My mate, My protector, My brother

Andrea is a girl who was adopted at the age of 13 by a family of werewolves but then something happens and her family is torn apart. After three years she is reunited with her brother but what happens when he finds out he's mated to her. What will happen when Andrea finds out that her who life was actually something else entirely. What will happen when she is reunited to her real family. Will her mate finally see her as the one he is destined to be or will he finally accept her after a long and rocky road?


16. Chapter 16

It was one week before the wedding and I was so nervous. It took one year to get everything ready we decided to get married in the spring when the air is nice and cool because the reception was going to be outside. I was on Missael's bed looking over the R.S.V.P's there were so many people it was unbelievable it was all of Missael's pack then all of my people and I found out that about three other packs were going to come also it was overwhelming we had I'm pretty sure more then a thousand people coming I opened the last envelop that was in the pile and checked it my breath hitched when I saw the last name. Casey that was Milena's last name.

"Babe you ok?" Asked Missael he had gone to go get snacks.

"I didn't know Milena's parents were coming." I said.

"Oh yeah they wanted to actually they asked to come so my father said yes they want to talk to you in person or something." He said as he set the tray of food on his night stand and sat next me. "Are you ok with that? I mean we can always decline."

"No it's fine they can come." I said as I wrote down their name in the book that my mother had given me it was to help me plan the wedding and it was a big life saver I never let it leave my side. As soon as I finished writing in the book he took it from my hands. "Hey!" I started to protest but he just gave me a look and set the book down on the nightstand.

"You need to take a break." He said I just rolled my eyes.

"Easy for you to say. I have to order the flowers today, I need to see the bridesmaids in their dresses one last time before the wedding I have to make sure all the center pieces are done I have to try on my wedding dress on again, I have to get my nails done, I need to make sure we have all the wedding favors counted for, we have to pick up the cake in the morning of the wedding I have to make sure every body knows what their gonna cook for the wedding. I-" I was rambling when he put a finger over my mouth and chuckled.

"Like I said you need to rest." He said as he kissed my head and I relaxed. He was right I took one of the sandwiches and asked for my book he handed to me and I cuddled up next to him and flipped through the book it had the date we had out for the wedding also when he proposed and how. I looked over at the examples we got for the invitations it was simple the card stock was light blue with like a goldish font. I ate my sandwich and flipped through the book I couldn't believe I was finally getting married.

"Andrea." I heard David say softly.

"What's wrong babe?" I asked he rarely used my name so it kinda scared me when he did.

"I wanna talk about something." He said his voice getting really serious. I finished up my sandwich and put down the book.

"Ok I'm listening." I said looking at him. I saw him take a deep breath.

"I want to have kids." He said after awhile.

"Oh... Oh" i didn't know my hands had gone to my stomach till I felt his hands on top of mine.

"I know what happened to you left you traumatized and I'm not trying to force this on you I'm just saying that I want to have kids at least two if we can." He told me as he rubbed my hand.

"I... I wouldn't mind having kids just maybe we can wait a couple years first before we do. You know once we figure out our routine then we can try." I said I saw a small smile start to for on his lips.

"That can work." He said and he placed a small kiss on my lips I reached up and stroked his cheek and wrapped my hand to bring him closer to deepen the kiss he pulled away and stared to kiss my jaw then my neck he settled on my shoulder and his arms started to wrap around me I was gripping his hair and rubbing his chest I felt his hand start to raise my shirt and I gasped.

"Stop wait." I breathed and I pressed my hands against his chest. We were breathing heavy and his eyes were glowing.

"I'm sorry." He said as he closed his eyes and started to take deep breaths.

"It's ok." I looked at the time and groaned. "I have to go." I said. I may be getting married but I still had to go to training with my people. He nodded his head and kissed my forehead.

"Go baby." He said I got up and went to my room to change and headed to my parents house. This is going to be a long week.

It was the the day of the wedding and I was so nervous. I woke up early and Yareli came in she helped me get into my dress it was so pretty the sleeves were a little off the shoulder and they were made of lace the dress was a fit and flare it had just a little bit of sparkle to it I asked them to add in little light blue stones into the dress. Then she curled my hair and pinned it all up so it looked like I had short curly hair. She put the veil in place and then got to my make up it was light blue with black eyeliner some face make up to even my skin out and a light red lipgloss. She looked at me to make sure everything was good before we made me look in the mirror. Wow I looked good I heard a nock at the door.

"Who is it?" Asked Yareli.

