The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



22. chapter 22 "The trip,Day 2"

Chapter 22 I fell asleep as soon as I rested my head on the pillow and I felt a bit thirsty so I went to the kitchen with my mobile in my hands to check those messages and missed calls I had last night but I didn't bother myself to see them because I was like a dead walking zombie or something. I got the bottle out of the fridge and searched for a glass and I found some in a high shelf. I hate that. I used to be in a regular height between my friends but I think that we were all short. After a long battle and stretching to get a glass I decided that I'll drink out from the bottle, I know it might be disgusting but I have no other choice. I felt my mobile vibrating on the counter so I looked at the screen to find it from that unknown person "Ughhh" I groaned, I don't know why this person is chasing me? In the movies and the T.V series there would be harmful things and dead bodies or a mystery to solve but those are just stupid messages. I opened my mobile to find it saying *Where is your boy sweetie?* "Harry!" I said with a broken voice and wide eyes then I rushed upstairs and opened the boys room to find them all sleeping in their places except HIM. I went to search in the whole house but it was all pointless and time wasting because he's not in here. Who said that they're stupid messages? I hope he's ok. I went upstairs to grab a jacket of mine then I rushed out of the house to find myself surrounded by nothing at all, this house is the only thing in this area. "HARRY!" I shouted expecting an answer If something happened to this lad it would be all my false. I hate that. I ran through the sand to the cars place and his still there. "Oh My God" I said with a few tears running down my cheek. Had this A really took him? I can't be true, what should I do now? I don't know anything except that Harry Styles might be kidnapped and it's all my false. All what I can do is to fall down the ground and think. Where could he be? Should I wake someone up? And before I could continue my questions I found some clothes on the water surface and some bubbles as if something is sinking. Could that be...? "HARRY!" I shouted getting out of my place and running into the water. I can't swim but if that's him I'll do anything to save him, not only because it's somehow my false but I'll finally admit that I like him not as Harry Styles from One Direction but as this Harold Edward Styles from Worcestershire. When I reached the clothes they're not his and then I got down the water to found no one in there, but the bubbles? I went above the water to let some air in and I glanced something dark under the water I went down to look at it then I heard a voice coming from upwards so I went above the water to take a look and I found Harry on the shore. I let out a breath that I was holding and I feel like tones of rocks have been moved from my chest. "What are you doing in there?" He asked loudly "Nothin-" I was cut with something grabbing me by my leg and my head hit the sand under the water and I can't hold my breath for so long, I kept hitting this person with my other led but he held both of them in his hands and I've already fainted. I can feel my hands being released and the sunlight hit me, I can feel the air around me and I coughed for several times trying to take my breathe, I've been placed on the sand. "Are you ok?" Harry asked me "Ye-ah" I said in a broken voice "Who's that one who did that?" "I don't really know, I wish I could" I do really wish I could before the game plays seriously "Let's go in then" He offered his hands helping me to get up "Ok" I said taking by his hands "Stay here and I'll get you some towels" He said as soon as we entered the living room "Where were you?" I asked him when he turned his back to go "What?" "You heard me, where were you?" I repeated "I went to get some air, I couldn't fall asleep and I didn't wanna wake anyone up" "Ohh" This creepy is a liar too not only playing jokes on me!! "Why were you in the water?" What should I say? Keeping my silence is the best answer "Why?" He repeated "Nothing" I said, should I tell him?! "I'm not buying it" I won't tell him "Not now please" "Well you'll tell me sooner or later" I hope not "Sure" I said and he went upstairs to get the towels 'Where's my mobile?' The kitchen, right. I went to the kitchen and grab it and it vibrates in my hands, it's another text *You were about to be mine but luck was on your side, I'll get ya soon* What the hell is that? "What are you doing here?" Harry said and I jumped from my place "Nothing" "Hey there's something wrong with you" He said stepping closer but I took a step back and faced the floor. 