The World From My Perspective

I over think things.... This is how I over think.
Plus a few thing that just pop into my head.
And a bit of advice.


2. Two

What do you believe in?

I believe in a lot of things, because to me without belief there is no hope.  

One of the only things I don't believe in is mermaids, they are completely un-logical.  For instants

if they turn into a mermaid when they are wet then they would always be in there mermaid form because there is moister in thee air and there skin.  There for they would always be in mermaid form.


 I do believe in heaven though, because without heaven death would be miserable and I like to think there is something after life.   Somewhere you can go and see your love ones who died before you. 


I also believe in things like fairies, no not tooth fairies.  Some of them are good and some are bad.  I don't think they die when ever you say they don't exist, at least I don't think it automatically kills them.  I think it's more that they hear us and it hurts them mentally. 


I don't believe in aliens ether, but I do believe that some where out there there is another planet with humans on it. Humans that live just like us. They may know more then us, or less. They may not even speak any of the same languages that we do.  All I know is that I think they exist. 


Hey, please let me know what you think, and If you believe in any of these things or if you don't believe in them. 

I wang to know how many people believe in heaven so please comment.


I'm leaving in the morning for cadet camp so I won't be on for about two weeks.


Tonks Fairyworth*



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