My mate, My protector, My brother

Andrea is a girl who was adopted at the age of 13 by a family of werewolves but then something happens and her family is torn apart. After three years she is reunited with her brother but what happens when he finds out he's mated to her. What will happen when Andrea finds out that her who life was actually something else entirely. What will happen when she is reunited to her real family. Will her mate finally see her as the one he is destined to be or will he finally accept her after a long and rocky road?


11. Chapter 11

Missael's P.O.V

Its been three days and still no sign of her giving me a signal of how she is I try and try to link to her mind but I can't it's silent. I watched her on the bed I haven't left this room since I came. I was tired and there were bags under my eyes but I didn't care I wanted to be by her side. I grabbed the brush her mother bought in the little store that's in the hospital and brushed her hair. She had it so long I remember when mom tried to cut it short and she ran away with the scissors and locked herself in her room till mom promised to only give her hair a trim. I saw a shadow cover the window and I looked up sure enough there was Blackjack. He's been doing this every hour he flys up to check on her then flys back down to sleep. The first time he did this it scared the crap out of me then Adriel explained how when their rider is in danger they can sense it and right now he's making sure that she's ok.

These days have been hell. Her mom comes in and checks on her but then she leaves crying. Yesterday there was a pack meeting but I sent Jacob and that's when I found out that near her crash site they caught the sent of one of the rouges we've been chasing. Her dad and brother have been working along with my dad trying to find answers they visit every now and then to check up on her. Then to top it all off Milena came to visit this morning, she was getting on my nerves she kept going on about how she was sorry and how she still loved me I just tuned her out and stared at Andreas sleeping face. I always tell myself she's in a deep sleep that she's not in a coma she's just really tired and wants to rest. Milena got the idea that I wasn't paying attention I left. Around noon I heard the door open again and I looked up about to tell Milena to scram but stopped short when I saw who it was.

"Still nothing?" Asked David he was leaning against the door frame.

"No nothing." I said quietly as I put the brush down, her bruises were gone and so were the little cuts on her face they took away the bandage that was on her head and the scar was almost gone from the fracture her bones were still healing but they were almost fixed but she still remained in the little coma of hers. "How's the search been going?"

"Good sorta it's hard to come across nice vampires." Said David. David has been going around trying to find vampires who don't really want to kill or harm humans ones who just want to live in peace with them. Almost all supernatural creature was accepted into society except for them and David wanted to make a change. He was gone when Andrea got in her accident but came rushing back as soon as he heard what happened.

"Don't worry you'll find some. I know she's proud of you." I said.

"I know. Have they found the one that crashed into her?" He asked.

"No" I growled, "but what we do know is that the scent belongs to one of the rouges that's we've been trying to track down."

I heard a groan then Andreas voice made its way out of her lips, it was so dry and scratch I thought it would break. "Can you keep it down I'm trying to sleep." She said.

Andrea's P.O.V

Sweetie it's time to wake up, said my mom.

Mmm do I have to? I asked.

Yes baby they miss you they need you back, she said softly I sighed and said okay everything slowly came back I could hear the beeping of a machine and the drip of some liquid I heard voices talking and I groaned I wanted to sleep.

"Can you keep it down I'm trying to sleep" I said wow my voice sounded horrible. I slowly opened my eyes and saw a very shocked Missael and David staring at me.

"Y-your awake?" Asked Missael, he looked bad his eyes were bloodshot his hair was really messy, he had dark bags under his eyes. I saw David leave the room. There was a shadow at the window and saw a very happy Blackjack and I smiled.

"Um yeah I guess I am." I looked around and noticed I was in a hospital I groaned my head hurt really bad I looked down and saw I had a cast on my arm and my leg. What the hell happened? I thought. Then David came in with a doctor she was maybe just a few inches taller than me with her black hair tied into a bun her skin looked like caramel and she fixed her glasses her eyes were an amber color. Mmm caramel sounded good right now.

"Hey your awake now. I'm Doctor Amber Zuziski" she said. I kinda remember her now she's a werewolf I remember seeing her at the party my parents through. I also remember hearing her voice when I was blacking out. My head started to hurt.

"Missael can you give us some privacy?" She asked and he growled.

"Babe it's ok go wait outside" I said and gave him a small smile he looked at me for awhile then nodded his head he touched his head and I knew he meant he would be listening.

