WWE One Shots


38. My Baby (Ally's Imagine)



{Brie hope you like it!}

"Good luck in your match with Brie." "Thanks. Good luck in your meeting with Hunter. You're gonna need it with Stephanie guaranteed to be there." he grinned knowing my hatred towards her. "I'll see you later." I hugged Roman goodbye and he kissed my cheek. We went our separate ways as I went to the divas locker room and he went to find Hunter to talk about his return to the ring in the next week. "Ally! Good you're here. You can help settle this nonsense." Cameron said pulling me in. "What's going on?" I looked between everyone seeing even Summer and Nikki there. "Summer and Nikki are disagreeing on a subject near and dear to our hearts." Layla said placing her hands on her chest. I don't like where this is going. "What subject?" I prepared myself to hear it. "They say you and Roman don't belong together!" Naomi said like they were trashing their men. "Guys c'mon we've been over this before. He doesn't like me that way. He see's me like a sister." they boo'd me.

"You guys sound just like the WWE crowd when I first started out." I joked. I found it funny for the crowd to boo me when they hardly knew me and even more so now. "We don't believe you. We see the way he looks at you when you're not looking." "And when you are looking!" Brie and Eva said. "How does he look at me?" I asked curious. "Like you're everything to him. He loves you in a way you refuse to admit to." I smiled looking at Alicia. "You don't believe us do you?" Nattie questioned. I didn't answer them. Next thing I know they're all surrounding me and they take me to another room with my screaming and everyone in the hallways looking at us like we're crazy. The girls put me in a room and closed the door. I ran turning the knob but it wouldn't move. They locked it. I sat there with nothing to do. Until I heard the guys yelling and saying things but I didn't understand what they were saying.

I see the door open, the guys come in and practically throw Roman on the floor beside me and run out. We both ran at the door trying to open it but it was locked again. We look at each other. "So...what brings you here? Is it the food? The people?" I laughed. "Why did the guys toss you in here?" "You're gonna laugh. Why are you here? Was it the girls?" he changed the subject. "Yeah. They threw me in here when I wouldn't help them defend something they believe in against Summer and Nikki." "What was that something?" "Now this you're gonna laugh at." "I don't that." "Well what do you think I'm gonna laugh at?" "I'll tell you if you tell me." he smirked at me. I couldn't help but smile. I sighed. "The girls-they think...that we..." I trailed off. I don't know why it's so hard to tell him. Probably because I've fallen for him in the last few months. "They think that we...what?" "They think that we would make a cute couple." I blurted it out.

I opened my eyes waiting to see him trying not to laugh but that's not the case. He's looking at the floor almost trying to find the words. "So uh what happened with the guys?" "They were talking with the girls then they were teasing me about you." "Why?" I thought for a second when it hit me. "They were saying the same thing...just not in so many words." I figured it out. "I have a feeling they're not gonna let us go until we give them what they want." he said. "What do you mean? Like pretend to have feelings for each other then they'll let us go?" he looked away. "Ally. I like you. I don't know when it happened but it did. I wanted to tell you I just didn't want our friendship to end." I was caught off guard. I couldn't bring myself to say anything. Two minutes had passed and Roman couldn't take the silence. "Ally, say something. Please." I kissed him. "Does this mean you like me too?" I nodded my head.

"I like you too. I'm not all sure when it happened but I'm glad it did." he kissed me. "IT WORKED!!! GUYS IT WORKED!!!" we heard Brie and Dean shout then the others were celebrating. It sounded like an Adam Rose party.

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