WWE One Shots


12. The Rated R SuperDiva (Jasmine's Imagine)



{Jazzey Copeland WE ALL hope you like it! }

"Good luck out there tonight. You might need it since your opponents are Nikki and AJ." "Thanks daddy! It's not just Nikki and AJ but Eva is my other opponent." "But I thought you guys are friends?" "Yeah, but on-screen it's a different story. You know that as well as I do." "True. But she wouldn't intentionally hurt you would she? Like break your arm or leg?" "No, unless that's what has to be done." "Anyway, be careful." "I know dad. See ya after my match." "Yeah." I walk off and meet up with my tag partners then the music plays. "The following 6-Diva tag team match is scheduled for one fall introducing first! The tag team of Brie Bella, Kaitlyn and The Rated R Diva Jasmine Copeland!!!...and their opponents the tag team of Eva Marie, Nikki Bella and The Divas Champion AJ Lee!!!" The match started off with me and Nikki. She's gonna kill me. I know it. Ever since her and John broke up she's been blaming me and been going after me. She says I told John lies about her and he bought it, that's why they broke up when that's not the truth.



They broke up because I told him that she was using him. She only wanted him for his money and also she was cheating on him with her ex Dolph Ziggler. Nikki and I locked up then she put me in a head lock. I reversed and executed a beautiful Hip Toss. After sometime of fighting and throwing punches left and right. And also tagging in and out. It was only me and Nikki in the ring. I had her in a submission. The Fujiwara Armbar to be exact! And she was ready to tap out when I heard Del Rio's song ring all through the arena. Before I could let Nikki out of the submission and get ready to defend myself. I was already in the Cross Arm Breaker and in severe pain. As I'm ready to tap out I realize I'm already out of the submission and being tended to by my hero and best friend John Cena. He scooped me up and took me into the back with the doctor so I could get looked over. After the doc looked at me he said my arm might be fractured.



"Hey John, I wanted to say thanks for saving my ass out there tonight. If it wasn't for you my fractured arm would be a broken arm. I wasn't sure what was going on and I'm glad you were there to help me. You're my hero John." "It's no big deal. I'd do anything for you." he replied looking deep into my eyes as he leaned in. I was scared to kiss him but then I wanted this. When our lips connected it was like no other kiss I've ever had before. It was filled with passion, love and want. If that moment could last my whole life I'd be the happiest girl in the world. "What was that for?" I ask playing coy. "That kiss was for my girlfriend. Or at least I'm hoping you'll say yes to being my girlfriend." he smiled a very hopeful smile. "What do you think I am stupid? Of course I'll be your girlfriend John Felix-Anthony Cena!" We kissed again and we spent the rest of the night just talking and talking. It was the best night of my life.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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