The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



19. Chapter 19 "The dinner"

Chapter 19

He opened the car door for me when we reached it

"Here we go Miss Adam" He said offering his hand for me

"Thanks" I said taking by his hands and jumping in. I went in and he closed the door for me, what a gentleman.

"I was always looking forward to do this with the right one" He said with the best smile ever. Aww that's sweet

"And I'm that one?"

"I've just done that so yeah you're the one" He said and we moved. YOU'RE THE ONE !! I like this Harry.

"This dress looks hot on you" He said breaking the silence

"Thanks, and your outfit is pretty good too, little bit formal but cool" I like the way he wears suits and this dinner seems important to him as it is for me.

"I was gonna say sexy but I saw your Bakery standing behind and I thought I shouldn't say it"

"First of all his name is Bake and you know it well and second thanks a lot dear I was afraid that it will look a bit fancy but with your suit I'm good"

"You've just said you liked my suit and now you're making fun of it" He said with his thick accent

"No you idiot I didn't mean that I meant that my outfit is proper since you're wearing the suit, idiot" I said and looked out of the window and I can feel his eyes on me every 2 minutes at least.

"Here" He said parking the car and I took a deep breathe before meeting those people that I've only seen in pictures 

"Nervouse?" He asked

"A little" I said and my eyes met his

"Don't worry I'm here" He said resting his hand on thigh, now he's making me more nervous

"Let's go" I said and I opened the door and jumped out.

"I was gonna do this for you" He said when he's out too

"ohh I can get in and ..."

"No need I'll do it in our way back ok?" He cut me off and we both went towards the door and he's the one who rang the bell

"Ok" I said in a low voice taking another deep breathe

"Hey guys" Anne said in a loud cheery voice and Harry cleared the pass for me

"Hii" I said giving a small wave 

"Come in" She said clearing the pass too and I went to stand right beside Harry

"I'm Anne Harry's mother" She stretched her hands for me to shake it

"Yeah I know and I'm Victoria Young his friend" Opss "I mean ..." I can't find words

"It’s ok sweetie come in" She said after a short laugh taking a step towards the living room but...

"Wait" Gemma rushed from upstairs and we stopped for her. "Hey" She said giving me a hug "I'm Gemma his sister" Why are they introducing themselves as if I don't know them?

"Hii" I said giving her a small wave. I'm still nervous.

"Then you're Victoria right?" 

"Yes I'm" I said moving both of my hands in a playfully way. How could she know my name?

"Harry talks about you all the time" Well that's an explanation

"You do?" I looked up at him with my best smile ever.

"Well I think we should start that dinner now or we're gonna be late" He said rubbing his chin and looking at Gemma then back to me

"Sure It's already done, let's go" Anne said heading to the dining room and we followed

"Hey I like your dress" Gemma said checking me out

"ThanX, and yours looks great too" She's wearing a dark pink dress running down the floor with a white cardigan on, I like it

"So Vic tell us more about yourself" Anne said and I chew my food fast to be able to answer.

"I've been raised in Egypt because my mother is Egyptian but my father is British, I have two little sisters and I'm still in high school, the next year is my senior one" I stopped for a while to find Gem and Anne's eyes are going wide a little and Harry is smiling while looking at his plate. He knows the rest "I think that's it" So I stopped, I don't wanna ruin the mood and though I'm still nervous.

Harry looked at me and our eyes met so I guess he noticed what happened. He rested a hand on my thigh for the second time tonight making eye contact with me as if he's telling me 'It's ok' and my nerves got low

"So do you like sports or something?" Gemma asked and I bet that she noticed too

"I like volleyball but I haven't played it lately"

"Sweet, I guess we can have a game tomorrow or something" Tomorrow? "You're still coming right?" She asked and I raised an eyebrow "The trip" She reminds me

"Ohh yeah sure, I'm still in, right?" I asked Harry

"Of course you are" He said playfully

"Where's Robbin?" I whispered to him 

"He's still at work" Anne answered

"Ohh sorry" I really need to learn how to whisper "I like your food so far It's way too perfect to me" I said trying to lighten the mood after my question

"Thanks sweetie it's my pleasure"

"So have you bought anything for the trip?" Gemma asked me

"Well I didn't cuz I don't know what should I buy?"

"Nothing important but maybe a sun block or some beach clothes and swimming suits" 

"Well I have a san block and enough clothes for every occasion  and I don't like swimming" It's not that I don't like it or that I'm afraid of water, it's just that I can't swim and I don't like any place with boys in it and the boys'1D,Ash and Luke' will be there

"You won't go swimming?!" She said in amazement

"Nope" I said popping the P as always

"Then why are you coming?" Ouch "I mean all of the fun is summed up with the water and there will be no fans right there or cameras or something cuz no one goes there" She corrected herself.

