Autumn runs away from home with her older brother and younger sister they go to bates motel , she likes a boy named Norman, but he's just like all the other boys she meets , then five boys come up to her on the bus and start to bully her , then a boy came and helped her , she has to choose between Luke ,Calum ,Ashton , or Michael.


3. Oh Norman

I wake up with Emma by my side , I get up and sit on the bed rubbing my eyes. Then I get up and head to the bathroom , I stand there looking in the mirror then I get undressed and get in the shower , I wash my hair and then look at my ribs and shoulders there's bruises all over them.

I get out and rap a towel around me , I see that rob is gone I look at the side table and see a note .

"Hey Autumn I went to town to find a job and I put you and Emma in school so I left some money so you can use the bus", I hear a knock at the door , I answer it and see its Norman ," oh hey what's up", I said holding up my towel ," oh hi should I come back another time",he said smiling ," uh how bout I quickly get dressed,ok", I said smiling," yeah ok I'll just be over here ok", Norman said , so I closed the door and then walked over to the blinds and closed it.

I changed into a plaid button up shirt and I put my skinny jeans on then I put on my scarf and beanie , I wake Emma up and I put her in a red and blue summer dress , then I grab my purse and I open the door ,"ok I'm ready what do you need", I said smiling ," oh I just wanted to ask if you'd like to go to school together?", he said holding his bag ," well I have to drop her off at her new school",I said holding Emma's hand, rob comes to me "I'll drop her off ok her school is right beside my work "he said with a giant smile ,"oh my god you got a job we will celebrate tonight , Norman do you want to ask your family if you guys wanna come here for a party?", I asked happily ,"do you wanna have the party in my house ?", Norman said with a smile and pointing at his house ," really oh my god thank you",I said with a smile then hugging Norman ," no we will be fine with just us and no one else ", rob said with a frown at Norman ,"oh ok"Norman said ", rob come on he's trying to be nice ", I said ," no Autumn we'll be fine alone ",rob said

I walk out angrily holding Normans hand , we finally get to the bus stop ,"hey can you please let my hand go?", Norman asked with a smile ," oh yeah sorry Norman", I said with a frown , about a few minutes later a group of girls drove over to us.

Normans pov

"Hey cutie what's your name", one of the girls said ," oh hi I'm Norman and you are",I said with a smile ," oh hi Norman I'm bradly", she said coming closer to me , I look at Autumn and she looks upset ,"nice name", I said looking at her ," do you want to drive with us ?" She said then sat on my lap," uh sure " u smiled then looked at Autumn she was about to cry , I got up and went in Bradly's car and we drove off into the distance , turn looking back thinking of what Autumn was thinking.

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