Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


11. Chapter 11- Saved?

Louis' POV

Alicw knows who took Harry! How is this possible? She was acting suspiciously, this must be why! why didn't she tell us before! My first question though is who is Nathan?

"Who is Nathan?" I ask her in a frustrated tone

"Nobody! He was just my uh..friend! He used to help me all the time, whenever something bad happens, I just say Why Nathan?" She says in the most unbelievable tone ever.

Now what she said made no sense. She knows it herself. She is definately lieing and that was the worst lie I have ever heard. She knew that I would figure out her lie. She takes a big gulp and looks at the ground.

"Alice, that is the worst lie I have ever heard and you know that too. Tell me the truth please. We need to find Harry! Please tell us who 'Nathan' is and how you know him! Please Alice, please!" I ask in complete frustration

"Fine! Louis Tomlinson, you are about to know my life story.........My name is Alice Sykes. I used to have a mom and a dad and a........brother! My brother's name is Nathan Sykes. He was not the loving and perfect brother that most kids have. He had something against my..our parents and so he took his anger out on me as a revenge to them." She says

"You probably know that I have hundreds of bruises and cuts. Some of them came from my bullies, some of them from myself, but most of them came from Nathan. Our parents used to go out alot and they would leave me and Nathan alone in the house. He would hit me and say really bad things to me. I was just a kid, the things he said really hurt me and made me hate myself. I started cutting. People in school found out and they didn't let me hear the end of it. They made fun of me everyday. None of them understood the pain that I was going through. They bullied me. Nathan left the house when he turned 18 but before that he said that the day I turn 18 he will come and find me. I turned 18 on the day that Harry went missing, 3 days back. I don't know where he is, but I know that he is not a person you want to mess with." She finishes

Are you happy now!!??" She screamsin frustration

Dead silence. What can you say when you find out information like that? Nothing? Yes, you can't say anything. I just can't say anything at all. First of, she got abused at home, second she got bullied in school, third her brother is out to get her and took Harry instead and fourth Nathan is not a guy you want to mess with. How can I process this information? NIALL! I have to tell him, now! He is in the room nearby.

"Alice, I have to tell Niall what you told me!" I say

"No, you can't! I knew I shouldn't have told you!" She groans

"Fine, I won't tell Niall anything other than his name and the fact that he is your brother. Alright?" I ask her

"Fine, nothing more!" She accepts

--Going to the other room--

"Niall! Where are you?" I ask

"No time for games, I have to tell you somthing. We could find Harry with the information that I just got!" I scream

No response. Where is Niall? Washroom? Nope! NIALL IS MISSING! What if Nathan took Niall too?! I try calling Niall's phone. He isn't picking up!! I have to call Liam.

--Calling Liam--

"Liam, Niall is missing!!!" I shout

"Wait, what!?" He screams

"I went to his room to tell him something and he wasn't there. I checked everyehere, I tried calling his phone too, he didn't pick up. Whatif the people who took Harry, took Niall too!?" I say in frustration

"There is a huge possiblility of that. What do we do? Liam says

"Liam come here!" Zayn shouts in the background. What's going on?

"They tracked his phone!! They found Harry!" Zayn screams

"They found him?" I scream into the speaker

"Yeah!" Liam says with hope in his voice

"I knew we would find him. He is Harry Styles, obviously he should be found and he is!" I say with joy "Are you going there now?" I ask

"Yeah, we are! Duh! What kind of a question is that?" He replies

"I had a blonde moment!" I say

They found him but what about Niall!?

"What about Niall, Liam?" I ask

"Guess we're going to find out." He replies

Harry's POV

"What is the other way? What do you mean?" I ask him

"That is none of your business. You won't be getting beaten up so you shoul be happy." He says with a devilish smirk on his face

"I should be happy with the fact that the person who I am trying to save is being caught using another method?" I ask witha smirk on his face

"Shut up!" He says

He then walks away to another room. How are they going to get alice? This is so confusing. I hear a door creak and I see another person in the room with Nathan. He has blonde hair and......wait a second. IS THAT NIALL? What is he doing here? Did they capture him too?

They both talk for some time/ Why is Niall talking with Nathan? This doesn't add up! I tried screaming for help of course but nobody could hear me. I see Nathan leaving.

The only way I can see anything outside this place is from a small window. It is smaller than my hand. I can't see much. I have tried looking out from this window a bunch of times but nothing comes into view. Whereever I am is in the middle of nowhere so nothing happens out side but this time it is different. I see a car coming towards the place and out comes the police! I might be saved. I tried banging the window hard. My knuckles started bleeding but the window didn't have any crack on it. I could still be saved!

In a matter of minutes I hear a lot of movement taking place outside the room and then a door creaks and in comes the police. I can't believe it. I am going back! I am saved. I run away and outside I see Liam and Zayn looking at me and then behind me. I turn around and look at Niall charging towards us the same way I did.

We're saved!!

Alice's POV

I hope they are saved! They have to! I gave them all the information, they have to save him. after their saved, I am goin to give myself to Nathan. Otherwise he will come again.

As I am in deep thoughts I notice a small note lying on the table near the window.

I'm here- N

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