The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



2. Chapter 2 "back to memories"

Chapter 2

As soon as I’ve reached my room I took my phone out of my pocket and started texting one of my best friends here in Egypt her name is Christine I knew her since I was in the kindergarten .. I do really miss her so much .. she’s next door I can pass by her and ask her to go out with me now or … now I guess, I can’t stay indoor for so long ..

 “Hello!!” Christine answered at the second ring with a shocked voice.

“Hey Chris it’s me Vic”

“I know its just I can’t believe it, is this number a real one are U really here in Egypt?” She said in an exited tone.

“Yup I’m here next door”

“really !! Why haven’t U told me?”

“I told U in our last chat, it was the last text”

“ohh !! I’m sorry I haven’t seen it yet” She said with impressed voice.

“It’s okay Cuz I’m here now”

“I have to see U I’m coming”

“No I will, I can’t stay indoor for so long”

“What about  going out together right now Cuz I can’t stay in either”

“Sure but do U know a good place to go?”

“Naaah!! But we’ll find one”

“Sure 5 min. and I’ll meet U in the hall”

“Ok see U”

“see U” I hang up with her and then I went straight to the dresser, I took the first thing I saw and went downstairs hoping no one will notice.

“Where are U going young lady?” My mum asked .. Great

“I’m going for a walk with Christine .. Bye” I rushed out of the apartment, giving away a breathe that I didn’t even notice that I was holding.

  I skipped the elevator and took the stairs .. I do always think that the stairs is faster and better .

“Hey!!” Chris said in a cheerful tone.

“Hii” I said

“I miss U” She said through my hair while hugging  each other.

“Miss U too honey”

“Lets go !!” I added

  The walk wasn’t that bad we got an ice cream and walked while talking  and getting flash backs .. The best memories of my childhood was here ..

*I wish Bake and Daissy (my other bff ) were here* I said through my thoughts

  (I’m sorry Cuz harry isn’t in that chapter too but don’t rush he’ll be here soon !! keep voting plZz I’m having only a few number of votes L tell what do U think about it in a comment let me know your opinion)  

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