WWE One Shots


40. The sound of my heart (Monique's Imagine)



{Monique Howard hope you like it!}

"I can't wait for you to meet Tara. You'll love her." "How old is she again?" I questioned both excited and worried. Excited to meet her but worried she'll hate me. "6. She loves to sing just like you." he just kept telling me all these things about his wonderful daughter. I grinned seeing and knowing how much he loves his daughter. "She sounds like an amazing girl. I can't wait to meet her Dean." we stopped in a hallway and kissed. "I'll see you later Monique." he let go of my hand and walked off. I stood there smiling wide and I just couldn't stop. He makes me feel so good-so happy. I've never felt so happy in my life and it's all because of him. "Hey birdie, you just with Dean?" Eva asked. "Yeah. Why?" "You were humming again." "Was I? I hadn't noticed." I was in pure bliss. "You really love him don't you?" "I think so." I said unsure if he feels as much as I feel for him. But at the same time I wouldn't take my eyes off the hallway Dean walked down.

"Well it looks like we're on opposite sides tonight." "Again?" "Yeah. I'm teaming with Paige again and we're up against you and AJ. Let's try to upstage them this time." "Do we really have to try?" I asked when we broke out laughing. "Alright I'll see you later." I stayed behind. I sat and watched as people passed by. I didn't really have anywhere to be then I realized the show was about to start so I ran and found a room to watch. I used to watch it a lot as a kid like I've never missed a show. I still freak out every now and again when the thought that I work for the WWE comes to mind. It's so surreal for me. "Hey baby sis." "Roman! I didn't know you were here!" I hugged him. "I just came to witness what I've missed in the last few weeks. How are you?" "I'm the one who should be asking how you're doing. How's the P.T? Everything running smoothly?" "Yeah. If things keep going the way they're going and I work hard enough I just might be back by the Rumble."

"That's great! I know everyone's missed you. Dean's been a bit upset not having you by his side through this rivalry with Seth but he's managing." "With your help so I here?" he nudged me. "Is he treating you right?" "Yes Roman. Dean's treating me like a queen." "That's what I wanna hear. Now if he ever hurts you or upsets you just call me and I'll set him straight." he raised his fist. "That won't be necessary but I'll keep it mind." I lowered his fist giggling a little. We sat and laughed making fun of some of the guys like we used to. Just catching up on all the little things that we've missed then my match came up. Now that didn't last very long after it turned into a small brawl between the four of us. Extensions were left in the ring and lipstick was smeared but the whole thing was hilarious when you think about it.

I got changed and roamed the hallways to find Dean. But he was nowhere to be found. I came across this little girl who stood near the interview area looking for someone. She wasn't crying or upset or anything she was calm. "Hello I'm Monique. What's your name?" "Tara." "Is your dad Dean Ambrose?" she nodded. "Tara! Monique!" he said shocked to find me with her. "I was about to bring Tara to meet you but I see you guys already met." "Yeah. I found Tara trying to find you." I told him. "Tara sweetie this is the woman I've told you about. Her name is Monique Reigns." "Roman Reigns is my big brother." a smile grew on her cute little face. "Can I meet him?" "Sure." I looked around and found my big brother talking to John Cena. "There he is. Let's go sneak up behind him and jump on his back." she nodded.

We snuck up behind him and I saw John was about to tip him off. I put my finger to my lips and he knew. I gave Tara a boost and she jumped on his back. After Roman realized it was me and Tara he couldn't stop smiling. "I must be lucky to have 2 amazing women in my life." Dean smiled pulling Tara close and kissing me.

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