WWE One Shots


20. Isis & Jey Uso



{Jenna Marie Uchiha hope you like it}

Today's my first day as a WWE Diva. I've worked so hard to get here and I don't know where I'm supposed to go or where I am. Oh there's my girl Naomi talking to someone. Maybe they can help me out. "Isis!" "Naomi!" "You're here! I thought you were debuting next week?" "Yeah. I was but then Carrano called me and said it's being moved up so here I am." "Isis this is Jey Uso. Jey this is my friend back in NXT Isis." "Nice to meet you." I shook his hand. "So you're new? Little bit of advice. Try to dodge the weirdos around here." I nod my head. "Do you know how you're debuting tonight?" Naomi asked me. "Actually Mark called me and said to meet him in the GM's office for a small meeting to talk it over. Do either of you know where the GM's office is?" "Here I'll show you. My brother Jimmy and I are actually supposed to have a meeting with Mark." on our way over we began talking about his first day and how nervous he was. Talking to him calmed my nerves.

After the meeting I found my way to the divas locker room and met the whole cast of Total Divas and a few other divas. We talked for a little before I had to get changed for my match. "The following mixed-tag team match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first! From San Fransisco, California at a combined weight of 479 lbs Jimmy and Jey Uso!" I stood in the back waiting. Then my song began playing and I was introduced. It was the Uso's and I against Gold & Stardust and Alicia Fox. Our match lasted longer than I had expected and we were winning most of the time. That is until Alicia hit me with her boot and covered me for the win. I just layed there not quite sure where I was and what was going on. "Ice you okay?" I looked to see Jey looking at me worried. I nodded but then grabbed my head wincing in pain. "C'mon let's go get you checked out."

They helped me into the back where Naomi rushed to my side and helped me over. I looked behind us to see Jey upset. Doc looked me over and said it was nothing. I'll be okay. I was glad. I mean can you imagine debuting and on the first night you have to go home because of an injury. I got a ride back to the hotel after the show ended. I was told I'll be rooming with someone. I wonder who it is. "Well looks like I'll be waiting for sometime." I hopped on my laptop and checked my twitter to see my timeline blown up with tweets about me. Turns out a lot of people liked my performance even if we didn't win. I replied back to a few people and tweeted my experience when I heard the door open. I turned my head to see my roommate is Jey Uso. "Hey! You my roommate?" "I guess so." he walked over and dropped his bags on the floor. "Whatcha doin there?" "Tweeting with my fans." "You have fans?" "After tonight I have more fans." I smiled. "How's your head?" "Good. Doc said I'm good to compete but I will have to go through some more tests to make sure of it." we sat there and talked about the match and the tweets and more. I had no idea we had so much in common. Neither of us got much sleep because we were too interested in learning more about the other.

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