WWE One Shots


22. Legacy (Colleen's Imagine)



{Lynny wants a Pancham hope you like it!}

"Just remember it doesn't matter to me if lose. I love you no matter what happens out there. Don't let Bray get in your head. You can beat him. With the fans and your best friend standing behind you, you can beat Bray Wyatt and keep your legacy in tact." I gave John a pep talk before his big match. Yep. It's Wrestlemania 30 and John's facing Bray. Everyone truly believes John will turn heel tonight but I know him. He'll never do that. He's just not that type of person. "Thanks Colleen. I don't know how you've stayed so positive when the fans continue to say all that they do." "Because John. I know you. And I know not to believe what they say. They just want you to be someone you're not." we talked a little more before he was called over to Gorilla. "You coming?" he asked looking at me. I nodded. I stood beside him watching as Bray and his family made their entrance.

Then John made his entrance while I followed him. I stood ringside along with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan on the other side. I watched on seeing how close John came to breaking and doing what everyone else wanted him to do. "Don't do it John! It's not you! Don't listen to them!" I just kept shouting encouragement. It hurt me seeing how much Bray got to him. I continued to cheer John on up until the moment he won then I took it to a whole other level. Tears streaming down my face. I was happy for him that won. He didn't turn. He proved the others wrong just like he always does. We walked into the back and once we passed through those curtains I felt myself being spun around and dipped. Lips met mine and I kissed back not a second sooner. When we pulled away I couldn't wipe the smile off my face but I was shocked. John smiled at me. "Colleen, I don't know what I would do without you. You've been by my side since day one. You're the reason I kept fighting. You're the reason I even won tonight. You're my legacy."

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