you don't know where your going!" The brunette says. I roll my eyes and I go outside anyway. I smile as I let the warm air engulf me,I stretched out and I chose to walk left.


So far I've passed a whole neighborhood,a cafe,and a high school,but now I was staring at a bunch of trees,I shrugged and went inside of them.

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