WWE One Shots


33. Tonite (Alex's Imagine)



{Alex and The Winter Soldier hope you like it!}

"Chris!" I called out to him. "Alex! Good to see you." "I saw you in concert Wednesday. Remember?" "That's right. I've been flying so much and doing shows this past week I forgot." "It's fine. I enjoyed the show." "Good. Any song you liked?" "Tonite. I love that song." "Chris! Alex! I'm glad I caught you!" "Dolph. What's up man?" "I just wanted to tell you again I enjoyed the show. So did Justin." "There was such a great turnout I think Fozzy will be back in Tempe in no time." "I heard tonight's your final match while you go on tour with Fozzy." I asked Chris. "Yeah. I'll be back before anyone can really miss me." "I'm sure your Jericholics already miss you." we had to go our separate ways before Night of Champions starts. Each of us has a match. I watched with Chris cheering on Dolph to retain but he lost it to Miz. He cheated pulling Dolph's tights.

"Damn Miz! He cheated! He so clearly cheated!" I kept yelling complaining about how Dolph lost the I.C. title and everyone kept looking at me like I was crazy. Chris just waved them off. Only my best friends know that when something happens a certain way to tick me off I never shut up. I rant like there's no tomorrow. "Dolph! Are you okay?" "Yeah. I'm fine." "You should get yourself checked out by doc." "After I find Hunter and demand a rematch for my title." we watched him walk off. After sometime he came back with a smile on his face. "So? Did you get your rematch?" "I did." "How soon?" "Tomorrow night." all of us gathered in a room and watched more of the show until it was Chris' time to leave. I sat back watching the match seeing how he was putting on a good show like he always does.

"C'mon Chris! You can beat him!" I was mumbling to myself even though I was surrounded by my close friends. Next thing I see is Randy's hand being raised in victory and Chris laid out on the mat. Then that's when my rant from earlier seemed like nothing. This was on a whole other level. I was cursing in English, Mandarin and Spanish. It was bad. Everybody was laughing because they couldn't believe me and when I finally stopped I took a deep long breath since I hadn't that whole time. "You done yet?" Chris asked chuckling. "You heard that?" "I could hear you all the way from the trainers room." "Was I really that loud?" I turned to the others and they all nodded their heads at the same time. "Well I don't think I have anymore to say so anyone wanna try their hand at it?" they shook their head. "Alex can I talk to you alone?" he sounded serious. "Sure." I said a little more happier.

"What's up Chris?" he pulled me close. "Are you channeling or mocking Fandingo?" he smirked at me and kissed me softly. I was caught off guard but I kissed back. "Alex I don't want you to say anything. I need to get this off my chest." I nodded my head understanding. "I watched you grow up and I've watched you become a woman-" he paused. Great. I've had a crush on him for as long as I can remember. From the time my dad started bringing me to work and I met Chris I liked him. And finally he kisses me and he starts off sounding like my dad. "That's not what I mean to say." we stood there. He looked down at my hands in his trying to find the words then looked into my eyes. "Alex I don't know how it happened but I slowly fell in love with you. We've been friends for years and I don't know if you feel the same way but I want us to be more." a smile grew on my face.

"Chris I've liked you for as long as I can remember." he smiled. "I want more too." I hugged him then his lips pressed against my cheek just when we turned the corner to walk back into the room with everyone else. "Alex isn't your match next?" Dolph asked me. "Crap. I forgot." "Good luck out there." Chris kissed my lips before I ran off to defeat AJ, Paige and Nikki to become the Divas Champion for the first time.

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