Meet Alice! A 17 year old with a miserable life. What happens when One Direction happen to save her from a near accident. Well, her whole life changes but she has a huge secret that could change everything. Will she live Happily?


1. Chapter 1- New Start

Alice POV

Why is my life against me? Coming from school, nothing new, of course I have bruises from my bullies. I am 17 years old, I had always imagined my future but my life is nothing like that at all. Cutting, suicide attempts well nothing worked. People don't let me die but they want me to suffer. Why?

"Mom!" I call out as I enter my house. She doesn't reply. I enter the kitchen, she is probably making lunch.

"Mom!?" I scream as I see the horror in front of me. My mom is lying on the floor. She does not seem to be moving or alive. I call the ambulance and they come as quick as they can.

"Will she be okay?" I ask as they take my mom inside the ambulance.

"Sorry, but we don't think she will make it." He says

What happened? One day she's alive and the next day she's in the ambulance about to die. How did it happen? Did someone kill her or did she kill herself. My mind wanders to the possibilities but my question is answered as one of the nurses approach me.

"I'm so sorry, but your mother has had a heart attack and she didn't make it" she says.

I fall and hit my head on the cabinet. The next minute, I find myself unconscious on the floor.

I wake up hours later on a hospital bed. My mind Is still blurry. I walked home, I found my mom dead and then I fainted. What happens next? Well since my dad is dead too, I am now an orphan so I will obviously be going to the orphanage. I am pretty sure I won't be adopted either. Who would adopt an 17 year old? Just as I think of the future a doctor comes inside the room.

"Good morning . Are you ms.Cooper?" he asks

"Yes, my name is Alice Cooper." I say

"Well ms.Cooper, you fell to the ground as you heard the news of your mother's death and you hit the metal cabinet thus you went unconscious. No damage was caused to your head. So you are free to leave the hospital." he says

"Where do I go?" I ask him. I actually know where I am going. Some orphanage nearby.

"Well you will be transported to the nearest orphanage" he says

"Oh" I say. I don't think I can say anything else.

So I am transported to an orphanage near by and I just realize that this is a new start of life for me. I enter the orphanage and see alot of kids, some my age too. I am not happy, I never have been happy but, maybe my life is going to change for once. Maybe I will be happy.

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