My mate, My protector, My brother

Andrea is a girl who was adopted at the age of 13 by a family of werewolves but then something happens and her family is torn apart. After three years she is reunited with her brother but what happens when he finds out he's mated to her. What will happen when Andrea finds out that her who life was actually something else entirely. What will happen when she is reunited to her real family. Will her mate finally see her as the one he is destined to be or will he finally accept her after a long and rocky road?


7. Chapter 7

Since our dragons had come back we were riding them to our old village it was 5 minutes away tops and we were going as fast as we could. I could see the village mainly because it was on fire. When my people decided to set their kids free they put a barrier around in order to keep the vampires away but now that time was up the barrier had fallen and they were attacking it.

"Water I want half of you to put out the fires and the other half to defend the ones putting out the fires. Everyone else every vampire you see that isn't David gets killed!" I shouted, "and that goes for you guys to!" I shouted down at the wolves.

We got there and I saw they had all the adults along with the little ones in the middle of the village and right in the middle of them were my parents, one of the vampires had a spear raised and was aiming it at my mother, I lost one mother already I'm not going to lose another. He let the spear go but with the wind I redirected it back to him and it went through his heart he fell dead. I took the water what was in the water fountain and formed an ice barrier around them so they wouldn't be harmed. The vampires that tried to break it would burn because the water was enchanted to kill them. The water benders out out the fires and the rest of us attacked there were bodies falling everywhere, vampires disintegrating, I took my axe out and swung and a head fell, I turned and swiped down and a vampire split in half. I put my axe back and took out my daggers I flung them in the hearts of the vampires and they would disintegrate I would feel the metal and make them come back to my hands. I felt something slam into me and push me against the ice barrier I sent out a rush of air and Keith went flying back he regained his balance and ran towards me I only had time to put up my force field and he crashed into it. He shook his head and looked at me then he started to bang against the shield over and over, my hands started to shake and I could feel blood coming out of my nose, it was to much I couldn't handle much longer I could see cracks in the shield start to form one more and I'd be done. He was about to strike again when I giant black wolf came and snatched him away and started to tear him apart. My shield dropped and I was dazed. I also smelled mint I looked at the wolf.

"Dad?" I asked, he turned and nodded his head just then an arrow went through my arm and I screamed. I looked over to where the arrow had come and I saw a red brown wolf, it was Missael's wolf, tossing his body to the side and the vampires body came in contact with my brothers sword. I saw that bigger wolves had come and the vampires had stopped when they saw their leader in pieces. Everyone took the opportunity to strike them down.

Some one came to my side and helped me to my feet where the arrow had hit was hurting and I pulled it out. My brother and Missael came to me my brother took me from the person who helped me up and let me lean against him I looked over at the ice and I saw my mom and dad staring at us. I touched the ice and made the water return to the fountain.

"Oh my babies." Said my mom and she tackle hugged us. I groaned everything was hurting. My dad was standing behind her slowly approaching us with tears in his eyes he was looking at me.

"You look so beautiful" he told me as he stroked my cheek. All the families went to hug their children there were smiles and tears and laughter. I turned and saw that Missael and my dad were looking at me.

"Dad" I said as I tried to walk to him but I felt a pain shoot through my body and I almost landed on my face if Missael hadn't caught me, I gasped, "Linda!"

Missael helped me get on my dragon and everyone rushed to the house. We got there and I got off Blackjack and headed inside they were right there in the entrance/ballroom. Linda was gasping for breath but I knew she was slipping away I stood next to her. And she looked up at me.

"Have I served well?" She asked.

"Yes you have Linda, let your soul and spirit rest after your years of service you are to be free" I pulled out a vial and she breathed I caught her breath and sealed the vial, I closed her eyes.

"Get her body prepared for the ceremony in one hour." I said.

"Yes ma'am" said Toby one of our healers. I blinked because everything seemed blurry and then I collapsed. I felt cold hands pick me up. Then I heard Missael's voice.

