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2. Party And Make out


That night, I was in my room with Tess and Angela, Angela was doing my makeup while Tess was doing my hair. Angela decided we should curl my hair a bit because i had the straightest hair ever! Angela did my makeup in some light pink shades in the eyes and hot pink on the lips. She added mascara and eyeliner to finish the look. Now that my hair was bouncy and my makeup was preppy, i went to put my dress on. I didn't want to see myself before i was all done! Angela held up my hair so Tess could zip up my dress.

"1...2...3" Angela counted and turned me to the mirror so i could see how amazing i looked. My jaw dropped open ! OMG i was so beautiful ! I couldn't believe it was me. I hugged Tess and Angela. My aunt had tears in her eyes which made me want to cry but my make up would drool so i just hugged Angela so tight. I couldn't wait to see what i'd look like to prom! The makeup made my grey eyes look so fierce and wild. My hair never looked so nourished and healthy i was so happy. Tess also looked gorgeous. She had a long red dress. She had straighten her hair and her blue highlights were so pretty and matched so perfectly to her clutch and to her eyes. She couldn't be prettier.

"We have to get going!" Tess told me and grabbed my hand while we both hugged Angela. When we walked out the house, Angela had her motorcycle waiting for us. Obviously i would break my face if i used my skate in heels. Angela gave me a head casque and she put it on making sure my curls would stay in place. She put hers on and we both got on the motorcycle.


When we got to the party, her house was crowded with many gorgeous looking people. Niall hadn't arrived yet so we all hid. I never saw him but i thought it would be fun. Tess and i hid behind a couch. We saw a car arriving and heard many whispers saying "Shh!!". When Niall came in he said, "I'm home!" He had a slick irish accent. I couldn't see what he looked like in the dark. Talking about dark, he turned all the lights on and we all scram "Surprise !"

He was very surprised. He kissed everyone hello and i have to admit he looked like Tess. He had big blue eyes and blond hair that spikes up with the roots darker brown i think. He was wearing some skinny jeans that were black with white sneakers and a white t-shirt. I could see him come towards me. I had a drink in my hand and i was against a wall.

"Hello!" He said leading me to their garden since we couldn't hear a word we said. Tess's family had a swinging couch so we sat there and swung. We had just met and his arm was around my shoulder and my head resting on his chest.

"I never saw you around..." he said.

"I'm Tess's friend Danielle!" I gave him a smile but we couldn't see each other's faces.

"Nice to meet you and by the way you gotta nice dress here so that's a plus to how good you look tonight."

"thanks !" i found that so sweet.

Niall got up and held me his hand. I held his hand and he held my waist closer to him. His blue eyes were crashing into mine, as he started swinging which made us dance. There was no music on outside but we could hear the music from the inside.

"So? " He asked me with a grin on his face.

"Nothing why?"

" oh i just thought you'd tell me all about your day and shopping and what girls talk about!"

"Yah well i guess if you want to hear that then.." i was interrupted just then.

"No not at all!" he shouted. There was an awkward silence when we burst out laughing. We were still swinging.

"You aren't like the others." He pulled even closer and now i could feel his breath when he talked to me. My heart started pounding. I was already in love with a cocky flirter.

"Yh i know ." I said looking down. He used his finger to pull my head back up so we were staring. His eyes were focused on my lips and my eyes were focused on his. Niall kept coming closer and closer when Tess came outside.

"Oh god ! I'm sorry to interrupt !"

She looked in a hurry.

"Heh we can do that later." Niall said letting go of me. What did he mean ? We just met and we almost started making out!?

"Anyways just warning you guys that the real party has just started." She went back in the house and Niall pushed me against a wall.

"Niall , i don't even know you!"

"You know my status and my name so that's good enough nah ?" He smiled at me and since i was stuck to the wall and him on me, he stared at my balcony. He put my hands up on the wall and our fingers intertwined. He started kissing my neck and reached my sweet spot. I had butterflies in my stomach, but the good kind. I let go of a moan. I think he was happy about that. He let go of my neck and my hands. Now he held my thighs around his waist. He started on my lips. I let the entrance and slid my tongue directly in his mouth. What was happening to me? I don't know. He started kissing my sweet spot again, my thigh still around him. I put my hands through his perfectly spiked up hair. He tried to unzip my dress when i pushed him off of me. I ran away with tears that filled up my grey eyes. That made my makeup drool. I almost got raped with a guy i haven't even known for 4 hours !

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