The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



5. Chapter 5 "1 day to go"

Chapter 5

"Where were U young lady? I called U about 100 times"

"Only 35"

"Shut up!! U have no right to talk with me after what U did, First U came home late yesterday" here we go "And now UR sneaking out,  What were thinking about while doing that? Why did U do that? Why?"

"I thought I was punished from yesterday" I said trying to get out of this situation ... all what i can think about now is London .. London!! I haven't paid the ticket yet .. I need to find a way to get my father's credit cards.

"I can't find U proper punishment, U did a lot !!" She shouted "Go to your room now and don't get out of it" She yelled while trying to get herself under control

I rushed to the stairs and straight to my room slapping the door behind me unintentionally.. I'm not even in mood for a sorry .. she ruined my mood .. I took another glance to the clothes and a wide smile is drawn on my face .. I've changed my clothes then I sneaked out of the room to my father's one .. I need to get the credit card from his wallet which is usually in his room ..

When I entered I found him asleep .. Thank god .. and the wallet is left out of the dresser .. I think I'm Lucky, or thats what I think

"What RU doing?" He asked in a sleepy voice


"I mean with my wallet?" He asked again

"Ohh .. I .. just .. need some money" Fuck

"Why didn't U take some from your mom instead of taking from my wallet while I'm asleep?"

"ohh .. because .. me and my mum had a fight and I won't dare to ask her for money" I said in a shaky voice while hiding the wallet behind my back to get the fucking card out of it .. Yesssss !!

"Ok give it to me" he said while extending his hands for me to give it to him .. he's still asleep i can tell.

"How much?"

"10 pucks" I said worried about him noticing the vanishing of the card

"Here" He said giving me the money and straight back to sleep .. I wanna tell him now *Thanks for your credit card and the extra 10 pucks* 

I sneaked back to the room avoiding my mum, She'll kill me if she saw me .. I entered the room closing the door slightly and then I opened my laptop and went to the site of the airline and paid for this ticket . Yesssss!!

"London I'm comiiiiiiiing" I said out loud 

"What do U mean?" My sister asked from the other side of the room paying all of her attention to me instead of her laptop .. How couldn't I notice her 

"Nothing .. it's just a game" I answered

"Whatever" She said while looking back to her laptop .. Thank God she doesn't care about me .. I'm sure that the word 'LONDON' took all of her attention, she wants to go there too so bad I can tell.

My mobile rang .. Its Bake, ohhh I forgot about his missed calls and texts

*Answer meeeee* The last text said

*I'm here .. is everything ok??* I answered in worry

*Yeah its just that UR not answering my calls or texts so far* He's right but I've an excuse

*Sorry I was at the mall the last  three or four hours* thats the truth

*Its ok but pay some attention to your phone the next time*

*Ok .. so what was it about?*

*I was asking if UR coming for the concert?*  He asked

*Yes I'm .. Did U get the tickets?*


*Per-Fect*  I said waving my hands just like Liam in Best Song Ever .. its a habit for me now 

*When will U arrive .. I can meet U at the airport* He offered

*I'll be there at  4:00 pm*

*Sounds great .. I'll be there .. Should I get my car?*

*Its better that ok Zac .. and yeah get it with U* I said while laughing at myself .. I think that I'm so into this video

*Stop that .. when will U hate them?*

*Never in a million years Bakie*  I'm trying to annoy him

*I will burn those tickets*  He's annoyed

*Never in your wildest dreams*

*Nowwww !!*

*Do whatever U  want I didn't pay for mine yet :P* I reminded him 

*Fine* I won this battle

*I need to go and do my bags* I lied I'm not doing them now

*Ok call me when U finish*

*Ok bye*


I threw the phone on the bed and rested my head on the pillow .. I looked at my table alarm.

"Whaaaat!!" I said out lout .. too loud

"What is it?" My sister asked

"It only one-thirty pm ?! Why ?" I said .. silly question I know but really Why? I rested my back against the bed once more.

"Aaaaahhhhhh!!" I groaned

"Shut up" She yelled

I went out of the bed straight to my dresser and once I opened it the whole dresser became on my shoes.

"Great" I said

Now I have a lot of work I need to do this shit and to be ready to put them in the suitcase at night .. Today's night .. and I'll be in London tomorrow's morning .. Yaaay !! a wide smile is drawn on my face once more .. and the best thing in this time that I'll meet One direction only one day later after I arrive .. Yay me !! .. I took my clothes and started my work Its gonna be a long day.

Its 9:00 pm now I finished my clothes and all of my stuff and I'm soo hungry I skipped Lunch for two reasons: The first is that my mom will kill me if she saw me and the second is that I need to get everything ready before midnight.

When I went downstairs I found no one at all

"The pass is safe" My sister said handing me a plate of sandwiches and some salad

"ThanX" I said offering my best smile taking the plate and back to the room.

(I'm sorry for the late update but I had a problem while writing this chapter :) PlZz if UR reading this vote plZz and comment your opinion, and don't forget to check the cast table .. and about Harry wait for his first appearance tomorrow in London =) VOTE)


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