WWE One Shots


15. International love (Yvette's Imagine)



{Yvette Miranda WE ALL hope you like it!  Happy Holidays!}

"Ladies and gentlemen the following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the Intercontinental Championship!!...Introducing first the challenger being accompanied to the ring by Ryback. From Minneapolis, Minnesota weighting in at 228 pounds Curtis Axel!...And his opponent the champion from Marietta, Georgia weighting in at 220 pounds the Intercontinental Champion Cody Rhodes!!" I was in the back cheering on Cody. The Austaralian crowd was going wild! Tonight was a house show for Australia my hometown. "Hey, Yvette!" "Luke! I didn't know you were here." I replied hugging him. "You're home for the next few nights and you didn't expect to see me? What do you think I'm that bad a friend that I wouldn't come to see you?" "Of course not! I just didn't think you'd want to be here." "Of course I would! Now what's going on?" "Hey, Yvette! Who's your friend?" Kaitlyn asked. "Kaitlyn this is Luke Hemmings, Luke this is Kaitlyn. I was about to tell Luke what's going on." She nodded her head and let me continue.



"The match that's happening is for the Intercontinental championship and you see the guy with the really dark hair and white trunks?" "Yeah." "He's the champ Cody Rhodes and the other guy in the ring is his opponent Curtis Axel." "Who are you rooting for?" "Who else Luke? She's rooting for Cody!" I smacked Kaitlyn's arm and she started rubbing it. We went back to watch the match and we were fighting over who was gonna win. Finally when it looked like Cody was gonna retain Ryback jumped in and ended the match before Axel lost. They began beating him up. When they were finished with him I had already ran out there and tried to get them to stop. When they left I ran in to check on him. He wasn't feeling all that great so the ref and I carried him into the back so the doc could make sure he was alright. I tried helping the doctor as much as I could then he said Cody was okay he just had a mild concussion and needed to rest and take time off from work.



That's gonna be tough for him 'cause if you've ever heard him talk about wrestling it's like the only think he think's of and talks of. It's him and his whole life. "Yvette?" he whispered. I jumped and held his hand immediately. I had been crying. I couldn't stop crying. "Why are you crying?" I wiped the tears away. "It's nothing." "It's not nothing. What's going on? Why am I back here? Did I lose the match? Did I lose the title?" "Whoa there! Slow down and lay back down. You didn't lose the title. Ryback jumped in the ring and ended the match so Axel wouldn't lose and you wouldn't win. They beat the hell out of you. I and the ref dragged you back here. The doctor looked you over and said you have a mild concussion. You need to rest and take some time off." "Is that why you were crying?" "Yes." "Why?" "I thought you were seriously hurt." "I'm fine. I'm breathing so I'm okay." "I know that now Cody. I was just worried." "You don't have to worry...Yvette...I have something to tell you. It's really important. Something I should've told you a long time ago."



"What is it Cody?" he took a long deep breath and just blurted it out. "I love you." I just stood there in shock. Did he just say he loves me? "Yvette? Are you okay?" he asked waving his hand in front of my face. "Yeah, I'm fine. Did you just say you love me?" "Yes, I did. Do you feel the same? Do you love me?" I nodded without hesitation. He smiled and held my hand in his. "I always wanted to tell you I just wasn't sure how to tell you and if you loved me back." "Of course I love you. I've loved you since the day we both started in this company. We bumped into each other remember?" "Yeah, I do. I also remember that horrible hair cut you had." he replied laughing. I smacked his arm. "Not funny! I was young back then! And so were you!" "Have you guys kissed yet?" Luke and Kaitlyn asked walking in. "Not yet. But I can arrange that." Cody replied cupping my cheek and I leaned into kiss him. When we pulled away we were both smiling. The kiss was breathtaking. We enjoyed the rest of the night with Luke and Kaitlyn. We kept throwing insults to each other it was hilarious.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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