WWE One Shots


21. Just The Girl (Nika's Imagine)



{Nika Hill hope you like it!}

"What's his name again?" "Roman. Roman Reigns." I nodded again. I've heard of his name in my 5 months with WWE but I never met him and that's because he's been out for 6 months on an injury. Tonight is one of the many parties celebrating Wrestlemania 31 and Dean set me up with Roman. I don't know why he did that. I'm perfectly fine going to a party on my own. Okay so not perfectly fine just okay with it. "Is he at least cute?" Dean looked at me. "Alright so that was a wrong question to ask my brother but I'm just curious to know if you set me up with some ugly dude." "From what all the women say he's not ugly. That help any?" I shrugged. "I'll have to see with my own eyes." we finally arrived the party and went our separate ways. He had his own date and I was alone at the bar until some tall, dark and handsome man came up and ordered a drink.

He looked around taking in the scene while I looked him up and down. "Excuse me. Are you Roman?" he looked at me. "I'm Nika. My brother is Dean Ambrose." then it hit him. "Oh you're Nika. Dean's told me a lot about you. You're just the girl I was looking for just now." I smiled shaking his hand. "I've seen you in the ring. You're good." "Thanks." I looked and saw everyone dancing. "Wanna dance?" he asked me. I took his hand and walked out to the dance floor. We danced and talked. We shared so many stories about Dean and had a laugh at his expense. Then at the end of the night Roman drove me back to the hotel and walked me to my room where we stood outside the door in silence just looking at each other. Nothing much to say then our lips met. "Who knew we were gonna get along so well?" "Dean did." then I realized what I said. We realized what I said and broke out laughing

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