Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


3. Chapter 3- Why Me?

One Direction has left. I actually felt happy when they were here. I have to say that they are amazing singers. But they left. I don't know what to do. My life has never been interesting. I go to school, get bullied, try to study, cry and sleep. That is all I did. But now, I feel like a robot, I have nothing to do, nothing to live for, my life is practically over. This orphanage only allows you to stay until you are 17. Once your 18th birthday comes up, you have to leave and try to get some job. Unless someone adopts you before that. As if that is going to happen.

Just as I sit in the corner of my room thinking, that girl I met that day came to me. My blood froze in my veins, what if she beats me up. I cannot go through that again. I just can't, I once got beat up so bad that I had to stay in the hospital for a week. This cannot be happening. In an orphanage! Haven't they all had a sad life, is this the only way they can keep themselves happy. It does not make sense.

"Hey, you bitch!" She says

I didn't reply. What can I even say?

"Have you been bullied before? I think you have. With that ugly face I bet you never had friends."

I keep quiet. Everything she said is true. I can't talk back.

"As expected. Of course you were bullied. Do you want to know why I bully everyone?" she says

I nod.

"Well, too bad I ain't gonna tell you!" she screamed as she pushed me towards the wall.

I hit my head while I fell and it hurt. Some memories flew in my head. The bullying in school never made my head blurry. Why now? Why me?

I can't see well. I make a run for the door. I reach the entrance of the orphanage and I don't look back. I keep running as much as my legs can carry me. I don't know what I am doing? What am I going to do? I run for pretty long. I cross a road. And to my left I see a truck coming my way.

I am going to die!

Louis' POV

What was that girls name. Oh yeah, Alice. She was very pretty. I felt so bad that she had to live in an orphanage. I wish we could adopt her or something. But, I know Liam will say no, if he says no, the answer is no. He is the most sensible and responsible one in the group.

"Can we get some nando's on the way to the hotel?" Niall asked

"Not today, we have to eat a small dinner and get rest." Liam said

"Small dinner and me don't go together." Niall said as he got out of the car.

"I will walk back to the hotel after eating food" He said and left.

Niall's POV

How can they tell me if I can eat or not. Hmm, my phone says I have to go straight, take a right then cross a road. Okay. Got it. Just as I take a right I see a truck coming towards a girl on the road.

I have to do something. I jump across the road and push her out of the way and fall backwards myself. The stupid truck driver didn't even stop. He just left. Anyways.....IS THAT GIRL ALRIGHT? I go across the road and see her on the ground. She seems to be unconscious. How did that happen?

"Can you hear me?" I ask her. No response.

I can't leave her here, so I have to take her back to the hotel.

Alice's POV

I wake up in some room which I have never seen before. Why am I here? 

Who am I? How old am I? I can't answer any of these questions. 

A boy enters the room. He seems familiar.

"Hello, how are you doing?" He asks

Hmmm, I think I lost my memory and I have no idea why I am in a teenage boy's room but other that that I am fine.

"I'm fine." I lie

"Well, I am Niall Horan. From one direction. What's your name?" Niall says

"I don't know my name. I can't seem to remember anything." I reply

Just then 3 other boys enter the room.

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