The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



9. Chapter 9 "Best Day ever"

Chapter 9

"Here we go" Daissy said when we entered her house, her parents are out of town for the rest of the week 

"Thanks for letting me stay with U tonight" I said trying to smile

"Girl UR my sis, UR welcomed anytime" She said offering the brightest smile.

"I need to sleep" I said without thinking

"Sure lets go, U can leave your suitcases here if U want, none of us have power to take them upstairs" She read my thoughts

"Ok I'll just take a pajama and get out an outfit for tomorrow's night" I need to prepare something to see if it needs accessories to buy before the concert or if it needs to be ironed or something

"What’s on tomorrow's night?" She can't remember

"Tomorrow  ... The concert... 1D" I was trying to remind her

"Ohh yeah, sorry" She said "I think U should leave them for tomorrow so U can try them on or something but now U need to sleep" She added

"Yeah god idea but first I need to text Bake and tell him not to pass by my house tonight" I remembered Bake. Thank God

"K I'll be upstairs"

"Sure" I said getting out my mobile

*Don't pass by my house, I’m at Daissy's*  I texted

*Too late: P* He sent... Damn it

*What happened*

*Nothing no one is there*  He said assuring me .. I forgot that they won't be here before tomorrow's early morning

*Why RU at Daissy's?* He asked

*Becuz my whole family is on their way to London .. They'll be here by tomorrow's early morning*

*How did they know*

*Long story .. tell U when I see U*


*I'm going to sleep now and I'll see U tomorrow*

*Sure I'll take U at 5:15*

*Why? When is the concert?*

*at 6*

*Sounds ok*   "It’s better than ok Zac" I continued to myself and smiled

*Ok see U*

*Bye* and I went to the room to sleep

"Get up get up little girl" Daissy said while opening the certain

"What?" I said but I'm still asleep

"Wake up U have a lot of work to do it’s the concert's day"

"Ahhhhhhh" I groaned 

"Com’on it’s already 11-thirty"

"What" I jumped out of the bed then downstairs to get my clothes and then upstairs again to the bathroom .. I've changed and then I went back to the room

"Coming with me?" I asked Daissy


"To the hairstylist, I need to get my hair done" I said "What haircut do think I should have?" I added

"What will U wear?"

"I'm between that Jacket like Harry's or a long cardigan with Loui's colors" If I can only wear both.

"U can wear the Jacket"

"Cool" I will

"Or the cardigan" She said again

"Annoying, remind me again why are U my friend?" I said smiling

"Both ways U'll get your hair straight"


"Or curled" She added

"Get out I don't wanna know U anymore" I said and we both laughed stepping out of the house

"Hey Eme" I said greeting Emily the hair best stylist ever

"Hey girls, welcome have a seat" She said pointing to two free seats "So how can I help U?"

"I need a new haircut, a simple curled hair"


"And I need a straight one" Daissy said

"Ok get ready ladies" Emily said to both of us

"Wow" I said after 30 min, she has done my hair first while Daz had a new nail polish

"U like it?" Eme asked

"Sure its amaZyn thanX girl"

"UR welcome"

"My turn" Daissy said

"What do U think" I asked Daz about my hairstyle

"Its cool, It suites with the Jacket, I think" She said smiling

"Never hear your view again" I said laughing

"Ok ok  ... Let’s get this thing done" She said in the middle of laughing

"I'll text Bake until U finish"


"Ready?" Eme asked her

"Let’s do this" Daz answered and I laughed

*Hey*  I texted

*Hii Where RU?*  He answered immediately

*Doing my hair then I'll have breakfast out with Daz, U can join if U want*

*Sure tell me when U finish*

*Ok* I sent * what was the surprise that U were going to give me yesterday?* I remembered

*It’s still a surprise* He said, of course he won't tell me when I want to know *U'll know right before the concert* Yaaaay!!

*See U and don't forget it* I sent


*K bye*

*Bye* and I shut my phone and watched some magazines while Daz was doing her hair 

"Done" She said after a while

"Okay lets go, U look cool" I said

"ThanX" She said while we moved out of the shop to have a breakfast

"Bake is joining us"

"Great" She answered

"U should tell him where R we going cuz I have no idea"

"What about Cook Door?"

"For breakfast .. I don't know, we shouldn't have a heavy breakfast"



"There's a restaurant two streets away from my house, In?" Finally somewhere that may have something light to eat

"In, let's go" I answered

"Hey dude we'll have our breakfast in a restaurant  two streets away from my house see U there" She said to Bake while driving to that restaurant

"What did he say?" I asked after she hanged up with him

"He's on his way" she answered while parking the car

"Here" She said while taking out the from the car and we both jumped out

After the breakfast we went back to the apartment an spent hours choosing between the Jacket and the cardigan and when i glanced the clock

"What?! It's already 2:30 pm" I shouted

"Well yeah, U still have time" Daissy answered

"Know but the girls stuff takes a lot of time, I need to start getting ready now"


"Call me when its 5" 

"Ok don't worry"

And then I went to the bathroom and spent like hours doing those "Girls Stuff" and putting some dark makeup, just a little bit cuz I'm not so into makeup and then I took a shower.

