Bent and Broken

He said that,"our love was like the stars, endless and beautiful"

When we were together we were no longer the bent and broken.

He then turned his back and walked away.

( one direction not famous )


2. Hell and Heaven prologue

My life couldn't be better I thought to my self as I danced to the music playing and I felt the alcohol really start to kick in.

I looked to the corner of the dance floor where I saw a group of some other girls on the cheerleading squad gossiping about something.

I stopped dancing and made my way over to see what was the madder.

" hey guys what's going on" I said with a stupid drunken grin

" omg Riley were all so sorry" a girl on the cheerleading team said in a nervous rush.

But before I could ask why my eyes landed on my boyfriend Liam in the far end with his tongue down by best friend Amy's throat.

I don't really remember what happened next just in shots.

1) call mom crying with mascara running down my face for her to pick me up while yelling at everybody ( Liam and Amy ) than throwing up.

2) making my way to the front lawn to the car... I look like a drunken mess and everyone is laughing at me.

3) hopping to the car my little brother Tim quiet in the back as mum yells at me as we drive.

4) mom tuned to yell again when she lost control of the car..... And we flipped and rolled

They said the roll only lasted 10-20 seconds, but being there it felt like a life time.

My mom died, my brother broke a few ribs, his legs and one arm. And all I got was a black eye and a lot of blood loss.

It was my fault for what happened that night, and ever since then my heaven of a life has been hell.

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