The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



6. Chapter 6 "London I'm coming"

Chapter 6

I went back to my room and then my sister came in right after me .. as soon as she put her head on the pillow, She's asleep .. Thank god no one is awake .. I put all of my stuff in the suitcases and then I remembered that I don't have a copy from the key of the house in London .. Shit 

I sneaked out of the room trying not to wake anyone up and went to my parents room to get the key .. I found my mother's keys on their coffee table .. Yes .. I took the keys but their  voice was little bit loud .. Why can't I be lucky for once in my life .. I put them in my pocket and put my hands on then to prevent their movement.

"What RU doing here?" My mother asked

"Ohh .. I .. I .."

"U What?" She half shouted

"I was looking for .... my earring .. my ear ring Yeah!!" Hoooh

"Found it ?"

"Yes .. yes I did goodnight, bye" I said while rushing out of the room.

I went back to the room and put the keys, my mobile, all of my money and my father's credit card in my handbag .. I put my suitcase and handbag under the bed until I get out of the bathroom in case one of my sisters woke up .. I took a shower and changed my clothes, I remembered Christine while doing my hair .. I need to say my goodbyes to her 

"Hello" She answered at the second ring

"Hey can U meet me at the hall now?" I whispered

"Yeah I guess but why?"

"Tell U when I see U"

"Ok see U"

"See U" I hanged up

I'm gonna take the external staircases once more .. I won't take the risk of waking someone up .. I went down the hall waiting for Chris to show up

"Com'on there's no time to be late" I said checking my watch .. Here she's

"Hey UR late" I said once I saw her

"I know I'm sorry" She said

"Come here" I said taking her into a tight hug "I'm gonna miss U, again" I added through her hair

"Me too" she said "Where's the rest?" She asked getting out of my hands


"There's no rest" I admitted to her 

"Whaaat?!" She shouted


"What?" She whispered this time

"There's no rest, my mother said that there's no going back to London and I can't stand here for so long, Sooo I'm doing it by my own" I said looking directly into her eyes then to the floor

"From where did U get the money?" She asked and I looked back at her eyes

"No way" I guess she understood

"Yes way'

"But .. u .. Why?"

"I told I can't stay here anymore .. PlZz promise me that U won't tell anybody, not until tomorrow pZz"

"Ok but if your mother asked me I'll tell her"

"PlZz" I begged, that's the last thing I need now

"Ok I'll tell her tomorrow's noon and U should call me when U get there"

"Ok" Hooooh Thank God

"When will U be there?" She asked

"At 4:00 pm" ohh I forgot to tell Bake that 4:00 pm here is 3:00pm in London .. I need to call him as soon as I can

"Ok take care"

"Sure" I said while offering my best smile and taking her into one more last hug

"Bye" I said

"Bye" She answered while I was on my way to get a taxi

I found one and while he was putting my suitcases for I photographed the car numbers and sent them to Chris in case something happened .. I got into the car and waved my hands for her one more time before the car moves

I rested my back and stared out of the window .. What will they do when they wake up and not find me home?! If my mother and I had a world war 3 when I got home late, What will she do when she wake up and not found me home ?! .. I shake my head to get rid of these thoughts .. I'm not taking a step back. 

"Here" The driver said to me after 2 hours of driving

"Thanks, I said handing him the money

"Not enough" He said

"Whats not enough?"

"The money, Its not enough for this long drive" He explained 

"Ok how much do U need" I asked, I'm afraid he'll do something to me so I'll give him what he wants

"20 more pounds"

"Whaaaat?!" I yelled .. 20 pounds over the 20 pounds that I gave him .. Why? "U want 40 pounds for this ride?"

"Look miss U it seems like UR not from over here, it's obvious actually .. but those aren't enough" He said 

"Fine" I said handing him the extra 20 pounds

"Here" He handed me my bags

"Thanks" I said while looking at the airport and giving away a deep breath that I didn't even notice that I've been holding

London .. Friends .. Bake .. Home .. Daissy, "I'm coming" I said out loud

Bake!! I'll call him before I enter the building 

"Hii" He said in a sleepy voice

"Hey, I know that UR asleep but I wanted to tell U that I'll arrive at 3:00 pm not 4:00 ok?!'

"Yeah sure, Where RU now ?" He asked

"I'm at the airport, I have to go I'll call U when I arrive"

"Ok have a good flight"

"Thanks, bye"

"Bye" and we hanged up 

I got into the building and get my papers done and now to the plane 

"Thanks" I said to the airline stewardess after she showed me my seat, my window seat .. Its my favorite 

Now its only 9 hours left for me to go back home & 33 hours to see my idols ^^ I can't believe that I'll really see them face to face .. Yaaay!! .. I got out a book and started reading Its gonna be my longest flight and the worst is that I can't sleep anywhere except in a bed, no planes, no cars, no taxies, nothing except a bed .. the book is over and I have nothing to do.

"Any snacks miss?" the stewardess asked 

"Yeah ..can I have a croissant  and a bottle of water plZz?" I really starving and I don't like the plane's food sooo

"Here" she said handing them to me

"Thanks" I said 

I checked my watch again "Ohhhh!! 5 hours" I groaned .. Its the longest boring flight I've ever had.

(Hey guys wait for Harry's appearance today's night in the next chapter .. and if UR reading from a mobile and U can't see this cast box Here UR ...

Nina Dobrev as Victoria & Avan Jogia as Bake

Ashely Benson as Christine & Harry Styles as himself.. Enjoy it and don't forget to comment and vote let me know your opinion)


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