"4:45" Daz shouted

"ThanX" I shouted back, I soon as I heard her I stepped into my clothes 

I've worn a sleeveless white T-Shirt under the Jacket and a black jeans, and I put the cardigan and w black T-Shirt in by bag, I'm planning to change or just in case... I don't wanna anything to ruin my day... When I stepped outside I found Bake sitting on the couch downstairs

"Hey Bakie!!" I said greeting him

"Hey sweetie U look amazing" I said when he saw me

"U mean amaZaaaayn" I corrected him in a funny way

"Never mind I'm not arguing with U now" he said with a smile

"Hhhhhh xD ok let’s go" I said to him

"Daz we R going now" I shouted enough for Daissy to hear me whom were upstairs

"Have fun" She shouted back as we stepped out of the house

My heart kept beating fast the whole ride and the more we get closer it beats faster... I can't believe that I'm going to see them “But they are not going to see U" my subconscious added but I shoved its annoying voice away I don't need anything to ruin this moment

"Here we go" Bakie said when he parked the car

"Hoooh" I took a deep breathe

"Do U wanna know what is the surprise?"

"Sure hit me" I said and we both laughed as he got something out of his pocket

"What is it?" I asked

He took out 

"A ticket? Have U brought one ticket for the concert?" I'm stunned, I know that he's not so into them but I won't go there alone

"It's not like that, I won't miss a chance to meet one of them world stars even if I hate them" He answered my thoughts and I'm relaxed

"Then what is it?"

"Greet and meet, They have to see U girl they have to know U even if it’s only for a minute and a photo for memory will be perfect"

"Ohh Bakie thats so kind of U I can't believe that  ... that  ... ohh thanks a lot Bakie UR the best" I said while giving him a tight hug

"UR welcome babe, but U'll etner alone then we will both go for the concert ok?"

"Sure  ... ThankQ so so soooo much" I'm felling amaZayn

"I've been trying to give it to U since U've arrived but  ... you know"

"I know"

"Now go I'll be waiting in the car" He said opening my door

"Sure thanX again"

"URW" He said and I jumped out of the car and stepped into this long line

Minutes pass and It feel like hours with my heart beating so fast with every step I take forward... Finally it’s my turn

"Next" This guard said and I handed him my ticket

"Next" He said again after checking my ticket and pointing which way should I take

I took a deep breath and then I stepped backstage to meet my boys... Meet my boys after all of this time finally I'm meeting them

Liam was the first one I found

"Hey Daddy can I have a picture" I said with full confidence  

"Sure come here" and I stepped closer

"Can U" I said while handing him my phone to take it, I'm not that good at taking pics

"Sure" He said taking the phone and the photo "Here, have a nice concert" he said handing me the phone again

"Sure thanks" I said taking a step back and to the rest 

I found Niall talking to Harry and both of their eyes were on me as if they were talking' about me .. I moved towards them when I realized that I was staring too

"Hey can I have a pic plZz"

"Sure" Niall answered taking my phone 

"Tongues out" I said and both of them got their tongues out as I said 

"Hhhh crazy one, ThanX guys" I said when I saw the pic

"Hhhh UR welcome" Niall said and I took a last look at Harry who didn't say a single word to me

"Wait" Finally he opened his mouth "Can we have another pic?" Wired question

"Sure" I said stepping closer

But there's something wrong... He took his phone out of his pocket instead of taking mine

"Smile" He said taking the pic

"ThanX but Why have U taken it with your phone?" I said what came in mind "I mean ….”

"To keep your beautiful face next to me" Aww "And to find U again  ... I would be easier when I have a picture of U" That’s sweat .. I can feel my cheeks getting hot

"Well thanX, I hope U get what U want" I said while smiling then I shout Niall's eyes on us so I turned my back to get a photo with the last two lads

Finding Loui was too easy but Zayn is nowhere to be found

"Can I have a picture plZz" I asked Loui

"Sure its my pleasure" He said taking my phone


"URW" He offering a bright smile

"Where's Zayn?" I asked as soon as I took my phone

"In this room U can enter if UR in hurry"

"ThanX again" I said offering a brighter smile

I knocked that door but I’ve glanced Harry's eyes on me and I blushed... What’s wrong with this guy

"Come in" A female voice answered

When I entered I found Lou and Zayn laughing together

"May I?" I asked

"Sure come in" Zayn said

I entered and took a pic with him... I wish I had any paper with me so they can sign for me but the picture are too well

"ThanX" I said to Zayn

"URW have a nice concert" 

"ThanX" I said to him "May I plZz?" I asked Lou, I like her so much... The luckiest lady on the earth

"Sure" She answered with a wide smile

"Here" Zayn said grabbing my phone 

"ThanX a lot  ... Both of U"

"URW" They said at the same time

"Yeah  ... Bye" I said stepping out and grabbing the door handle

"Why was Harry watching did he need something?" Lou asked Zayn as soon as I closed the door .. was he watching?!

I was on my way out when someone kept calling.. Its Harry I know his voice but it’s a little different at real

"ME?" I asked when I turned around to find him following 

"Yup" He answered

"What’s wrong?"

"Can I have your number" He asked, I would say yes but I have to respect my mother culture .. my culture actually and the most I should respect is my religion (I'm a Muslim girl)

"I'm afraid you can't have it, UR stranger after all" Outch "I mean... Sorry"

"It’s ok I'll have one way or another but what I'm saying that it’s an easier way"

"Sorry U can't take a shortcut with me" I said offering a smile to reduce how awkward this situation is "Excuse me" I said turning my back to him I can feel my cheeks burn

"Hey I like this Jacket" He shouted enough for me to hear

"ThanX" I shouted back raising both of my thumbs in the air for him to see without turning my back

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