10 Things ~ Liam Payne

I came back to the real world after realising I had blacked out. Words were coming out of my mothers mouth who was standing next to me, that I just caught, “ Are you ready honey “ I took a moment. So many things were rushing through my mind. I was about to walk down the isle to marry someone who I completely adored but haven’t been sure about lately, I knew that something was up during this week, disappearing randomly, being late from work. Am I making the right decision or a very big mistake ?


1. Chapter 1


It was a bright light that shone in my eyes, with me waking up to be looking at you lying quiet and still on the floor. i'm guessing that we got just a tad drunk last night. That beautiful boy I was stearing at was my boyfriend Sebastian Kydd, We have been together since year 8 and were currently in year 12. Before I knew it my thoughts were stopped and I blacked out.

I woke up in a dark place and I couldn't see anything I tried to see if anyone was there by saying a simple hello. My eyes were finding it hard to adjust to the light, after seeing a tall dark haired man taking a black bag off my head. I hear him slightly say take her into the other room where that "boy" is. I started to think what boy could he be talking about.

Sebastian! I yelled out What have you done with him. Tears starts to come out of my eyes rolling down my face fast. The man doesn't reply to me but roles his eyes. I shout one more time,

Where is he ! The man looks calmly at me with his big blue eyes,

" That's for me to know and you to find out " he says with a grin.

I know can't control my tears as I am left siting there for 5 minutes on my own. I start to think negative and it is all I can think right now. Everything has been turned upside down and the love of the my life has been kidnapped along with me, but who knows what could've happened to him. I haven't seen his beautiful face since this morning while I was passed out on the couch.

The tall dark haired man walks in the room and lifts me to my feet. I feel dizzy and light headed hardly being able to work straight, my legs are collapsing and I don't know how much longer I can last. Man they really knocked me out good. Before almost collapsing we arrived to a room were I see Sebastian unconscious on the floor. The man throws me to the floor and I find myself crawling towards Sebastian franticly.

Sebastian, I whisper to him

Sebastian please don't leave me ..... I don't get a response and place my head on his chest

You can't die. Tears are rushing down my face again and this time I'm blinking hard.

I tried ...

I hear Sebastian's voice and I immediately raise my head off his chest. I realized that he had said I tried and not I'm trying. Sebastian was dead. The love of my life was gone and I would never see him or hear his husky voice again.

I blackout.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Liam POV

It was a sunny Sunday morning as I was in the kitchen making breakfast for me and Beth, I hear screams and crying, I rush to her room and as I work in she is asleep but crying and screeching in a high pitch screaming NO! I am shaking her as hard as I can to wake her up. I can't bare to hear my best friend screaming and crying in horror. 

Beth, Beth ! wake up

she calms down and sets herself back to sleep for a bit. This has been going on for a while now telling me she is having the same dream almost every night, I told her to see someone but she is not listening to me and says she is fine. I continue to make our pancakes for breakfast and listening to the channel news. I suddenly heard a noise from beth's bedroom, I stopped making the pancakes and headed to her room.

Beth POV

I swing straight up in my bed sweating. I am thinking to myself, I keep having this crazy dream about Sebastian. I keep forgetting he is dead, he died in a car crash after getting hit by a bus. I miss him so much but I feel like he is always here, and I know he is always here

again another morning I wake up in sorrow and depression. I don't know how much longer this could be happening. Sebastian has been dead for 2 years now and I am constantly thinking about him, I can't get over it.

Lucky I have my best friend Liam, who's always here for me and has supported me through this whole time. My parent's aren't in my world either, but that was because my mother kicked me out for no good reason. I have had a rough childhood and that's why things are so different for me. Liam is like my father/brother being only a year older, but the worst part is having to take care of myself with no family funds been given to me. I have been fighting for it in court for years. Everything has just been a mess for the past 5 years. 3 fighting for my money and 2 fighting losing Sebastian.

Liam walks in the room and makes my day a bit brighter. 

 " Good morning ", I say in a husky voice

" How are you feeling ? " he states knowing I had a bad dream again " I was trying to wake you up this morning but you just calmed down and went back to bed "

" I don't know what to do Liam ? " we stare at each other for a while and then I crash in his arms balling my eyes out for real this time.

Liam lets me out of his arms " You need help Beth no matter what you say, no one is going to look at you differently about it. Stop worrying what people think and start thinking about yourself, you are going through and rough time and people need to understand.

Things go silent for a second as I think not replying. He kisses my forehead and heads back to the kitchen. I know he is right but I don't want him to be because I feel if I express everything about Sebastian, that I will just think about him more.

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