WWE One Shots


9. The Survivor's venom (Brooke's Imagine)



{Tiffany WE hope you like it!} 

"I hope you're ready to lose your title to Show tonight? I mean he's huge and you're so tiny he already has you beat." I taunt Randy. "Shut up Brooke. You know I can beat Show. And I'm tiny? I'll show you tiny." He replies reaching for me but I duck and go around grab his wrist and twist is arm behind his back. I held it there for a minute till Randy escaped and put me in a headlock. Then John walked in. "What are you kids doing?" he asked laughing. "Nothing Cena. I'm just trying to prep the champion. I know it's useless since he's gonna lose to Show!" I tease Randy again. We talk for a bit then it's time for my match I'm teaming with the True Divas against the Total Divas. I'm actually AJ's replacement. I'm glad I'm her replacement cause I can't deal with being her tag partner. *after the match* It was a bust True Divas lost the match. I left the ring and took a shower but right now I'm walking to Randy's locker. We're gonna watch Cena's match with Nikki and Brie. *after the match* I'm so glad John retained. Nikki and I freaked so much.



We were glad for him. Next is Randy's match. "Good luck out there tonight. I seriously doubt you'll need it." I reply hugging him. I watch him walk over to Gorilla and wait for his music to play. All through the match I was worried that he would lose the title. He values that title so much. Once it was time for Steph and Hunter to come out I was to join them since I'm also with The Authority. On-screen I'm Randy's "girlfriend" really he's just using me and I'm not supposed to know...yet! After seeing Randy RKO Show. I'm positive he'll win. 1...2...3! "Here is your winner and STILL the WWE CHAMPION RANDY ORTON!!!" I ran in with The Authority trailing behind me. We stood in the ring celebrating and Randy came over to me and kissed me. I just smiled like I'm supposed to but it's for real. I've been madly in love with him for a very long time. Long time meaning 14 years. He looked like he wanted to tell me something but before he could Cena came out. And all they did was stare at each other.



They raised their titles and the show ended with them in the ring with the World Heavyweight and WWE Championship's raised. I don't know what's going on I wasn't informed of anything. We all walked into the back and I asked "Okay, what the hell just happened out there?" "John and I are supposed to fight for both titles to ultimately name ONE champion. The winner of our upcoming match will be the best champion and wrestler in the business. Or so it's supposed to lead on." Randy replied. "I get it now!" "Hey, after I shower do you want to grab something to eat?" Randy asked. "Yeah, sure!" "Cool, It's a date." "A friend-like date?" "Actually I was hoping for a date date? I definitely understand if you want it to be a friend-like date." "Just shut up and kiss me Randall." I reply. He kissed me. It was everything I dreamed of and more. This time the kiss meant more than all the other kisses we've shared on-screen.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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