May The Best Man Win

"You can't tell anyone about this" I muttered my heartbeat racing at his presence. My mind was mixed with emotions of fear and also love. Nobody could ever find out about this and him working for my Dad didn't help.


3. May The Best Man Win - Chapter 3

May The Best Man Win

Chapter 3

Harriet's P.O.V

I looked around starring at Niall as he headed down the corridor leaving me on my own. I need to find Zayn. I muttered to myself. I looked at the signs on the walls and found what way I needed to go. As i walked down the corridor I felt a slight rumbling. I could now hear the voices of plenty of people and before I knew it the lookers rooms were crowded. I squeezed past a few people and stumbled to the stairs. Was it this way? i asked myself looking around. I spotted another flight of stairs and sighed leaning against the wall. I pulled my phone out and decided to call him. I waited patiently as it rang. I looked around watching the passing people. Everyone seemed to have there friends. That was the downside to starting part way threw a school year. Nobody is looking for new friends. I sighed once more taking my phone away from my ear and shoving it back into my pocket. 


“You lost?” I heard a deep voice from behind me and quickly turned around. I saw someone leaning against the wall at the bottom of the stairs. He walked over to me and his facial features came into view. It was Harry. I sighed. This guy certainly wasn’t going to leave me alone today. I stood up quickly gathering my books and headed the other direction. I soon felt his hand on my shoulder.


“Where you heading too, love?” He asked spinning me around so I stood directly opposite him. Next lesson was about to start, so now only a few people wondered the corridors.


“I’m looking for Zayn” I muttered quietly. I got so shy when he stood so close, especially as Zayn wasn’t here to save me. Yes, i admit he was good looking, but over all I felt rather threatened by him. He was so tall and me being short as it was made me feel tiny compared to him. 


“Zayn? Is that the guy that was with you earlier?” He asked beginning to walk closer to me. I nodded anxiously at his actions. He chuckled at the startled look on my face and pushed past me taking my hand in the process. I was now at his side as he guided me down the corridor. I said no more and tried to keep my distance. He pulled me closer every time I stepped away from him. I heard the bell ring and my heart beat quickened.


“I-I’m late for 3rd lesson” I spoke up a bit. I was always quite a good person when It came to school work. My dad’s job meant that we moved around a lot so the amount of time I had at school was small and I treasured each moment of education I could get. He laughed and continued walking. I started to recognise the corridors. 

“Hay this is where I bumped into Liam” My mind clicked in as I remembered this mornings events and when I met this ass hole who’s name was Harry.


“How come you remember that?” He asked with annoyance clear in his voice. We turned a corner and I remember this was where I first saw Niall.


“Because he sit’s next to me in Maths too” I replied knowing he was getting pissed off. I could tell this guy was very popular and most girls would be ecstatic to have him like them, but me? I preferred shy boys. People that felt as nervous as I did around them. It made relationships a whole lot funnier being able to share awkward moments with that person. 


“I’ll have to do something about that” I heard him mutter threw gritted teeth so that I wouldn’t hear him.


“Why?” I asked gaining more confidence now knowing how to make this guy stop shoving me around. He seemed to loose his confidence as soon as he thought I liked Liam. 


“Why you got to go messing around with people to make sure I like you?!” I blurted out regretting it straight after.


“What makes you thinks I like you” He chocked on his laughter. I felt my cheek turn a rosy red colour. Was Niall lying?


“Niall told me about your little game, know body else can like me, go near me, talk to me…” i trailed off thinking he got my point.


“Look, It’s just a little fun, chill” He nudged my arm playfully but I wasn’t in the mood. I was missing classes for a conversation with this jerk. He noticed how I moved away from him as soon as he said that. He sighed and kept his distance. We reached the main entrance and he opened the door. 


“Where are we going anyway?” I stopped and starred confused at the open door in front of me.


“Why so many questions?” He asked annoyed. This guy was really pissing me off and I thought he liked me as well? He’s certainly not going about it the right way if he does. I sighed and walked out of the door he was holding open for me. 


“Hay!” I heard a yell from behind me. I turned around to see Mrs Robinson running down the corridor tripping over her ridiculously high heels and he boobs bouncing around in her crop top. Surely she wasn’t aloud to dress that way? I wondered to myself before my thoughts were interrupted by Harry grabbing my shoulder.


“Come on!” He whispered pulling me out of the door. The door slammed shut behind me and I quickly turned around to see Harry running down the pathway that lead up to school. He turned around briefly to see me far behind him running to catch up with him. He laughed as I took the last steps until i was in front of him. 


“I see your a fast runner” He laughed sarcastically and I joined him taking no offence as I knew it was true. He turned around and bent over slightly making me confused.


“What are you doing?” I laughed. I was interrupted by and yell and I turned around to see Mrs Robinson had caught up and was at the door.


“Get on” He gestured towards his back and I understood. I jumped on an wrapped my arms around his neck trying not to kill him. He began running and although me on his back slowed him down it was still a hole lot faster then what I could have ran. After a while of running the school was no longer in sight and Harry gently put me back down on the floor. He was panted hard and I felt slightly embarrassed.


“Sorry, I’m quite heavy” I admitted looking down and fiddling with my nails, a habit I always did when I got embarrassed. 


