WWE One Shots


31. Good To Be Bad (Angel's imagine)



{Angel Ambrose hope you like it!}

"Dean!" I screamed running away from him. I ducked and hid behind a car. "You can't run from me Angel!" I heard his voice was near. I was still in a crouched position and I ran to the nearest car. "I can try!" "And you'll lose!" "Dammit." I cursed under my breath when I saw how close he was. Just when I was gonna give up and tackle him someone caught his attention so I made a run for it. I saw it was Cody. "Angel!" he shouted. I hid and peaked my head just around the corner to see Dean scanning the whole parking lot for me. I backed up and leaned against the truck then I heard whispering. I looked both ways and saw that I was cornered. I jumped up and ran as fast as I could. I made it inside the arena and backstage. I looked behind me to see Dean chasing after me. "You'll never catch me alive copper!" "Freeze! 5-0!!" he shouted at me.

I laughed at him and continued to run dodging everyone and everything in my way. Then I hit a dead end turning around just in time to see Dean right there blocking my way out. "Hands up in the air where I can see them!" I raised my hands in surrender. "Alright so you caught me." he walked closer to me then kissed my lips. "It feels so good to be bad. You know why?" "Why?" he questioned. "Because that's when the cuff's come out." I winked. "ANGEL! DEAN!" "Oh crap! Roman. He can't find us like this." "What do you mean? He's your brother and my friend. He made us spend time together. He had to know this was bound to happen." "There you guys are! Some of the locker room told me you where chasing my sister. What'd she do now?" "Hey! I'm innocent here!" "What did you do?" Roman looked at me knowing how I am.

"I might have cut all of Dean's jeans into booty shorts." Roman couldn't help but chuckle at the thought. "It's not funny! I have a match tonight! What am I supposed to wear when I go out there?" Dean yelled at Roman. "Knowing Angel she probably saved a pair for you." Dean looked at me hoping I had. "Fine." I breathed. "Do you?" I nodded. "Let me go get 'em." I ran to the locker room and sifted through finding them beneath my gear. I opened the door and their stood Dean. He pulled me close and kissed my lips softly.

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