death does us part

This is story which i have been working on for a very long time so in joy


2. death do us part chapter 1

How they met


“Well it started in on the first day back from spring, everyone was coming in to the schools and there were many different people. In the groups you had the Goths, jocks, geeks, glossy’s and the normal people which are me. But Elizabeth was not in any of these groups, many people thought she would have gone into the Goths but no...”

“Miss, I mean Ana can we stay on topic please”

“Stop it, just stop, if you want to know be quite and listen!”

The detective was about to get furious but kept his cool so he said “Sorry, did not mean any offense.” I stopped getting angry and took a breath and carried on.

“After everyone went, I saw a girl in the distance which I thought was not normal - most girls try to get into school quick but she was talking to herself. At the time I did not notice but she had brushed past as if I was a ghost, as though she had walked right through me. I ran up to her to introduce myself and she was… aggravated kind of while I walked with her I had asked her

“Are you new here I have never seen you” she was quiet for a short period of time then she said “yeah I’m new I moved from the country it was to quiet”

then she stopped and I kept walking talking to myself it was quite silly then I stopped and looked round for Elizabeth when she stopped looking when I noticed that she was being unusual most girls don’t talk to their self but that was the first time that ever happened in the school I ran back and she had stopped but I did over here her say you must go she is coming I didn’t say anything for while then I had to ask

“What was you talking about back there” she said it was nothing so I left it  we went in and I had my tutor to go to Elizabeth pulled her as if she did not want her to go

“what was your name again” Elizabeth did not tell her, her name “ my name is Elizabeth what is yours” but when she had said that I was in the class I wished I hadn’t now but I had only gone in there  to tell my asshole of a teacher that I was going to show here round but when I went outside she had gone

“So what did you mean about him or her” the detective said

“For fuck sack you always interrupted me I’m try to tell you but you keep interrupting me so get of my case”

 The detective left the room to check the time he came back in he said “you are going to have to stay in one of our jails for tonight”

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