"Well there's another reason that I'm a Muslim and I won't dress in swimming suits in front of some lads" I said and Anne slipped some of water with a small cough, I think it's my bad

"Are you ok?" Harry asked her

"Yeah I'm fine" She answered and took another sip of her water

"I'm sorry about that" I told her and I do really feel it's all my false

"It's ok sweetie" She said and offered me a smile "The desert then?" She asked us and we all finished our plates except Harry because he's the only one hilled his plate with loads

"Wait for a while" He said

"You're not a child, and stop eating as if you're sort of a homeless man who finally found food." She said drawing smiles on our faces "Let's go" She said grabbing some plates and Gemma helped her.

"May I help?" I asked politely "I'd really love to" I added

"No sweetie there's no need, you go with Harry to the living room and we'll meet you there after a while" She said and me and Harry stood up and head out of the dining room to the living one

Their house is large and a bit fancy of course but I like it

"So you forgot about the trip ha?" He asked when we both set down

"It's ... It's not like that I was just trying to make sure from what was in my mind, where are we gonna play" It and I don't know how could I?

"Yeah sure" He said resting his back

"Are you mad at me?"

"No, it's not that big deal" I'm sure that he is from his tone and I think he wants me to beg him a little

"Come on Harold" I said pronouncing the 'Harold' awkwardly and we both burst into laughter

"What’s so funny?" Anne asked while entering the room with ice cream plates

"This girl has the most awkward accent while pronouncing names like this 'Harold' ." He said without cutting his laugh

"Hey I've the best accent you've ever heard admit it" I said and the smile didn't faint yet

"Sure" He said trying to keep his laugh but failed miserably and started bending and going up and down and we all were looking at him with a wide smile but no one laughed until he stopped his longest laugh and then we all laughed at him. I like this mood I'm in now and I haven't laughed like this in a while.

"Mmmm your ice cream tastes incredible" I told Anne "You don't know how much I liked it" I continued

"It's my pleasure darling" Anne told me

"You know what I think that we're gonna best friends in a short time" Gemma told me

"Yeah and I think that too" I told her

"Oh my god" I said when I glanced the clock "I'm sorry I've to go now it's getting late" I said and stood up from my place

"Ok I'll drive you back" Harry said and he stood up too

"Well I'll see U tomorrow Gem!" I said exchanging kisses with her "Nice to meet you Mrs. ..."

"No Mrs. call me Anne" She cut me off

"Well Nice to meet you Anne"

"Me too sweetie, hope I’ll see you again soon"

"Sure" I said through a hug

"Well ladies you don't have to do that cuz you're gonna see each other soon" Harry cut us off this cute hug

"Stop being a bad boy" I said with a small laugh while walking towards him

"Never in a million years" He said and I tried to push him but he fixed himself with the ground

"Moooove" I said and he move and I was about to fall but I got my shit together as fast as I can

"You liked the night?" He asked me after a few minutes of silence in the car

"Well yeah it went great, I was so afraid of my bad luck"

"Why? I'm lucky enough to brought you some good luck"

"Ha-ha funny" I said trying to make fun of him

"Now tell me Why would your bad luck chase you tonight?"

"May be because every time I'm lucky at the beginning it turns upside down and ends with a disaster" I said and he laughed at me "Stop!!" I said and he tried to keep his laugh but when we looked to each other we both laughed and then back to silence

"Here" He said parking his car in front of my house

"I enjoyed tonight so far" I told him

"Me too"

"Well ... Bye" I said

"Wait" He shouted stopping me from opening the door

"What is it?" 

"I'll open it" I said and jumped out of the car and a small laugh came out of me

"Here we go ma ‘me" He said offering his hands

"Thanks" I said taking it

"Well I'll pass by you at 12:00 pm, ok?" 

"Yeah good" I said and he stepped closer but I can't "Well good night" I said taking my steps towards the door.

"Good Night" He said and I can feel his eyes on me even after closing the door slightly.

"Here you are" My mom said

"Yeah good night" I said and went upstairs, I don't wanna chat with her to keep my mood on

As soon as I reached my room my mobile buzzes, it's that blocked number again but he's calling me this time.

"He-y" I answered in a shaky voice

"Hii sweetie, I see that someone broke the rules" He said. His voice is like this one in Saw 

"What do you want from me?" I asked

"I was clear from the start, stay away from him"

"Why and what will happen. Ohh I'm scared" I was trying to make fun of him but I'm really scared

"You will see soon, you better be not from those girls who scream when they see blood" He says and hangs up leaving me with my thoughts. 

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