Keep Trying

Some people say that the minute you think about giving up, think about the reasons why you held on so long, or who you held on for. But those people don't realize that there is a difference between giving up, and knowing when you've had enough. After leaving everyone back at the hospital, I decided to avoid any contact with them. But it's gonna be hard. Especially avoiding Niall. I miss him already. I wanna see him. Hug him. Kiss him. Make him smile. And laugh. And just lie in bed with him. Cuddling. No. Stop it. You can't see him. It's for the best and you know it.

☆ Sequel to I'm Trying ☆


1. What Kyra Left

Dear Niall,

I have left you, but believe me it was not a rushed decision. Many things led me to this decision, led me to the hardest thing I will ever have to write. But I will write anyways, As much as it pains me to leave you it is the only thing that is right. For me at least. I have decided not to listen to my brother. We fought last night about me staying. Not just for the guys and girls but mainly for you. He went on and on about how you have done everything and anything for me which is true. And I honestly think that you deserve so much better than this. You shouldn't have to deal with all the night terrors and halucinations. But you deserve the life you want. And I've been told lots and lots of times before by the same people that the life you want is with me. I don't understand why though. Dealing with me is like dealing with 100 puppies that aren't potty trained or trained at all ! I can't let you do that for me anymore sooooo I'm leaving. Please don't blame yourself for anything this doesn't have to do with you. You need to move on and find someone that doesn't have a stupid brain tumor that could possibly kill them in the future. Tell everyone that I love them. And make sure you tell Liam and Taylor congragulations on thier engagment and I wish I was there for the wedding. Don't tell my parents that I have left, just tell them that I'm going to be fine.


Kyra ♡

P.S. I love you Niall and miss you greatly. Thanks for everything.

P.P.S. If you love something let it go if it comes back it was always yours if not it never was

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