WWE One Shots



2. RAW love on New Years (Britni's Imagine)


{Jacklyn Holyfield enjoy it! I apologize if I don't use the pets it's just a question to see if I can fit them into the scene.}

"The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is an 8-Divas tag team match! Introducing first From: Clinton, Mississippi Britni DiBiase" I came out then the girls. "And being accompanied to the ring by Nikki Bella, her tag team partners Kaitlyn, Natalya and Brie Bella!...And their opponents the tag team of Aksana, Layla, Tamina and the Divas Champion AJ!" Then the match started it was AJ and I in the ring, we locked up. I shoved her into the turnbuckle and before I could elbow her she ducked and tagged in Layla. So Layla and I battled back and forth. She hit me really hard. I was crawling to tag somebody. But before I could I felt hands grasp my ankle and drag me all the way to the other side of the ring and I looked it was Tamina. She stomped on me and then she tagged in Aksana.



They continued to tag in and out and beat me up until finally I escaped and tagged in Kaitlyn. She ran and speared AJ then she clotheslined Tamina. Super-plexed Layla and then she waited for Aksana to get up after I drop kicked her. Then she speared and pinned her 1...2...3. "Here are your winners Natalya, Brie Bella, Britni DiBiase and Kaitlyn!" we celebrated in the ring for awhile but then as the girls left I thought it was a good idea to stick around. So I got out of the ring and I started looking for a weapon, finally I found one. I drug the ladder out from under and I got it into the ring, I set it up. I began climbing it and I waited for Aksana to get up. When she did I performed a crossbody on her. Then as I was getting up The Shields song began blaring all through the arena while the rest of the girls ran.



I don't blame them for leaving but to leave me in the ring alone. I just stood there in shock. Again, here they come to bug the hell out of me AGAIN! So I slipped out of the ring and started looking for a weapon. Finally I found one. A sledgehammer. So I crawled back in the ring and waited for them to attack. I would be protected this time. After awhile of them staring at me they climbed into the ring. I decided to attack now instead of waiting for them. So I ran towards Reigns and hit him in the gut with the sledgehammer when Rollins pulled me off. I started kicking and screaming and swinging but I kept missing. That's when Dean yelled at Rollins to let me go. He did so and I lead them to believe I was leaving but instead I ran towards the ladder. I climbed it while they weren't looking and I took a dive for Rollins. I missed.



I grabbed my stomach but that's not all I hurt. I hit my head pretty hard. I was in severe pain when I felt someone picking me up I began closing my eyes and I blacked out. Next thing I knew when I opened my eyes I was in the hospital. "Brit, You're awake." I heard someone say. I looked and it was Dean. "Dean, What happened? All I remember was Brie, Kaitlyn, Natalya and I won our match and after that I don't remember." I say trying so much to remember what happened. "You got a ladder and crossbodied Aksana then we showed up. You fought back and when you tried diving off the ladder to take one of us down for the second time you hit your head really hard on the padding and passed out. The ambulance brought you here and I drove behind them to make sure you were alright.



The doctor said you have a mild concussion and will be out for awhile" Dean said with regret in his eyes. "Brit, I'm sorry for what happened out there tonight." He said grabbing my hand. I smiled and said. "It's okay Dean. I'm okay and it wasn't your fault." "That's the thing it is my fault. The Shield has been bugging you for the last month now and this time you were gonna fight back and things went wrong." "I got a question. Why have you guys been bugging me for the last month?" "Because you're an easy target." he replied obviously trying to hide the true reason. "Dean, why has The Shield been badgering me for the last month?" I ask. He instead of answering my question reached for the remote and put it on the New Year's countdown. It was around the 10 second mark. So we began counting down with the TV.



"5...4...3...2...1!" we counted together and as we reached 1 we looked at each other and he started leaning in to kiss me. When our lips connected it was unbelievable. It was amazing. When we pulled away we both smiled and he started talking. "Britni, I have something to tell you." "Go ahead. I'm listening." I said still smiling. "Britni, I like you. I've had a crush on you since we first shook hands. When we touched I felt a spark and I've been hung up on the spark since day one. I just hope you like me too." he wanted to know if I felt the same. "I do. I like you too. Since day one when I first laid eyes on you I knew I wanted to get to know you but then you, Rollins and Reigns kept bugging me so I wasn't all that sure." I replied. "Okay, But do you still feel the same now?" "Obviously not. I kissed you didn't I?"



"Yeah, but that means nothing. It was a New Years midnight kiss. The real question is do you like me?" "Yes." "Then with that said will you be my girlfriend?" he asked with a smile. "Yes, I would love to be your girlfriend Dean." I said kissing him. He kissed back. It was truly a RAW love on New Years.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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