"How you feeling?" She asked.

"Confused, hungry, and my head hurts really bad." I said. "What happened?"

"You don't remember?" She asked.

"Not really it's all a blur." I said.

"You were in a car accident you got hit from behind and then from the side the car flipped a couple times before it came into contact with a pole. To be honest your lucky to be alive. Somehow your belt came undone and you slipped through the window if that didn't happen your body would have been squashed by the pole." She said and my head started to throb this was a lot to take in. "I'm going to give you some painkillers for the headache I'll be back ok."

"Okay thanks." I said and she left and Missael came in along with David.

"You feeling ok?" Asked David.

"Yeah just trying to wrap my head around everything" I said. Missael came over to my right side and held my hand. "You look horrible" I tell him.

"You looked worse" he said chuckling I laughed a little then groaned.

"Yeah I guess I did. Can I get some water?" You know how when your sick and your voice gets all scratchy yeah that's how mine was but like ten times worse.

"Yeah I'll get you some." Said David and he left. Missael was staring at me.

"How bad was it?" I asked.

"You were in a coma for three days." He said. Wow three days then I groaned my spring break was over but with this I'm probably gonna miss school for the week ugh all the homework. I heard him chuckle. I just rolled my eyes and David came in with a cup of water and the doctor I drank the water and the doctor injected something into my IV tube and my head started to get numb.

"Rest your body isn't done healing." She said as she left. Missael held my hand and I felt David stroke my cheek and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up but I didn't feel like opening my eyes then I heard her wicked voice.

"I heard she's awake" said Milena.

"Milena how many times have I told you to get out." He said.

"Missael come on why can't you see that I'm sorry" she begged in a whiny voice.

"Yes I forgive you but that doesn't mean I'm gonna take you back I have a mate now." He said.

"Please her she's not your type I am remember I was the first girl you ever loved. I bet you never had sex with her." She said.

"No I haven't but that doesn't matter because she doesn't want to do it at least not now." He said I could hear his voice was on the edge.

"Please that never stopped you when you were with me." She said.

"Milena I swear you either change your attitude towards her or I swear next time I see you I will through you out of the window." He growled and i heard her scoff and leave.

I decided to open my eyes, "ugh she's a handful isn't she?" He jumped a little.

"Jeez don't do that" he said and I laughed.

"Haha owie." I said my ribs hurt a little I'm guess I broke those to. I heard a nock and Missael opened the door and a police officer stepped in.

"Hi we heard you were finally awake and I came to ask you some questions."

"Um yeah sure go ahead." I said.

"Do you remember anything from the accident?" He asked.

"Not really it's all a blur all I remember is that I was at a stop light and then getting hit. I barley remember getting hit the second time." I said.

"Did you have your seatbelt on?" He asked.

"Yeah I did why?"

"Because from the looks of it your seatbelt never broke it was like if you weren't wearing it or you unbuckled it when you started rolling some how." He said.

"No I was wearing it I always wear it" I said then I remember when I was laying on the asphalt and mom telling me she had manage to save me.

"Okay thank you for your time we'll let you know if we find anything else or need anything else." He said and he left.

"Andrea what's wrong?" Asked Missael, he only said my name when he was really worried.

"I think mom some how managed to save my life." I said and he just stared at me.

Unknown P.O.V

"This plan was fucking fool proof!" She screeched over the phone, "you were suppose to hit her in a way that would kill her not put her in a stupid coma!"

"We still have plan b calm down." I said.

"This plan better work or I swear I'll have your head." She said.

"Relax we got this."

"That's what you said about the other plan and look where that got us!" She shouted I just rolled my eyes.

"As soon as she gets out of the hospital we'll do it" I said.

"No you have to wait till they think nothing is wrong then you attack. Slowly start to back off on the boarder crosses. We'll take her when she graduates right when they think nothing is wrong understood?" She said and she hung up. I sighed this chick I swear. I looked at the picture of my mate. My dead mate because of that stupid son of the alpha she was dead he didn't bother to get help or anything he just let her die. So I got pay back when I killed the mom but it wasn't enough I would have gotten the little girl if they hadn't come. Now that I found out she was his mate I knew I would finally have my revenge. That crash should have killed her but oh well I liked plan b more, this is going to be fun I thought.

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