Autumn runs away from home with her older brother and younger sister they go to bates motel , she likes a boy named Norman, but he's just like all the other boys she meets , then five boys come up to her on the bus and start to bully her , then a boy came and helped her , she has to choose between Luke ,Calum ,Ashton , or Michael.


2. New Start

I wake up to rob pushing me , he smiles "hey we are at a motel I'll go check us in ok", I rub my eyes and yon and I wake Emma up , Ben looks at me and licks my face , I smile and get out of the car I go to rob," hey can you hurry Emma is exhausted", I say rubbing my eyes, I look forward " hi I'm Norman , Norman bates", he said with a smile ," hi I'm Autumn ", I said with another yon .

Norman gets up ," you finish signing this and I'll go show Autumn her room"Norman smiled , "Sure", rob smiled , Norman helps me get my bags to the motel," thanks Norman", I said while I carry Emma in , Norman smiles I get to the room and put Emma on the bed ," thanks Norman again",I said , I go back to the car and get Ben Norman follows me , I pick up Ben and head back to the motel ," awe what kind of dog is he ", Norman asked " he's a Rottweiler ", I say , Norman smiles then walks away , I close the door behind him , I sit on the bed waiting for rob someone knocks on the door , I quickly get up and go see who it is ," oh hi ", I say ," hi I'm Dylan Normans brother oh right here's your towels ", he said smoking ," well thanks ", I say rob finally comes in and I say bye then close the door.

I sit in the bed I look at Emma and push a piece of hair behind her ear rob smiles and kisses her forehead ", thanks rob for leaving with us ", I say about to cry," hey don't cry I couldn't just leave you", he said while wiping my tears away I get up and go to the bathroom I get into my pjs and then put Emma in her pjs , I fall asleep with Emma in my arms and Ben at the end of the bed.

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