WWE One Shots


36. You're my angel (Renee's Imagine)



{Renee O'Donoghue hope you like it! Sorry that it's short.}

"KARAOKE!" I shouted. A bunch of us were in catering trying to find something to do this weekend. No one could find anything that all of us wanted to do. "We can go to a place that holds karaoke and a bar. For those that don't usually go up there without a little liquid courage." I winked at the last part. "Sounds good. I'm in." Evan said. I smiled. "Alright does anyone know of a good place or should we look around?" Big E suggested this place he's heard of in Tampa for us to meet. It has a bar and karaoke. "Perfect. So Saturday sound good for everyone?" we all agreed this weekend we were gonna have some much needed fun.


"What? Are you sure?" "Yeah. They were all scheduled last minute so now it's just us." "Okay. I'll see you in a few." I hung up with Evan and finished getting ready. He showed up and picked me up. We drove to the restaurant and ordered a few drinks and food. He talked getting to know more about each other. It wasn't what we planned but it just happened. I learned he's afraid of heights and other interesting stuff. It's like I was getting to know someone else. He even found out some of my secrets no one else knew about. "Do you wanna go up there?" I nodded. We sang Girl You're My Angel by Shaggy. Once the song was over everyone there started chanting "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" and we looked to each other blushing. We both leaned in and when our lips touched I felt fireworks, bombs. It was amazing. Left me breathless.

We walked back to our table. At first we were quiet. Neither of us said anything. "Renee." "Evan." we said at the same time. We sat there not quite sure what to say to the other. "I like you." we said at the same time again. "What?" "I like you." "Wait. You do?" "Yeah." we broke out laughing. We just kept saying the same thing at the same damn time. "Since when?" I asked brushing my hair back. "Last Summer. When we spent that one weekend at the beach. The way you smiled just got me. You looked so happy. It was like you could live on the beach your whole life and be content. And the way the light from the moon shined off you. You looked beautiful." "Evan, I had no idea." "Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?" I smiled. He leaned in and kissed me.

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