10 Things ~ Liam Payne

I came back to the real world after realising I had blacked out. Words were coming out of my mothers mouth who was standing next to me, that I just caught, “ Are you ready honey “ I took a moment. So many things were rushing through my mind. I was about to walk down the isle to marry someone who I completely adored but haven’t been sure about lately, I knew that something was up during this week, disappearing randomly, being late from work. Am I making the right decision or a very big mistake ?


5. Chapter 5

Beth POV

I woke up bright and early to the noise of really loud wind. Alabama hasn’t been the best place so far, but I managed to find a safe small apartment in the heart of the city. It wasn’t to expensive either. I haven’t seen any of my friends for 3 months now even Liam. I’ve decided not to reply to him for reasons that I don’t want to confuse things more then they already are. 

I’ve have found a job for myself only for now at the movie shop just to start earning some money, for my rent. I’m also earning money to try to get into university to pursue my life dream of being an author. I guess I have tried to write a book but they aren’t very good. I miss being in New York and sharing an apartment with someone because now I am so lonely. 

I ever wonder If I should contact my parents to see if they would take me in again, since I never got those family funds. I wonder what life would be living with them because I haven’t seen them in so long, but then again, I have gotten so used to be living without them and its not really that bad. Beside’s I would have to track them down because I don’t have either of their numbers. 

As I look at the time I realize I’m running late for work, so I quickly get dressed and but my hair up in a messy bun. As i’m on my way to work a dark mysterious man comes up behind me. He walks up next to me.

“ Hey sugar “ he says in a husky voice

I don’t reply and just keep walking, but he just keeps following me. Now I start to run and In a panic, I look behind to see if he is following me but no one is there. As I turn he pop’s in front of me again, and as fast as he could steal my handbag.

“SHIT!” I try to run after him but I can’t do it, I give up. I face it, I'm not as fast as him I’ll never catch him and no one even bothered to help.

“ Fucking hell “ I hiss under my breath. I start to burst out in tears and cover my eyes with my long sleeves of my jumper. I have no choice now, I am to weak for this. I make my way to work since my keys were in my handbag to my apartment, I have no where else to go because no one is here.

I get to work and sit in the back because I was early, Still balling my eyes out I try to stop but I can’t. My sleeves are drenched from my tears so I take my jacket off, even though it is absolutely freezing. I really thought this was going to work out, but all that happens is my handbag getting stolen with everything I own in it. 

I have controlled myself now. The other new trainee Ryan walks in 

“ Hey “ he says. 

I just look up and do a small smile that I force out. He sit’s down next to me slowly like an old man.

“ Your eye’s are red … have you been crying “

There is an awkward silence for a couple of seconds before he speaks again. 

“ I’m sorry If I overwhelmed you “ 

I look up at him, he is really tall, and our eyes lock. 

“ It’s fine, nothings wrong i’m fine “ I was lying, why couldn’t I tell him, well I don’t know him but I am pretty mad about it, He won’t notice anyway he’s only a guy.

“ Hah, I can tell your lying “ he pauses “ Look, I know you don’t know me very well, but I have a feeling since we work together we are going to get along just fine. Now you don’t have to tell me, but I wanna let you know you can trust me “

Wow, did he really just say that to me, for a second I just stare at Ryan, his eyes are amazing, and … I feel like I can trust him

I start “ Some guy was following me and he stole my handbag ” 

“ WOW, Um, are you ok “

“ Not really “ I say “ everything I owned was basically in there. My Phone, keys to my apartment and my wallet. I have no where to stay no one to call. I don’t know what I am going to do “

He stars at me, I look down but stare back. It was awkward but it made me feel like my day  got just that little bit better. 

“ You can bunk at mine … I mean if you want, you might find it awkward but were just friends and remember you can trust m -“

I stopped him and interrupted “ Thanks “ 

“ me “ he finishes

We both laugh. At the end of our shift we both head back to Ryan’s place. We walk in and it is quite nice. With me not knowing what to do I awkwardly walk in as he says nothing. Ryan darts straight towards his bedroom which has left me to sit on the couch. I wait there awkwardly for a couple of minutes, then he comes out of his bedroom

“ Here’s a pair of clean pi’s, sleep in the bedroom I’ll bunk on the couch “

He smiles, I am so shocked at what a gentleman he is. 

“ Thanks so much again Ryan, I’ll ring the locksmith by tomorrow and I will be ou- “

He stops me “ Don’t mention it, Goodnight “

I smile back and head off into the bedroom. I undress and hop comfortably in the bed. Ryan is such a nice guy, I can’t believe he is letting me stay. I look at the clock next to his bed to see the time. Only 10:00 but I’m tired so I slowly drift off

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