WWE One Shots


39. Crazy + Unstable = ...? (Jessica's Imagine)



{msambroseforeves hope you like it!}

"So what's his story?" I asked Nikki. She looked around the room to see who I meant. "Who? Dean?" "No. I want to know about Seth." I rolled my eyes sarcastically. "Dean's kind of distant. He doesn't really have any friends except for Roman but since his surgery Dean doesn't have anyone that he can count on." "So he's single?" I asked tearing my eyes from him. "Do you like him?" I turned away. "Oh my gosh. You do like him! Why don't you go up to him." "I might." "Hey! What'd I miss?" Brie wondered. "Jessica here has a crush on Dean." "Aww. Have you talked to him?" "Not really. We've only said hi and run into each other in the hallways and around the hotels but that's about it." "Go! Who knows he might even like you back!" "Who might like Jess?" Daniel questioned Brie just when John walked up. "Dean Ambrose." Nikki answered.

"I'm gonna make you guys pay for this embarrassing moment." I pointed my finger at them. "Well it's gonna get even more embarrassing tonight because I heard Jessica you'll be teaming with Brie versus Nikki and Summer." "Hey ladies looks like we'll be working together." Seth said looking at me. I scoffed looking away. My eyes met with Dean's making me blush a little. He waved to me and I smiled looking back to still see Seth standing beside us. "What's this about?" I jumped a bit recognizing the voice. "How'd you get here so quick?" "Trap doors." I smirked. "You still haven't answered my question Seth. What's this about? Last I heard you and Jessica aren't friends. Come to think of it you aren't friends with anyone here." "Oh you haven't heard Ambrose? Jessica and I will be working together tonight."

"WHAT!? You and me?" "C'mon Jessie don't act like that. Everyone knows you like me." my blood was boiling. I couldn't hold my anger so I attacked him. I started pounding on him. I felt arms around me pulling me away from Seth. "Let me go! Let me go now! Just let me hit him one more time! Just one more time!" I kept shouting but no one would let me go. "We'll get him later don't worry." Dean said to me. "Fine." I crossed my arms. We both went our separate ways. I changed into my ring gear and waited for the match to start. I still don't know what's going on tonight. After Brie and I made our entrance the match began. It wasn't too long in Seth showed up to intervene. Then Dean came down to scare him off. It worked until Corporate Kane came down and stood on the stage ordering the match to restart as a mixed tag-team match. Dean, Brie and I versus Seth, Nikki and Summer. But the catch as always Dean, Brie and I had to wrestle with one hand tied behind our back.

It wasn't easy but we did get the advantage when Brie managed to put Summer in the YES! lock and injure her just enough to be in the same predicament as us. Summer was close enough to her corner that Seth tagged himself in. Dean rushed in and took Seth down. They fought giving the fans a great show. I was cheering Dean on just when Seth curb stomped his head into the mat. I cringed while the referee counted. Brie and I ran to Dean's side. He came to telling us he's okay. "That bastard!" I got up and walked toward Seth. I grabbed his wrist and threw him. He looked at me when I took him out with Dean's finisher. To make it sweeter. "Nice move." "Thanks. Now if you'll excuse me I have a blonde to track down." I smiled baseball sliding my way out of the ring and up the ramp towards the backstage area. All through the match Summer was getting in my face and every time I tried to punch her or slap her the referee would stop me. And I'm not the kind to just let things slid so time to finally take out all my anger on her.

"Where is she!?" the other superstars and divas pointed me to the divas locker room. I threw the door open and found her throwing all her stuff in her suitcase. "Where you going Summer?" she looked at me and screamed her head off. I tackled her to the ground. When I finished beating the hell out of her I dusted myself off and brushed my hair back. "Have a nice vacation." I walked out. "What just happened in there?" "Oh I was helping Summer pack for her vacation." Dean chuckled. "Hey you wanna go grab a bite to eat?" "I'd like that."

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