WWE One Shots


11. The awesome couple (Sarah's Imagine)



{Sarah I hope you like it! }

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the WWE tag team championships!!! Introducing first the challengers from: Boise, Idaho the tag team of Greg and Sarah Orton!...and their opponents being accompanied to the ring by Dean Ambrose at a combined weight of 482 pounds the WWE tag team champions Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns!!!" I'm still in shock that I'm getting a chance to team with my son and we have a championship opportunity. Starting the match is my son Greg and Roman. They charged at each other and Greg took down Roman. I cheered him on all through the match until he was taken down by Seth and Roman while Dean distracted the ref. Then Greg crawled over to me and tagged me in. Before I got in the ring I checked on Greg to make sure he was alright.



"Are you okay honey?" "Yeah mom. I'm fine. Just go in and win." I smiled and ran in. I tackled Seth to the ground and started punching him in the ribs. Then I took out Roman then Dean just to make sure Greg and I had a chance at winning this. Seth and I battled back and fourth. There were times when I thought we were gonna win then there were times when I thought we were gonna lose. Then out of nowhere Dean came running in and attacked me. The match was called off. Greg and I were disappointed but understood it wasn't our time yet. I grabbed Greg's arm and put it over my shoulder and helped him into the back. Once we passed Gorilla Seth helped me take Greg to see the doctor. I waited outside the room to get word if he was okay when.



Seth decided to tell me something now. "Oh Sarah, I almost forgot to tell you. You're gonna be in a love interest story-line." I stopped what I was doing and looked dead into Seth's eyes. "Are you serious? With who?" I asked wanting an answer quick. I've waited a long time to get in one of these and finally hopefully they'll give me a good one. "Yeah I'm serious. It's gonna be you and Miz." I was conflicted about the news. I hate The Miz because of how cocky he is. He thinks that he's awesome and all that. But at the same time I really like him. He's handsome, funny, cute and... "Did you hear me? I said you're gonna be in a story-line with The Miz. You're crush." "Yeah Seth, I heard you. Where did you get this news from?"



"Candice told me. Apparently Melina and Kelly told her who was told by Randy who was told by Morrison who was told by Layla who heard it from JBL. That you and Miz are gonna be each others love interests in the new story-line! Isn't that exciting? It's what you've always wanted." "Yeah, just swell." "Hey Sarah, did you hear the good news? We're gonna be in a story-line together. You finally get to say you're awesome without sounding like an idiot." "Is that so? Cause I heard a different story." "Really?" "Yeah really." "Really?" "I'm not gonna do this with you tonight." "Really?" "Just shut up Miz!" "Why don't you make me." he said getting closer to me. "I know you like me. So why don't you just admit it?" "No." "C'mon you're just..." And he was cut off when I kissed him.



It wasn't my intent but Seth pushed me and I bumped into Miz which caused our lips to connect. And when Miz kissed me back I was so happy I smiled into the kiss. Then we pulled away "See now was that so hard?" "Quiet you." "Okay, Sarah you can come in." I walked in the room and trailing behind me was Seth and Miz. The doctor said Greg had a few broken ribs and would be out of action for awhile. But of course because Greg is stubborn like me he said he's gonna continue to compete. He'll just have to be heavily bandaged to attempt to prevent further damage. "So Seth, when does the new story-line come into play?" "Tonight. That's what JBL told me earlier today. You guys have to go I think your scene is up next." Miz and I left and found where we were supposed to shoot the segment.



I was pacing back and fourth scared of what might've happened to Greg then Miz bumps into me. "Hey, you should watch where you're going." "And maybe you should take your eyes off your phone for 2 minutes. Now if you excuse me I have my son to worry about." "Why what happened to Greg?" Miz asked worried. "Why do you care?" "I care cause he's your son. And cause I was wondering if you and Greg would like to join me in taking down that embarrassment of a faction 3MB." "Well, thank you for your concern. Greg was hurt during the match. Seth and Roman beat the hell out of him while Dean distracted the ref." "I'm sorry to hear that. If he's anything like his mother he'll be just fine." he replied wiping away a tear. In the coming weeks Miz, Greg and Sarah teamed and beat 3MB night after night.



Then they set their sights on The Shield. As for Miz and Sarah they had a couple dates and knew they wanted to live with each other for as long as they lived. Soon after Miz proposed to Sarah and she said yes of course. Sarah's children Lucy, Lulu, Rei, Greg, Harmony and Melody were all happy to hear the good news. They loved Miz so it wasn't a problem. As for Sarah's brother Randy and father Bob they weren't all that happy to say the least but they knew she loved him and if she was happy they were happy for her.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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