He told me the best part of life is forgeting the worst part
(A harry styles dirty dark fanfiction)


2. chapter2

i open my eyes feeling like the room is spining the room is strange it's white and there are people with white uniforms walking i attempt to getup but i can't i feel something is on me i look at my self and i see my foot is big and something white is covering it "gosh....what the hell is this?"i nearlly moan but one of the people that now i know  they are nurses comes near me "you were too lucky it was a bad accident and you have only broke your leg"broke my leg?accident?i can't remember anything.....i look at the glass door and a familiar figuer is behind it and now i can remember ,he was the tall curly person in audi he crashed me and drove me to the hospital "you can press the charges if you want to" nurse captures my attention and then frowns "i don't .....think so" when i turn back to look at the glass door the figure is gone. After 5minutes there is no feeling of void in my body and pain is taking place i'm feeling a slight prick in my face getting stronger by the second i try to call nurse to give me some painkiller just when i open my mouth i hear an angry voice throw the hallway "she fucking apeared from middle of the nowhere"a raspy voice with thick british accent "at any rate you have to stay you crashed her and if she want's you'll go to jail" i immediately recognize nurse's swift voice sounding annoyed and angry and i'm sure the raspy voice blongs to the tall figure "i'm sorry.....i need help"i say  loud enough for the nurse to hear that "comin"she shouts and after a few seconds she's in the room"what's wrong dear?"she says with a pretty comforting smile "mmm.....i need some painkiller please" she checks some papers beside my bed "sorry honey but i need your doctor's peremission"great i feel my face exploding ''ermmm.....are you sure you don't want to press the charhes?"she says nervously "yes i am know i shouldn't have ran to the street"i half laugh "as you wish but i don't think that ass deserves any mercy"she says and looks at the door to make sure he's not around i guss.why is she so nervous?who is this mystrious figure?why are they keeping him here when i said he can go?"earth to lisa hey..."the nurse intrupts my thoughts "yeah?"she points at somewhere i follow her and i see a tall curly boy standing in front of me his emerald green eyes are looking straight at me he's wearing tight jeans and a black shirt and he's carring a long leathdr jacket he looks annoyed and angry  and extremly charming his brown curls are pushed up perfectly and i can't help but admiring his flawless face "you yourself know that it was your fault so tell them to fucking let me go"he says with a low but angry tone "wh..what?" i sound dump and confused "if you need money or anything else i can give you but just tell them to fucking release me"i no longer care about his awsome face now i'm beyond angry "what the hell are you talking about?"i bark and lift up a bit"huh....don't act inocent i know people like you , you see an expensive car and throw yourself to them so you can get money" who the hell does he think he is? "how you dare? oh my god.....hey mr know it all just FYI i have to tell you that i have already told them it was my very own fault and you have nothing to do with it i have no damn idea why they don't let you go but as the nurse said you don't deserve mercy"i tell him and immediately look away and try my best not to cry  " you can go" the nurse says to him sound of  his heavy boots fill the room and i no longer hold my tears back this boy may looks like an angel but he's probably a devil inside how can he say that i'm looking for money "you are always a big trouble"a familiar voice comes i turn and see my mom is standing in the doorway "i had to come out of gym just to pick your ass up"she sits in the chair next to me "can you leave me alone just for a day?"i can't belive this bitch is my mothet does she have feelings at all?"you didn't have to come i could handle myslef "i sigh and tears are falling one moretime "we should go home right now i'm not paying any more money for you to just sleep here if you want to sleep you can do it in your bedroom for free"she says and goes out after some minutes  a nuers comes with a wheelchair. my mom takes me out and leave me infront of hospital to bring her car  i look around and see a silver audi next to hospital i look in the car and see the rude curly guy is in it he's looking straight at me after he realizes i'm looking at him he tells something to himself and starts the car and afer 2 seconds he's nowhere to be found he could go 45 minutes earlier so why was he still there and why was he looking at me?the more i think about this angel faced devil the more i get confused ****************************** sorry for the short chapters buy if you guys read it i make it longer :)
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