My mate, My protector, My brother

Andrea is a girl who was adopted at the age of 13 by a family of werewolves but then something happens and her family is torn apart. After three years she is reunited with her brother but what happens when he finds out he's mated to her. What will happen when Andrea finds out that her who life was actually something else entirely. What will happen when she is reunited to her real family. Will her mate finally see her as the one he is destined to be or will he finally accept her after a long and rocky road?


10. Chapter 10

It was spring break and we were outside playing with our dragons. Our parents said we could stay and the teen house for the whole week. I was throwing sugar cubes in the air and Blackjack wold catch them and eat them after his twentieth one he came up to me and laced his head on my lap.

"What's wrong boy to much sugar?" I chuckled and scratched his head. "Here you go boy." And I gave him a fish to balance out the sugar. He got out I pulled up a small mirror and made him chase the glare it was funny watching him hunt for it.

"Babe." Said Missael as he sat next to me.

"Hey babe how was the pack meeting?" I asked as I got closer to him and hugged him.

"Not so good we've been getting some close calls with rogues but we can't catch them." He said frustrated. I knew this was affecting him more then he showed he lost his mom to rogues and he doesn't want the same to happen to me I know because he had a night mare the other day and it was so vivid that I started to get it. When I asked him about it the next day he said he didn't have any nightmares that night. "I just wished I knew what they wanted, have any of your guys catch anything?"

"No they've been running patrols but nothing comes up. But I'm sure we can find something if you let us go out on our drag-"

"No they are dangerous you saw what they did to mom." He said cutting me off.

"Please don't remind me." I said and Blackjack came back to lay his head on my lap he could sense I was stressed and he started to purr.

"I'm sorry I just want to keep you safe babe." He said and he held me closer.

"I know you do but I can take care of my self." I said, "now come on I'm hungry it's lunch time." I got up and brushed off the grass. He got up and followed me in.

Everyone was in the mini movie theater watching the Avengers. I caught a peek of when Steve gave Nick the five bucks when he got on the ship. I chuckled and went into the kitchen I looked into the fridge it was almost empty I found bread and cold cuts and made a sandwich.

"I gotta get some groceries." I said with a mouth full of sandwich Constanza came in and gave me a look of 'seriously close your mouth'. I swallowed and gave her a small smile. Constanza is like the old wise woman of our people she hardly speaks and when she does you better listen to her everybody loves her. The door bell rang and I took a bite of my sandwich and went to open the door and I stopped with the door half way open. What the hell is she doing here?

"Babe who is-... Milena?" Said Missael.

"Oh Missael it's been so long" she said and came up to him and kissed him. I started to choke I patted my chest and swallowed down my sandwich and looked back up Missael pulled away from her and was looking at me, Milena was just smirking. I cleared my throat.

"What are you doing here?" I sneered. Milena was Missael's old girlfriend they were really in love and people thought they would be mates but then the slut got knocked up by soem other guy and her parents shipped her off leaving a very broken hearted Missael behind.

"Oh I just came to talk to Missael." She said she was blond with green eyes and a roundish face, she had really short shorts and a spaghetti strap shirt with her boobs basically hanging out. I'm pretty sure she got a boob job done to. She was about 5'6 and she tried to tower over me but it didn't work I may be small but I stood my ground.

"Get out." I said.

"Andrea." Said Missael and he looked at me he looked mad, "I think me and Milena should talk." Did he seriously just say that? I felt like I was about to cry I blinked my eyes really quick and took a deep breath.

"Fine, I have to go out anyways so talk all you want." I said and I went to the kitchen to get the keys I heard him call my name but I ignored him. I grabbed the keys to the silver car I finally got my drivers license not to long ago. I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned and it was my brother.

"Hey are you ok?" He asked.

"Yeah I'm fine" I have him a small smile, "I'll tell you when I get back do you need anything?"

"No I'm good... Be safe ok." He said.

"I will" I went into the garage and got into the car I opened the garage door and took off.

30 minutes later I was in the city I was speeding just a little but hey I didn't get caught. I stopped at an intersection waiting for the light to turn green. The song I Really Don't Care was on and I had the radio on high. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair, then I heard tire squeals and then I got hit from behind. I got dazed and got really bad whiplash the seatbelt nocked the breath out of me it felt like I got hit by a tank then I heard a horn honk and the screech of brakes and I got hit from the side and my car went rolling this all happened in like 5 seconds. I blacked out and when I came to I was on the asphalt I groaned I couldn't really feel one of my arms I tried to move but it hurt and I felt like there was liquid underneath me. I couldn't really feel one of my legs my vision was really blurry but I could see the car was on its side and smashed against a pole. Then I blacked out again sorta I could hear people shouting then they kinda faded. I came to when I heard sirens and I felt myself being lifted and laid on something hard and something was around my neck I groaned everything hurt what the hell happened.