“No your not” I looked up to see him smiling and he continued to walk on. He seems a lot nicer out of school. 


“Where are we anyway?” I looked around to see a small children's playground and ahead of us was a supermarket. 


“What, do you not know your way around here?” He chucked stopping at the side of the road and waiting for a space to cross where the traffic had died down. 


“Well considering I’ve only just moved here, yeh I don’t know where the heck I am” I laughed making him laugh too. The cars stopped and we safely crossed the road. I followed him into the supermarket and he walked around for a bit.


“What exactly are you looking for?” I asked getting a bit annoyed at walking in circles. 


“There!” He smiled and ran forward towards the shelf of bottles. He scanned the labels of different kinds of beer and picked the pack he liked the best.


“And there going to let you buy that are they?” I asked laughing, he didn’t respond and I just followed him over to the tills. He placed the 6 pack of beers next to the till and the lady who was wearing a blue jacket and a name tag with read ‘Laura’ on it looked up at him suspiciously. 


“ID Please?” She stated in a boring voice making you know that she couldn’t be bothered to be here right now. Harry pulled out his wallet from his back pocket and handed her his…was that a drivers licence? The lady checked the photo with his face and seemed convinced handing him back his licence and he handed back the money. I followed him out of the shop and he looked pretty happy with himself.


“You drive?” I asked referring to his drivers licence that had got to be fake.


“Kinda, well I can’t drive, but I do” He shrugged and we walked out of the shop as the cold air hit me. I laughed at him not caring and suddenly began to think


“If you can’t drive, then how did you get your licence?” I asked as we crossed the road once again and headed for the children's playground.


“My cousin works at the driving place. He wrote down different things saying that I did well when I nearly killed someone” He laughed historically and I gasped at how harsh he was.


“Im kidding!” 


“I am a bad driver though..” He added and I laughed. He opened the little gate and sat down on the swing. I sat on the swing next to him as he popped open one of the beers. he chugged it down for a while before chucking the empty can onto the grass.


“Really?” I asked getting up from the swing and picking up the empty can and throwing it onto the bin.


“Nice throw” He smirked as I stomped back over to the swing.


“I wouldn’t have to throw it if you would have just got off your fat ass and done it yourself instead of littering” I mumbled pulling out my phone from my pocket.


“Ooooo someones a little eco friendly” He laughed as he threw the next can right by my feet to annoy me.


“Quit it” i spoke up throwing the can into the bin. He didn’t answer and we sat in silence for a while before he made conversation.


“You want one?” He asked gesturing to the two cans left. I shook my head instantly.


“Ah come on!” He waved the can in front of me making me shake my head once more. 


“Any other girl would take my offer instantly” He smiled making me look up from my phone and over to him. 


“Well I’m not just any other girl”  I pointed out, making him look at me differently. He stopped looking like he wanted to get me to like him and looked…i don’t know a little caring I guess.


“Your really not are you?” He said a lot more calmly now. What was with his sudden mood swings man!


“Nope, but I guess your just like any other boy” I laughed and he looked sort of hurt.


“Why would you think that?” He crossed his arms after placing the full can back down by his feet.


“Because everyone seems to have tattoos and piercing , you all look the same, sort of scary I guess” 


“Your scared of me?” He chocked turning his legs slightly to face me.


“A little” I mumbled honestly.


“Is that why you kept your distance and just let me take you out of school?” He asked.


“Yeh…to be honest I don’t get to go to school much, so going to school is quite a treat really” He looked confused


“Not the whole work thing, just the friends and the whole experience of it” Harry burst out into fits of laughter and I started to wonder if that whole nice thing was just an act. 


“I’m sorry, it’s just I would die to not go to school much” 


“Trust me I would swap lives with you any day” I spoke honestly snatching the last beer from by Harrys feet. He smiled at my actions as I popped open the can and took a sip.


“What’s so bad about your life?” 


“You have no idea” I laughed


“Well you wouldn’t want my life either” 


“Why not? Your popular, your not fat, you have a lot of money by the looks of things, you have a drivers licence. Even if you can’t drive very well, you can still do it legally” I trailed off with the endless list of why his life is far better than mine.


“It may seem like it at school, but at home…it’s a different story” He looked down kicking the stones beneath his feet.


“What do you mean?” I asked suddenly feeling like maybe his life is as bad as mine.


“It’s personal really, but being popular isn’t as great as it seems” I never expected a deep conversation like this. I never expected to even be out of school right now.


‘Why not?” I was intrigued what life as a popular was like. I’d never been popular and this was the first school where the populars seemed to like me.


“You don’t get really friends” He paused as if checking with himself that he trusted me.


“Take Niall for example. One day he’s my best friend, the next he says he can’t be seen with me and then he’s not at school for a month and never tells me why” He sighs and I felt guilty for some reason even though It wasn’t my fault.


“I think I know why” I muttered to myself, but unfortunately he heard.


“Why? Wait, you guys were acting strange this morning too? Do you know each other?” He asked fire ring questions at me as I cursed to myself fro getting tangled in this situation.


“No no we barley know each other” I said honestly, ignoring the previous question about how I knew why he was acting strange. Thankfully he forgot and we began to make our way back to the school.


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