WWE One Shots


4. Chicago wins! (Ari's Imagine)



{Ari Rodriguez I hope you enjoy it!}

I'm gearing up for my match with AJ. It's gonna be a huge match going on tonight. "Ari, your match is next." Nattie comes to tell me. So we leave and as we're on our way to Gorilla I'm stopped by Brie and Nikki. They wish me luck then Brie, Nikki, Nattie, Kaitlyn and I walk out to the ring as my match with AJ starts. Lilian announced us both. "The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is a Lumber Jill's match for the Divas Championship! Introducing first the challenger From: Chicago, Illinois Ari Rodriguez! and her opponent From: Union city, New jersey the Divas Champion AJ!" we went back and forth for a good 10 minutes till finally I get her to tap out to her own submission move the Black Widow. "Here is your winner by submission and the NEW Divas Champion Chicago's own Ari Rodriguez!" I was crying, the crowd was very loud and the girls came in hugging me.



They couldn't believe that I won the way that I did. Kaitlyn picked me up and I was sitting on her shoulders it was so funny. But I didn't care how I looked, how we looked. After sometime of celebrating we walked into the back where I was due for an interview and segment with The Shield. I just hope I don't trip over my lines like I did when Dean and I rehearsed. I have a gigantic crush on him like it's not even funny how much I like him. Anyway, the interview with Renee starts. It went really well then I was off for my segment with the guys. It's supposed to be The Shield and me talking they congratulate me on my win in my hometown then Dean asks to speak to me alone, we kiss and it turns into an on-screen relationship which will end in about 4 weeks give or take.



"Hey Ari, congratulations on winning the Divas title." Roman says. "In your hometown no less." Seth follows after. "Thanks guys." I reply. "Hey, do you guys mind? I have to talk with Ari." Dean asks. The guys leave on cue and then our scene starts. "What did you want to talk about Dean?" I ask. "I wanted to talk about us." "What about us? Dean, there is no us." "But what if there was?" he asked confusing me. This wasn't how the script was written. Then before I could ask what he meant he leaned in and kissed me. I kissed back. Then I heard the Chicago crowd going nuts it was funny. We pulled away and that's when he said. "You won the Divas title, I won you and Chicago wins!" "I guess so." we smiled and walked away from the camera.

{Chapter written by Miss Kyle.}

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