The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



21. Chapter 21 "The trip,Day 1"

Chapter 21

The ride was so quite or that what I thought it would be. Gemma and Ashton kept singing odd songs and doing crazy things like getting their heads out of the window with their tongues out or waving for the passing cars and trying to shake hands with them. I know they're crazy couple. All what I did is to watch them and laugh while Harry was trying to keep his eyes on the road and I think that his eyes were on me too because I caught him few times while looking at me and he turned his face away.

After 3 hours of this crazy mood and headache we're finally there.

"Here we go" Harry said while parking the car meters away from the sand and their fathers house is the only beach house right here. It's a bit big but not for the styles family.

"Finally" I said and a small laugh came out from Harry enough for me to hear while we all jumped off the car and each one hold his bags but Harry took one of mine before I take it from the trunk

"I'll take care of it" He said when he took it

"Thanks" I said and we exchanged smiles and I waited for him to lock the car before we go

"Thanks for waiting" He said to me

"No problem" I said and we walked through the warm sand to the house

"Wow" I said as soon as I entered. No doubt that it is amaZayn from inside more than outside

"You like it?" Harry asked placing the bags on the floor

"Yeah it's cool"

"Good" He said and then looked at the ground

"come on I'll show you my old room here" Gemma said grabbing Ashton by his arm and running upstairs 

"They're crazy" I said with a small laugh

"Yeah" Harry said joining me "Come on have a seat" He said moving in front of me to the couch and we set in the both ends

"Well do you wanna do something until the rest is here?" He asked me

"I don't know" 

"You'll stay with the girls and Gemma at the same room but ... You know that we can't go up there right now" He said and we both laughed for a while

"Yeah sure" I said not cutting the laugh "Well I can rest my head for a while here, right?" I asked

"Sure yeah, and I'll make some phone calls"

"Sure" I said and he left me alone

As soon as I rested my head I felt my mobile buzzes in my pocket. It's a text from that creepy

"Ughhhh" I groaned when I read the name of Blocked number

It says *Someone don't wanna stay away but going far away won't help ya* I bored from this guy and I think I'm not scared anymore and It doesn't even deserve to take all of my mind so I just threw my phone on the other side of the couch and stared at the ceiling and then harry is back

"sorry for leaving you alone but I had to make those calls" He said and he took a seat 

"It's ok" I said but he didn't answer so when I looked at him I found him staring at the ceiling too "You like it?" I asked

"Yeah it's a good one" He said looking at me with the edge of his eyes and I saw the light of my phone and he's sitting on it

"Harry may I have my phone, someone is calling" I said and he looked at me

"Where is it?"

"Right under you" I said putting my head down with a smile

"Ohh sorry" He said handing it for me. It's Bakie

"Hey Bakie I miss ya" I answered immediately and Harry stared down at his hands

"Yeah you last seen me yesterday" Yesterday?

"Really? Because it feels like ages"

"Well yeah now let's get into details" Details?

"What's wrong?"

"My new girlfriend wants to meet ya and I'm trying to postpone it until school which is after a week but she insists" 

"Well that's great because I wanna meet that lucky girl too" I said and Harry looked up at me

"You're gonna meet her soon, where are you now?"

"I went to a trip with Harry and the others" I said with a smile which appears in my voice

"Sure there are others?" What?!

"Shut up you dirty minded boy" I said laughing a little

"Yeah sure" He said while laughing "Well I gotta go now and I'll call you later" He said after laughing

"Ok bye" 

"Bye" He said and we hanged up

"What's funny?" Harry asked

"Nothing, Bakie got a new girlfriend" I said and he looked directly in my eyes

"Really?" He asked with a wide smile and his green eyes are full of happiness

"Yeah, what makes you so happy?" I asked with the same wide smile

"Nothing" He said shaking his head and then the doorbell rang and he rushed from his place and I stood up

"Heeeey Styles" Niall said after a long 'Hey' and they hugged each other then Niall got inside and he seems shocked to see me but though he moved towards me with his amaZayn bright smile 

"Hey" He said offering me his hands to shake it

"Hi" I said while shaking his hands

"Nice to see you again" he said and my hands are still attached with his 

"You remember me?" I said taking my hands away from his slowly

"Yeah sure, the girl from backstage right?"

"Yeah" I said in happiness and wondering tone

"Hi" "Hey" Liam and Loui came in with their girls Sophia and Eleanor

"Hi" I waved my hands but I'm still in place

"Hi nice to meet ya, I'm Eleanor" Here we go with the 'Introducing' thing  again but her hug is so lovely so I'll just forget about the 'Introducing'

"And I'm Sophia" She shake my hands not as lovely as Eleanor

"Hi I'm Victoria Harry's friend"

"Cool" Sophia said

"Come on girls leave those HI’s for later, have a seat" Harry said to us

"We didn't come here to have a seat let's go swimming and surfing" Niall said in an excited tone

"Yeah let's go" Loui said and they got up one after another passing by me but I stayed in place waiting for the end of this row

"Are you coming or what?" Last one in this row asked stopping by me, which is Harry.

"Sure, but where's Zayn?" I asked, he's the missing one

"He's gonna come with Perrie after a while, and Luke is coming too" Great!!


"Now let's go out" He said and I stood up, Why are they going out right to the sea water without any suits or preparing? Wired but I'm not going into this water anyway so it doesn't matter.

