The World From My Perspective

I over think things.... This is how I over think.
Plus a few thing that just pop into my head.
And a bit of advice.



Bullying NEEDS to stop!

Its just sick. I don't know why anyone would think that by hurting someone else will solve anything

all it does is make people feel like they aren't beautiful (and every one is) and don't deserve to live (and they defiantly do!).      


There was a thirty year old women why committed suicide a few days ago in my town.  I don't know why she did it or anything all I know is that my parents knew her, she was married and has two kids.  Just imagining that those kids will grow up with out a Mom hurts, I may be a daddy's girl but I can't imagine not having my mom. 


So if you see some one being bullied say something, don't stop to thing of your reputation or anything.  Your reputation shouldn't matter any ways because the only people who are going to think poorly of you are the bully's. 


If you haven't already checked out and added your name to SMD1120 and Cambie <3's you 's book: Stop Bullying, Speak Up! then please do.


Tonks Fairyworth

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