'Well there's someone was trying to kill me just to stay away from you' I wanted to say but instead "I'm okay" I said and my hair covered my face when I looked down "Are you sure?" "Yeah, I'll go and take a shower and then I'll be right back" "Well at least use the towels I got for ya" He said handing me the towels with a smile and I giggled taking the towels from him I went upstairs and took a quick shower and when I went out I found everyone is finally awake so I went to the room to brush my messy wet hair "Finally" Perrie said when I entered "I didn't take so long in there" I replied "Yes you did, only 30 minutes" 30 minutes!! That's great and quick too for me "That's great I do usually take more than an hour" "Well thank god that I'm lucky enough to wait for 30 minute" She said and we laughed for a while before she goes to the bathroom and closing the door after her. I placed my mobile in front of the mirror for a while to brush my hair and dry it after a while because it's harmful to dry it right after the shower so when I finished with my hair and put it into large waves I found my phone buzzes. It's Bake "Hi" I answered "Hey what's up?" He asked "Great, I'm fine" I think "What about ya?" "I'm fine" "How is it going with that lucky girl? I can't believe that I don't know who she is?" "We're great and you're gonna see her at school a week later" He said in an unwelcomed tone "Is everything ok?" "Ye-ah" He said in a broken voice but why? "Bake I know that you wanna make it a surprise or something but you should know that if you don't like her or you're ashamed to tell the whole world about-" "Hey don't worry everything is fine" He cut me off. I don't feel ok about this girlfriend "Just promise me that you'll but yourself first after all" That's the only way he'll be fine "I told you everything is fine you don't have to worry" I actually I do "Ok" "Now get off the phone I'm going out with Daissy and Sam-" He stopped "Sam who?" "No one bye" He said and hanged up before I can ask again Damn it. I hate that. Before I can complain a bit more my mobile vibrates and it's a call from my -A "Hey sweetie I can see that you're enjoying it, I won't take much time from you cuz you won't last for long anyway" WHAT?! "What the hell do you want from me?" "Stay away, this time you were about to die but the next time you'll suffer first" "Why?" I said to the stranger but the line is cut "Vic?" Someone said through the door "Is everything ok?" It's Harry "Yeah come in" I said to him and he entered "Who was on the line" Well it was some creepy trying to get me away from you and he's the same one who tried to kill me this morning. Duh! "Wrong number" I lied "Ohh well the breakfast is ready, are you coming?" "Sure let's go" I said getting up from my place to be in front of him and he followed me downstairs "Your hair looks cool today" He said while we were on the staircase "Thanks" That's good to hear. "Finally you showed up" Sophia said raising her hands in the air with the most wonderful smile ever "Yeah here I'm" I answered her taking a seat on this enormous table between Niall and Elenour and Harry was sitting across After the breakfast we went outside for fun, we played with water guns and my tank was full of water, actually it was another shower for me. We had some races and we played hide and seek as I suggested but they all said yes and they said that I'm childish too but we played it anyway. After that Luke arrived and they all went to greet him but I stayed in my place and I was the only left one and when he saw me he was like stunned I think and he remained in place, I gave him a wave but I was feeling awkward until someone finally talked to take his attention "Have you eaten something?" Elanour said "Yeah thanks" He answered "Well let's go and play guys, we're not here to stare at each other" Niall said and I finally took my eyes from the floor to meet Harry's dead glare "Ok let's go" Someone said but I didn't focus who's he or she because all what I was thinking about is Harry's glare and Luke's awkward altitude. We went back to the water then a big car arrived and they went out "What's that? You said no one comes here" I said to Harry while walking by his side "Yeah, I'm the one who ordered it" What? "What is it then?" "You'll know soon" "Hey man how are you?" The one who was driving the car said to Harry "I'm fine, thanks for the stuff" Harry said to him "No problem, put them down" The man said and two guys went to get out ... Bikes?! "Thanks bro, here" Harry said handing him some money which was half wet I guess "Thanks, if you needed anything else I'm here" "Sure" Harry said and they're gone "What was that?" I asked him. Why would he order bikes? "I knew that someone liked bikes but she wasn't able to ride them because she was afraid a little bit" He said but how could he know that? He's talking about me right? "Who's she?" "If you looked in my eyes you'll se her" Yeah he's talking about me "Who told you that?" "The little bird" "No really, who told ya?" "I told you, the bird. Now let's go and take one" He said pulling me by my hands "One what?" "A bike" He said and grabbed one "Here" He gave it to me "No way" I said taking a step back "Yes way, I ordered a lot of bikes to suit us all but there's an only special one" Aww "Well I guess that the bird told ya that I didn't ride a one because I was a bit afraid so I won't do this" I said and we heard Niall screaming while riding one putting his hands in the air "See, it's gonna be fun" "And I'll ruin your fun by-" I was cut off by him lifting me and placing me on the bike "You'll do it, and don't worry I'll catch ya if you fell down" Aww. "Ok I will do it, but if I fell down or I got my first broken bone here or-" "Nothing is gonna happen, I'm here" That's cute, he's cute. "Ohh, let's do it then" "Ok ... Ready... Get set... Go" He said and I went fast as a butterfly. I'm still afraid to lose my balance but I trust him enough to not