Harry moved in front of me and I followed outside, the breeze is amaZayn and the air blowing my hair is priceless. I took a few deep breathes and closed my eyes, it feels awesome 

"Enjoying it?" Harry asked while looking at me

"Yeah I love this mood"

"Yup and I do too, fresh air no cameras or flashlights or anything like that, you know" He said and moved his shoulders at 'You know' I do this move a lot

"Yeah I do" I said and when I looked at the rest I found the boys are in the water while Eleanor and Sophia are sitting on the sand while chatting "Wanna go?" I asked Harry, I don't wanna be the reason he's not having fun or in the water I think.

"No it's ok" He said looking in my eyes and I can feel my checks getting hot

"Ok" I said and took a seat on the sand and started staring at the beautiful water and I can feel his eyes on me but I'm trying to ignore him

"Come on Styles" Niall shouted and then Loui pushed him in the water and we laughed then Harry stood up and ran into the water taking his shirt off on his way and I remain in my place laughing.

"Come here girl" Sophia said waving for me to come join them and I moved to sit beside Eleanor

"Look the boys are having a water fight" Sophia said pointing to the boys and we laughed at them

"They'll always stay our little playful boys" I said with a smile

"Yeah forever and after" Ellie responded

We found Loui, Liam and Harry talking and Niall went far away. What's going on here? then three of them ran through the water towards us screaming 'Hug time' and I looked towards the girls to find them looking at me then three of us stood up and began to run as soon as the boys reached the shore. Harry caught me from behind minutes later because he's faster than me of course and my clothes got wet.

"Let me go you witty boy" I screamed moving my legs back and forth as they're not reaching the sand

"No way" He said and turned to walk towards the sea

"No, no don't this please" I screamed and he kept laughing without a single word. Not the water.

I found the rest are already in the water and Niall is swimming back while laughing. I like this trip so far.

Harry dropped me in the water and I was bending my knees so it didn't end as good as I hoped. Water everywhere getting into my body through every hole and I'm trying to go back to the air but my mind isn't sending any signals. I found someone grabbing me upwards back to the air and I took a few deep breathes

"You ok?" Harry asked

"Yeah but don't let me go again" I said and he wept the water away from my eyes. I don't know why I became that afraid from water, I used to love but since the first time I was drowning I became in this state while I shouldn't be.

"I won't" He said with his famous dimpled smile and I'm back to the world away from my thoughts

"See who finally came" Niall told us and we found Zayn and Perrie waving for us

"Come in, it's amazing right here" Loui shouted

"Ok we'll change first" Zayn shouted back

"No way, we're all with our clothes on" Harry yelled in my ears

"Not in my ears you idiot" I said to him and he laughed

"Sorry" He said not cutting the laugh until I gave him a glare so he tried to stop but when we looked at each other we both laughed but his was stronger than mine.

Seconds later we found Zayn and Perrie in the water with their clothes on and Zayn kept looking at me with a weird look, May be he can't remember me.

"Hey I'm Perrie Zayn's girl and a singer too" Perrie said moving towards us with her hands straighten for me to shake. When will famous people stop introducing themselves?!

"Hi and I'm Victoria Harry's friend" I said and Harry's eyes went narrow

"Nice to meet ya" She said

"Me too, I'm the luckiest girl ever" I said and she laughed

"Sure you a...” She was cut off by Zayn lifting her up then letting her fall in the water

"My girl is dying" He screamed then he followed her down the water acting as if he's saving her and we all kept laughing

After a while we all went out of the water to grab some food as Niall suggested and we found Gemma and Ashton watching TV. We all took a shower one after another then the food arrived and I offered to take it from the delivery boy as I'm the only infamous one here ... After we finished the food I went upstairs to have a rest only for a while, I'm so damn tired and I was hungry too but I didn't notice until I saw the delicious food in front of me, it was a really long good day and I'm glad that there's rest.

I was cut by the door knock

"Come in" I shouted

"Hey I'm sorry if I've woken you up" Harry said not coming inside only talking through the opened door

"It's ok I wasn't sleeping anyway"

"Well we're gonna watch a movie, do you wanna join?"

"Of course I do" I said jumping out of my place "Let's go" I pushed him to move in front of me

When we reached downstairs we found them fighting at what movie will they watch and I offered to make some popcorn and through this noise only three heard me

"Sure" Harry said "Take me with ya" Perrie said moving from her spot. and Niall agreed with a loud voice saying 'Popcorn' cutting the fight with loui and loui hit him to get his attention back

After the popcorn is ready we ended up watching Harry Potter: The dead hallows 2 as Niall wanted, I heard few compliments about the popcorn

"What do you wanna do next?" Liam asked after the movie is done

"SLEEP" I said, I'm exhausted

"I agree with that let's go" Eleanor said and we both stood up but Harry gabbed my hands

"Stay" He said

"No, I haven't slept since yesterday, remember?!"

"Ohh" That's all what came out of him

"Goodnight everyone" I said in a loud voice enough for everyone to hear me and they send me a good night too. When I went upstairs I checked my phone to find a few missed calls and texts but I won't bother myself to open them now I just threw my body on the bed and fell asleep immediately.

(Sorry for the too late update but I was busy in the last few days in Ramadan preparing for the feast so I hope you forgive me and Happy Feast to all Muslims ^^ Don't forget to vote cuz most of you don't :( Enjoy it and vote comment and share)


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