Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


10. Chapter 10- Pain

Zayn's POV

We are at the police station and I am so worried. Harry is kidnapped and we can't do anything about it. Wish we could call him or something. Wait! He has a phone!

"LIAM, HE HAS A PHONE!!" I screamed

"Zayn, there is no point, they aren't stupid enough to not take away his phone." He replies back

"We can try to track it, isn't there that thing that the police have that can let us hear everything around its surroundings, like a microphone!" I exclaim. This is our little scope of hope, we could find him! 

"OMG! Zayn you are right, we have to go to te police station and tell them to activate it!" Liam says

"What are we waiting for, lets go!!"  I scream. This could be it, this could help us find him, this could save him, this could change everything!

Alice's POV

Louis suddenly gets a phone call.

"Yeah, hi Liam, wait what? OMG, that is awesome, yeah send it to my phone as well, yeah, do it now, we can save him, Liam!!" Louis exclaims

"What is happening?" I ask confused

"They got harry's phone's microphone to work! So we can hear what is happening there and maybe we can get to know where he is!" He replies

This is amazing! We may actually find him, save him then we will all be happy after I leave them, otherwise he will attack them again.

"I am going to put it on speaker so you can hear what is happening." Louis says

"Okay!" I reply


"No, please stop! They must have moved, I am not lieing, I swear!" Harry screams

"Stop it!" He screams

"Why do you do this, no don't, please don't!"

"Stop!" "Leave me alone"

I hear a lot of shuffling and kicks and punches being thown his way, he seems to be in so much pain! No, they can't do that to him! It's not his fault, it is mine, he has to tell him where I am! He has to do it! I can't take anymore of it! They might kill him, no, they won't, they will torture him!

"WHY NATHAN!!!" I scream and shut my mouth after realizing what I have done.

"Who is Nathan?" Louis asks

Harry's POV (Before all of them hear what is happening)

I lay there as I was given some time because they believed my lie and have left to go and find her. My body still aching with pain, I try to get up and find a way out of this place. If I suceed, this will all be over. One problem though, I DON'T THINK THERE IS A WAY OUT OF THIS PLACE. I didn't look at where they left from. I was in too much pain to open my eyes. No, there is no place which looks like a door or a window. Where am I?

This place seems like a nightmare, completely dark with one lamp in the corner. What do I do? 

I hear the sounds of footsteps approaching the room. I took too long, they are back, they probably know that I was lying, what do I do? I can't do anything. As I wander away in my thoughts, I hear a screech and in come 4 men.

"You lying son of a b*tch!" One of the men said and slammed me against the wall. Hard!

"No, please stop! They must have moved, I am not lieing, I swear!" I scream

He then pushes me to the ground and kicks me repeatedly.

"Stop it!" I scream

Then all of a sudden I felt something hit my gut hard and I clenched my stomach in pain!

"Why do you do this?" I ask

"We have to do this! You have to tell us otherwise we will keep doing this!"

"Stop! Leave me alone."

"Give him a break, we can't let him get too hurt." One of the men say

As much this hurts, I still don't know why they do this. That has been my biggest question. Why are they trying so hard to get Alice. What is she going to do? How is she going to help these people? I can't take this any longer though. I tried to stop them, but this is just too much.

Just then, another man comes in.

"Leave him alone, I found another way to capture Alice!" he says

Who is he? How is he going to get Alice?

"Oh, hey there Harry, I am Nathan Sykes." He says



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