My life was perfect, then love showed up.

Im not popular. Im not a nerd. Im not the one everyone talks about. Im not the one no one knows.
Im regular. I have imperfections. I have qualities. I have friends.
That is me. The normal one who people knows and of course some people don't know. The bad thing is it isn't always the right people who knows you.
I think she knows me, her boyfriend certainly does. We are kind of bestfriends. And I kind of have a crush on his girlfriend. It's a problem i know, i really do but I can't help it.


1. my Problem

Should we start with my problem? Yeah that's a good place to start.

Her name is Andrea. A pretty normal name. Not that big of a deal. Her hair is brown, I don't know which brown just a light one, definitely not a dark one. That's for sure. I'm about 15 centimeters taller than her. Which I think is a good thing. I have this one friend who once told me that a guy had to be taller than her. Because then she could wear high heels and it was just better that way. She told me a lot of stuff, but c'mon how should I remember it all. She talks a lot and that is kind of what I like about her. By the way her name is July. Well back to Andrea. She is a pretty normal girl, she isn't a diva, she loves to shop, she doesn't do drama that much, and then she has a boyfriend. That's kind of the problem. Oh I almost forgot. She has the most amassing green eyes. It's like if a volcano exploded in them. They are green with blue exploding from her iris. I always feel like drowning when I look into them. It can be awkward, because sometimes I just stare and people have to yell at me. I always come up with a lame excuse. They must think I'm crazy when I just doze off, out of the blue. Did you see what I did there. Oh bad joke, I don't even think you could call that a joke, more like some word magic. She is pretty perfect I think. At least for me she is. But there is that one problem; Julian. Don't get me wrong I love that boy he is kind of my best friend. He is good to Andrea, and I'm pretty sure he loves her. He treats her right, doesn't yell at her, gives her gifts, listen to her. I think that is what July would call a perfect boyfriend. Oh I love that girl, she is pretty special. Well so Julian isn't a bad guy, and I think he's right for Andrea. There is just that one thing; I can't seem to get her out of my head. And it's killing me. I don't want to feel that way. I asked July and she had a long speech, I can't remember all. But I do remember she told me that love has its own ways and that I have to follow my heart. But that is the worlds biggest cliché. I saw it once on a metal plate. And my experience says me that if it stands on them, its definitely a cliché, something girls like to read and hang on their walls. So I kind of deleted it from my mind. Oh I just realized that in these books..... A diary that's it. Well i think you have to start off with Dear Diary or something like that. Isn't that right? Yeah it is. Well I'm not gonna be mainstream. I'll do it my own way. Just wait and see. Is it weird that I write like I talk. I'm not used to diaries but July recommended it, so I'm gonna give it a shot.

Hello there made!

See I told you so, didn't i! Well I decided that with this book I will change things. But I think I should take it slow. Like try the water before I just jump in. So.. Yeah I haven't done anything yet, but it's coming I promise. I don't want to be the type who writes about the weather and how their day had gone. You don't wanna hear that stuff. But I'm gonna tell you about this party I went to. It was pretty normal, but I just wanted to make it clear that I'm not a loser. I get invited to parties and I get wasted. I'm not at all boring. I made out with this one girl, her name was.... It was... Well that doesn't matter. Anyway she was kind of hot I think. I'm not good to judge that. I think she was hot, she was pretty natural and that suited her well. Oh now I remember, her name was Sophie. To my defense, I was wasted and it was far over midnight. I'm not a cold player type. But I didn't get her phone number... Well let's move on! I thought it was important for you to know that I go to college. I'm in my first year, and the same is Andrea, Julian and July. You could call us a clique. It contains; Julian, July, Andrea, a guy named Ethan*, a girl named Sue**, and then of course me. * He is in his second year, I don't think he likes the people in he's year. I really don't know why, but I'm glad because that means that he hangs out with us. ** Sue is so beautiful, don't get me wrong I'm not into her, but I would lie if I said otherwise. You should see her, she has this natural glow over her, I think it's the confident. She doesn't wear any makeup, but she does care about how she dresses herself, it's like her passion. She is also in her second year. So to sum up, it's pretty amassing people that I hang out with. Just to get this straight; Julian is with Andrea, July is single, Ethan has a boyfriend named Eric - I think he goes to Columbia-, Sue says she's single, but I don't think that's for long, and then there is me, I'm single but I have this flirt going on with a girl I met on the library. Okay now I sound like a player. But it's just to distract my self, and she is pretty sweet and fun. I just don't wanna ruin anything with my friends, just because I can't get a hold of my self.

Authors note; Please comment what you think, so I know if it's worth it to publish more!❤️

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