"Hey sweetie can you hear me?" Asked some guy but it sounded muffled I saw a bright light shine on my eyes I just groaned again because that's the only sound that could come out.

"Can you tell me your name Hun?" He asked.

"A-And-Andrea" I barley got out and coughed ow that hurt.

"Good good can you tell me how old are you?" He asked.

I was about to say 18 when I felt my eyes roll back and my body got really numb. I could barley hear him it was like if I was underwater and sinking.

"Stay with me and Andrea" I could barley hear.

"Rest my little girl" I heard someone say.

Mom? I thought.

"Shhh you need to let your body rest your mind is fine I manage to save that as for your body I'm sorry I tried my best but your fast healing will help you I promise you'll be good as new" she said softly.

I came to a little bit and the thing I was laying on was a little softer I could here pancaked voices and everything was white.

"What do we have?" Asked a woman she sounded familiar.

"She has a small fracture on her scull a broken arm and leg and bleeding on her left side" said the guy from earlier.

"Has her family been contacted?" She asked.

"Yes they are on their way." He said and I blacked out again.

Adriel's P.O.V

After Andrea left I went back into the living room to watch the Avengers with everyone else I sat next to Yareli and held her in my arms. She's so cute I thought and I kissed her head. I kept getting a feeling like something was wrong I started to hear voices coming from the kitchen and I listened in.

"Milena what are you doing back here?" Asked Missael. Oh that's why Andrea left she told me about Milena and I knew she hated her guts. I kept listening.

"I came to see you to ask you to forgive me." She said.

"Milena you got pregnant with so one else's kid." He said.

"I gave it up I wasn't gonna let it weigh me down please Missael I came back because I love you!" She said.

"Milena I have a mate." He said as he sighed.

"Yes yes everyone knows about your mate and how she saved her people from the vampires blah blah blah." She said clearly annoyed. I decided to come in and relieve Missael of the pest. I got up and opened the door to the kitchen just then I felt a sharp pain go through me and I fell to the ground. Missael did the same but he managed to get a grip on the counter. I breath hard and my head snapped to Missael.

"Andrea!" We both said. And just then my phone rang and I answered. "Hello?" My voice was strained.

"Hello is this Adriel Ravenswood?" Asked a mans voice.

"Yes this is him" I said.

"Are you related to an Andrea Ravenswood?" He asked.

"Yes she is my sister." I said my heart was beating really fast.

"I'm sorry but your sister has just gotten into a really bad car accident and she's being taken to the Metropolitan Hospital." He said and he hung up the phone. My heart stopped and everyone that was in the living room and Missael were staring at me.

"Adriel what happened?" Asked Missael I was still dazed. "Adriel?" Still nothing. "Adriel!? What happened!?" He shouted.

"It's Andrea she just got in a car accident." I breathed.

Missael's P.O.V

"It's Andrea she just got in a car accident." Said Adriel I felt the blood drain from my face then I got the keys to my truck Adriel was right behind me along with everyone else. They all got into there cars and Adriel told me which hospital and I sped through the streets like a maniac. Adriel called his parents and told them what happened I could here his mother crying then his fathers strained voice saying they would meet us there. He called my dad and let him know and he said he was on his way. This wasn't happening I thought please don't let this be happening we got to the hospital and her parents were there and so was my dad we asked where she was and ran to her room we got there and Doctor Amber came out. She was a werewolf and I'm glad it was her that was watching over Andrea. She saw us and I saw her face drop. No no what the hell happened!?

"Doc what's wrong how is she?" Asked my dad.

"Her left side is broke her arm, three of her ribs and her leg. She was bleeding near her stomach but we managed to stop it but..." She paused.

"But what?!" I shouted my wolf was on the edge what wasn't she telling us!

"Missael!" Said my father although his voice was strained.

"She got a small fracture on her scull and we know about her healing factor which means that she will heal fast I give it a week tops but. Her mind right now is shut off trying to make her body rest and heal."

"What exactly do you mean by shut off?" Asked Adriel.

She sighed, "she's in a coma. We don't know for how long we are hoping with the healing factor that she has she will only last three days five the most." She said and she walked away.

My body felt numb I didn't even know I was walking into her room till I was already inside and looking down at her body she looked like she was in a deep sleep her face was relaxed and her breaths were small, she had a cast on her arm and leg and a bandage wrapped around her head she had a cut on her lip and her face had small scratches and some bruises that were slowly healing. I tried sending a message to her mind but I couldn't hear anything her mind was quiet I knew she wasn't blocking me out because if she was it would have felt like a wall was up but this this was different she was quiet and still I could hear her family cry. Even though we knew she could heal from this hopefully heal from this it still didn't stop us from hurting. My mate my little mate in a coma. I felt the tears come down and I held her hand as I cried over her sleeping body.

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