WWE One Shots


24. Will you make my wish come true? (Shayley's Imagine)



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"Are you ready Lee?" I heard Seth call for me from the bathroom. "Yeah Seth, I'm ready. Are you?" I replied. "Whoa, are you okay? You don't look so great?" Seth asked worried. "Yeah, I'm fine just nervous. Today is my first make a wish with the group and I don't want to screw up." "You won't screw up. Plus you'll have your friends right there with you." "I know but I'm still nervous." "You shouldn't be nervous you're the WWE Divas Champion for cryin' out loud! And you're my sister." he said still with a tight grip on my shoulders. "Okay, you got a point there. Now get your hands off me you damn dirty ape!" I threw his hands off me while busting out laughing. "Hey! I'm not an ape. I'm a member of The Shield and I'm helping the Authority so if you do that again I'll have to go find..."



"You wouldn't dare!" "I would." I just stood there glaring at him when a knock at our door broke it. Seth walked up to the door and answered. "Hey! Come in. We're just finishing up then we'll be ready to go. Shayley, Roman and Dean are here hurry up!" "Okay, don't get your panties in a bunch." I said grabbing my phone. The drive to the arena was anything but quiet they kept fighting over what music was gonna be played if any and other stupid stuff. I just sat back and watched it. Finally Dean pulled up to the arena we all got down and walked in. I breathed in the scent of the arena. What a pleasant unsettling scent. But a scent no less. I've been walking in and out of arena's like this one for so many years. Since I was 18 and still I don't get tired of it.



"Okay, we should find our locker rooms and wait for the make-a-wish people to show up." Seth told us. We all nodded our heads and spread out. After waiting for what seemed like a lifetime AJ walked in. "Hey, how are you? Seth told me you're nervous?" "Yeah, you would be to if you were being asked to fulfill someone's wish." "Have you forgotten? I've been in your shoes." "No, I haven't. But you know what I'm talking about." "Yes and my only advice to you is to breathe and put aside your nervousness because I know you don't want to screw up. You don't have to worry about that since all of us will be there right by your side." I smiled and hugged her. "And we're not the only ones who will be there...John's also gonna be there." she said poking my sides smiling.



"What? Really? Oh, now I can't go. I don't want to make a fool out of myself in front of him. I can't go." "Shayley, you can go out there. You can do it." she said with her hands on my shoulders holding me still looking me dead in the eyes. I nodded. "There you girls are! C'mon the make-a-wish people are here and they already have the girl in a room waiting for us. To be more specific you, Shayley." I stood there in shock then shook it off. "Me?" John nodded. "Just remember what I told you Shayley. Just take a deep breath. You can do this. I know you can." I nodded, took a deep breath and walked passed John then I heard from behind. "What's going on? It looked really serious." "She was just nervous." Then next thing I knew I felt a body next to me then they started talking.



"Are you nervous?" "I was. Not anymore." he looked deep into my eyes. "Okay, I'm still a little nervous. I just don't want to mess up in front of that precious little girl or my friends." hHe stopped me before we even reached the room and looked at AJ. She walked passed us and ran into Punk. I saw them smile then look back at John. "You don't have to be nervous. You're the best Diva in the business." I cut him off and said. "Besides AJ." "Right. You are the best Diva in the business besides AJ and you have no reason to be nervous. I know you'll do just fine. I have faith in you." I smiled "Thanks John! I really needed that!" "Alright now that that's settled how about we go make Shayley's wish come true?" I grabbed his wrist before he could even take a step.



"Don't you mean the girl's wish come true?" "Yes." "But you said Shayley." "Yes, Shayley. That's because her parents named her after you." he replied with his million dollar smile. I teared up a bit. "Those better be happy tears or I'll have to kill you John." Seth replied walking up to us as John unwrapped his arms from around me and raised them in surrender. "Yes, they're happy tears." "For what?" "Because I just found out the girls name is Shayley." "That's not all, her baby brother's name is Seth." I smiled. I just couldn't stop from smiling. "That's really something." Seth nodded in agreement. "I know. Now c'mon let's go. They've been waiting like a decade." we walked into the room and the little girls reaction.



It was just priceless. She screamed, She cried, she showed me all of her emotions as did I. She got to meet Punk, AJ and The Shield. "Where's John Cena?" she asked looking around as she sat in my lap then I looked at Seth for the cue he nodded his head. Then his music started and came in John with his signature pose then he walked up to us and got down on one knee to come eye to eye with little Shayley. "Hi." "Hi." "What's your name?" "Shayley." "No, really?" she giggled as I just smiled at the cute moment they were sharing. "Yes, really." "But I already know a Shayley and she's right there." He pointed up at me. She looked up at me while I continued to smile. "I'm named after her." "Wow. Well, don't tell her but I like you more." he winked at her she just giggled again.



I gasped. "Mr. Cena, I'm gonna make you eat those words." she just laughed. We continued to talk with her. And before it was time for the show John gave her a signed shirt and cap. He also took pictures and same for everyone else. As everyone cleared the room I heard someone call my name. "Shayley, do you have a minute?" "Yeah. Something wrong?" "No, just the opposite. I wanted to say I had faith in you the entire time. I knew you could do it." "Thanks John. I'm just laughing at the fact that I've been wrestling for this company since I was 18 yet never not once did I grant a wish." "I know. I found that odd." we started talking about everything that happened today. We laughed then all of a sudden it got silent. Awkward silence I just live for it!



"So..." "So..." "Well, I should get..." "Yeah, I think AJ is calling..." "Oh sorry, you go first." "No, you." "No I insist." It was just a lot of 'No, you.' 'No, no I insist.' It was never ending then finally we stopped and looked into each others eyes. We never broke eye contact then he kissed me and I was shocked at first but then I kissed back. The kiss was so steamy and passionate, I didn't want it to end. My wish finally came true! I've wished for this kiss for so long but then we were interrupted by Punk. "Oh, sorry there John boy. Didn't mean to interrupt your make-out session with...Shayley? Took you guys long enough!" I just hid my face while John laughed. We couldn't believe Punk walked in on us kissing then said 'took you guys long enough' after Punk left John started talking.



"Shayley, I've liked you for so long but I've fallen in love with you. I've been in love with you for sometime and..." I cut him off and said "John Cena will you make my wish come true?" He smiled "And what wish would that be?" I threw any nervousness I had away and asked him. "Be my boyfriend?" he chuckled. "What?" I asked feeling stupid for saying it. "Nothing, just shouldn't I have been the one to ask?" "Fine then. Ask me." "Shayley, will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes, of course I will!" then he engulfed me in a hug and we kissed again. Then we heard clapping and looked it seeing Punk, AJ, Tamina, Dean, Roman and Seth we just smiled and kissed again.

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