think about it "Good girl" He shouted "Follow" I shouted for him not looking back only afraid to lose control. He followed me, in a few seconds we were moving along with each other but the others seemed like a little colorful spots to us because they preceded us by a big distance "Who gets them first wins" I said and speeded up We both kept speeding up and we went near them "I'm gonna win" I said "No fuckin' way because I will" "No, you'll see now" I said and we both speeded up one more time "Niall tell us who reached you first" I asked Niall "You both got here at the same time" "No" Me and Harry said and we're moving in a regular speed now because we're already with the group "I won't lie" Niall said moving his shoulders up and down "No one said you have lied, just focus" I said to Niall "I don't know, I won't get into this battle" Niall said with a small laugh "I think the lady won" Someone said but I didn't look who he is "Thank god" I said then I realized it was Luke and Harry's smile has been fainted so "I WOOOON" I shouted and Harry's smile is back again "Let's go back, I'm hungry" Zayn said "Yaaay good boy, I love you Zaynie" Niall said "Love you too" Zayn said to Niall "No you're not hungry, you've just sat with Niall for four years by now" I said and they laughed "Yeah I guess so" Zayn said in the middle of the laugh "Turn back" Loui shouted and we all turned "The last one who goes inside is a loser" Harry said while speeding up but he won't beat me "Agree" I said when I was inches after him "Anything for food" Niall said and we all speeded up Harry won then Niall then Ashton and Gemma and the rest came together "Who's the winner now" He said to me with the most annoying smile ever "No one" I said "Admit it" "No" "Admit it because I did" "Ok Mr. Winner" "Good girl" "Annoying boy" "The girls has to make some food right" Niall said "Well ok we will make lunch and you make the table and come to take the dishes" Perrie said "NOW" She shouted and we all moved to do what she said with a small laugh We made some lunch and without even having a rest or taking a shower we were all at the table after 15 minutes. They didn't stop talking and making fun of everything that comes in mind. I'm the first one who finished and I went upstairs to take a shower before they gather in front of the toilet door. It was a quick one and then I went to the room to look for my mobile. I found it on the bed, I don't remember leaving it there! Whatever. I saw few missed calls from Daissy, I miss this girl. I didn't talk to her from ages. My mobile vibrates and it's her. "Hey" I answered "Hi girl how are you?" She asked "I'm great, what about ya?" "I'm good but shocked" "Why?” I asked, what’s wrong?! "You'll be stunned and may be you'll kill someone if you knew who's Bakie's girl" What?! "Why? Who's she?" "He told me not to tell, and I don't think he likes her, actually I think he hates her but maybe she paid him or something" What the hell? "Bakie won't do that, never" "I don't know but there's something behind their relation" "Why don't you wanna tell me?" "Because he told me not to tell so your short vacation won't be ruined" "It won't, just tell me" "No way, Now you tell me how is it going with Mr.Styles?" She wanna change the subject and I don't know why but I don't care, I'll know sooner or later "Everything is funny, great and normal" I don't know about 'Normal' but I won't tell anyone about this stranger. Well Bake knows about the first messages but no more. "You didn't go to his-" "Shut up you dirty" I cut her off because I know the rest "Well I gotta go now, Bake don't wanna go out with his girl alone" "That's-" "Wired I know" She cut me "I told there's something behind their relationship" "Yeah" "Bye now" "Bye" I said and we hanged up. The whole thing about Bakie's girl is getting wired day after day. The door knocked "Come in" I said "What are you doing here by your own?" Elenour asked when she went it "Nothing I was just talking with a friend" I answered "Your boy?" "No, I have no boyfriend and it was a girl" "Right" She said with a small laugh "We're gonna watch another movie. Are you in?" She continued "Yeah sure, let's go" I said and we went downstairs All the seats were taken and Niall was sitting on the floor so it's ok if I did too. Loui took Elenour to sit on his lap and I took a seat right under Harry. "Come and seat here" Harry said standing up "No I'm ok" I said placing my hands on his legs to make him sit down and I looked at Luke who's sitting beside him and gave him a smile but I found Harry grabbing me by my waist and placing me on his lap "That's better" He said and when I tried to get off him he said "No way" and shout me a glare so I remained in place and after a while I took a seat on the couch's hand After the movie is over we played few games and True or Dare but thank god No one asked me anything and then Me, Harry, Zayn and Perrie went to make some cupcakes and every time someone says 'Cupcakes' Harry do his cupcake face. It was really delicious. After a while most of us fell asleep in the living room and I was one of them. (Hey I know it's a late update but it took me days to write a long one for ya!! If you like it plZz vote share and comment for me ;) ilysm specially those ones who vote and comment XD )
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