"It's the father of the bride." Said my dad I just chuckled.

"Come in dad." I said I heard the door open and I heard him gasp.

"Oh my gods baby you look amazing." He said.

"Thanks daddy." I said as I hugged him.

"You ready?" He asked I nodded and we went to the car the wedding was going to be inside my parents ball room then the reception was going to be outside. We got there and we went to my room waiting for the people to come I was pacing my room trying not to bite my nails Yareli had gone to finish getting ready and I was alone I heard a nock.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"It's David and your mom." Said David.

"Come in." I said and stood still clacking my heels on the ground.

"How you feeling?" Asked David.

"Excited, nervous, scared, queazy." I said my mom came up and held my shoulders.

"You'll be fine sweetie just take deep breaths this is a happy day." She said as she stroked my necklace that brought my armor. "I'm so happy for you."

"Thanks mom." I said as I hugged her. "I love you."

"I love you to sweetie. I have to help your father greet the guest but I'll see you later." She said as she left I could hear soft music playing.

"You look good." Said David.

"Thanks." I said.

"I can't believe your getting married. I watched you grow so much these past years it's unbelievable." He said.

"You sound like a proud father." I said and he just laughed. "So how's the hunt going?"

"Better I've found more people I'm actually gonna take off again after the reception but don't worry I'll make sure to say bye first." He said I smiled and hugged him I heard my dad at the door.

"It's time." He said as he came to me and handed me my bouquet it was white roses wrapped together by light blue ribbon. He locked his arm with mine and stepped out the bridesmaids and groomsmen were ready it was Jacob with Ruth, Yareli with my brother Jason with Sylvia, and David with April one of my best fighters. They stated to walk down the stairs when David and April left I counted to five in my head and headed down the stairs when we got to the bottom I could hear the gasps and comments of the people I was focused on the alter where Missael stood in a black tux underneath an car with white and blue roses with little stars dangling from them. I felt him in my head.

You look beautiful baby, he said and I just blushed. We got to the alter and my dad handed off we said our vows which passed by in a blur next thing I knew we said I do and sealed it with a kiss.

We went outside and everything looked beautiful the tables had a light blue table cloth with light orange napkins the center wee white flowers dipped in blue water that made the flowers look blue with candles and little confetti stars. The tables had a picture of a constellation and that's how they were seated. The adults got tiny snow globes with a bride and groom and the form of dancing and it had the day we got married along with our names. The little kids got little toys. We had a buffet and the table for cake and cupcakes for the kids. Then we also had a candy bar. We ate first people would come up to our table and congratulate us then started the dances.

the first dance we and Missael danced to was For The Dancing and The Dreaming that comes out in How To Train Your Dagon 2 we were in love with that song but to be honest I didn't think we were dancing this song but sure enough he pulled me up to the dance floor but what shocked me more was that he was singing it. He started off with the whistle then began to sing.


I'll swim and sail on savage seas

With never a fear of drowning

And gladly ride the waves of life

If you will marry me

No scorching sun

Nor freezing cold

Will stop me on my journey

If you will promise me your heart

And love, he looked at me waiting for me to sing so I did


And love me for eternity

My dearest one my darling dear

Your mighty words astound me

But I've no need of mighty deeds

When I feel your arms around me


But I would bring you rings of gold

I'd even sing you poetry

And I would keep you from all harm

If you would stay beside me


I have no use for rings of gold

I care not for your poetry

I only want your hand to hold


I only want you near me


To love to kiss to sweetly hold

For the dancing and the dreaming

Through all life's sorrows and delights

I'll keep your laugh inside me

I'll swim and sail on savage seas

With never a fear of drowning

And gladly ride the waves of life

If you will marry me

While we sang we danced just like they did. Then I danced with my dad while he danced with his mom then I danced with his dad while he danced with my mom. Then we all started to danced and laughed and sang and passed the time with our friends. We stopped till midnight then we cleaned and got all the presents and took them to the house. Then we got our suitcases ready for the honey moon and readied the truck. We got in and waved goodbye to our friends we would come back in a week and then Missael would be named alpha. Missael held my hand.

"You ready Mrs. Jara." He said.

"Yes I am." I said blushing and I held his hand and relaxed against the seat by tomorrow afternoon we'd be where ever it is he's taking me he still hasn't told me where we were actually gonna take his dad's jet so the surprise wouldn't be spoiled at the airport. I was ready least I'm pretty sure I was guess I'll find out.

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