WWE One Shots


35. Unity (Lisa's Imagine)



{Jenny Brie Eve and Dolph hope you like it!}

        *Lisa's P.O.V.*

I looked down to see a photo of Seth and I with everyone else that was there the first day of training down at what is now NXT. "You've come a long way Seth. So have I. So many of us have made it a long way from that first day as rookies. No one really thought we'd make it. We showed them didn't we?" "Ready to surprise Seth?" Nikki asked standing at the door way to my room. I nodded shoving the picture back into my bags. Grabbing them and followed her out to the car. We talked over how we were gonna go about surprising Seth. We arrived at the arena and I ran to the divas locker room to hide from Seth before we could surprise him. Time passed by quick and I was ready to shock him but right when I was gonna jump him he was called away. So Nikki and I planned for another time. Again it failed because Bryan and him were talking and laughing.

One more time and wouldn't you know it. He was making his entrance. "You know what Nikki I'm just gonna go watch the show in one of the rooms. See you later." "Wait! Aren't we gonna talk about how to surprise Seth?" "We've tried and failed 3 times. I need to sit and think. Maybe I'll bump into him back at the hotel or something." I walked off and found a room with a few more divas I haven't seen in forever.

        *Seth's POV*

After my match I walked into the back to continue looking for Lisa. Hunter called me up this morning and told me that my old friend from FCW was being moved up to the main roster. I jumped at the chance to show her around instead of someone else. I've been searching all day and haven't found her anywhere. "Nikki! Hey, I heard that Lisa's making her debut later tonight. Have you seen her?" they've been really good friends for years so I figured if anyone else knew where she was it would be Nikki. "When did you hear that?" "This morning. Hunter called me and said Lisa's being moved up and wanted to know if I had time to show her around. Have you seen her?" I asked again. "Well she just took off. Her match is after the next so you might catch her leaving the divas locker room soon." "Thanks Nikki. See you later!" I left to change.

I'll hangout close by the divas locker room and get up every now and then and pretend to bump into her. I heard the door slam close making me jump. I got up and ran to see Lisa running to Gorilla. "Dammit." I rushed over and by the time I made it she was already getting into the ring. "Did you catch her?" Nikki asked. "No." "Just hangout around here and sneak attack her when she passes through." I watched Lisa beat up and pin Paige for the win. She's even better than I remember. She celebrated there for a little slapping fans hands then coming back here. I hid waiting to see her. Once she made it passed the curtains and going down a hall I followed sneakily. She never expected I was there. I waited outside trying to bring myself to knock on the door and right when I was about to the door opened and there she stood.

She was shocked to see me then she tackled me with a hug. "Seth! I've been trying to surprise you all day!" "Yeah well I've been looking for you all day!" we laughed then things got real quiet. I felt it was the right time to tell her what I've been trying to tell her all these years. But she had other plans when she got on her toes and kissed me. She pulled away grabbing her mouth. "Oh my god Seth. I'm so sorry. I don't know what I was thinking. I was just-" I cut her off and kissed her again.

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