"What's wrong what's happening to her?" He asked. I groaned my arm was burning I tapped my necklace and I was back in my shirt and jeans.

"The arrow that hit her arm it had poison and it's preventing her to heal." Said my brother "quick get me water" I heard a whoosh the a bowl being placed near my head. I felt him lift up the water into a bubble and I felt it enter my wound and go through my bloodstream taking the poison out I tried really hard not to scream. He pulled it all out and the water was black I could feel my arm healing. He disposed of the water and then he went to my head and placed his hands on either side I could feel energy flowing around my head and I could feel myself relaxing all the stress I had just went under slip away I closed my eyes. I woke up five minutes later and slowly sat up. And held my head.

"How you feeling?" Asked my brother.

"Better thanks" I said. I looked up and my parents were looking at me.

"Oh sweetie how we've missed gods your so big" said my mother as she hugged me.

"I missed you to mom" I said with a smile. My other dad came up to my father.

"Javier it's been a long time." He said.

"It sure has Luis it sure has" said my father.

"Wait you two know each other?" I asked.

"Me and your father were childhood friends" said my dad, Luis.

"We lost communication but when we found out that you were being targeted we finally got in contact with Luis and told him what we were going to do and that we were hoping they could take care of you." Said my father. Wow small world, I thought.

"How come I wasn't told about this?" Asked Missael.

"Because we couldn't have to many people knowing son." Said Luis.

"Andrea, Linda's body is ready and so is her boat and dragon." Said Toby.

"Good there's a river not that far from here we can use." I said, we carried the boat that had Linda's body along with her dragon. Our bond with our dragon is so strong that when we die they die to. We placed her boat in the water and pushed it so it would go with the current. Toby handed me a bow and arrow I lit up the arrow tip and aimed it at the boat I fired and it sailed in the wind till it reached the boat and it caught on fire. Everyone else put flowers in the water and I took out the vial.

"Let your spirit be free and your story be written in the stars." I broke the vial and her breath traveled up into the stars came a new constellation of a girl holding an axe with her dragon beside her. I turned to face her parents. "Your daughter was brave she fought with honor you should be proud of her" I said sincerely. They had tears as they saw their daughter in the stars her father looked at me smiled and bowed.

By the time we finally got everyone settled into the house and made sure everyone had a room or that at least most of the families were together it was about 2 in the morning. I knew everyone would be sleeping in late. After everything was over there were wolves claiming there mates in fact my friend Yareli was my brothers mate and I was happy it was about time she found someone and my brother couldn't be anymore lucky. Ruth was Jacobs mate also and I was happy for them. I was happy for everyone. Except for Jason he hasn't been able to find his partner. We are kinda like wolves when it comes to love we are destined to fall in love with someone and we are to be loyal to that person. Everyone always guessed that me and him would end up together because we were so close but apparently that wasn't the case. I sighed and got up I couldn't sleep I needed my milk. I quietly went down to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

"Midnight snack?" Asked Jason and I almost dropped the milk.

"Jeeze you scared me." I said and poured myself some milk.

"Sorry can I have some?" He asked. I poured him a glass.

"So tell me what happened to you these past 5 years." He said. So I did I told him everything that hap happen from me being blind to when I came here to how I was being stalked and how my best friend was in on it.

"Wait so Sylvia did what?" He said laughing.

"She straight up punished him when we saw him in prison it was hilarious I couldn't see but I heard the crunch his nose made when her fist came in contact with it." I said remembering the first time we went to go visit Tristan a.k.a Jimmy which was apparently his real name. We haven't visited him since then mainly because we weren't allowed.

"So where is Sylvia?" He asked.

"Oh she's not here she had to leave to Paris because some fire happened at the place where her grandparents were put and they died in the fire. So they are there trying to figure out the funeral and stuff." I said I felt bad for Sylvia she loved her grandparents.

"Wow it's already three." He said we should go to bed. I nodded my head and went back to my room after saying good night. I laid down on my bed and finally let sleep take over.

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