The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



16. Chapter 16 "I need this step"

Chapter 16

"Hey there" I said to mum and Mrs.Potter as soon as we got into the house

"Your late "She said and I turned my back to face Bake and acted like her continuing her usual statement with "Young Lady" and Bake was trying not to laugh but he failed miserably

"We took only a single hour" I said to her

"What did you buy?" She asked

"Only some notebooks"

"Good" She said and then she paid her attention back to Mrs.Potter

"Hey let's go upstairs" I whispered to Bake

"Why are you whispering?”

"I don't know now let's go" I said moving towards the stairs and he followed me with a small smile on his face

"What's going on here?" I asked some strangers as soon as I entered my room

"We're here for the new air conditioner, We're almost done" One of them answered 

"Ok" I said and I stepped inside to take my laptop and I saw someone standing across the street while bending but when I'm straight again he's gone. Wired

"We've finished" The same guy said turning it on 

"ThanX a lot" I said with a smile

"No problem" He said and both of them went away

"I like this punishment" I said to Bake

"Hhhhhhh you've only spent about an hour punished" True

"Sure" I said taking a seat on the bed and turning on the laptop

"What are you doing?"

"Looking for a job"

"You were serious!" He said in a shocked voice

"As if I'll joke with someone like you" I said with a smile

"I'm not kidding you can't work, It's not the right time"

"It's the best time, when I get the job my schedule will be full so I don't have to stay at home for long plus I need more money to go to college maybe WSU"

"You wanna leave England?"

"No but I don't know the best collages here so ..."

"So you won't leave" He's getting angry

"Let’s postpone it for later we have a whole year to discuss it, K?"


"So are you hungry?" I asked 

"Little bit"

"Let's go and grab few things from the kitchen"

"Let's go" He said getting out of the bed where he was sitting

"Go and I'll follow" I said when my mobile vibrated in the bag, yes I can feel it

"Sure but don't be late I don't wanna stay with them for long" He said with a smile referring to our moms 

"Hhhhh Of course" I was with a small laugh and he went out shutting the door after him

I checked my phone to find a text message from a blocked number that says:

*Stay away from your super star or you won't see each other ever again* It says

What? Who's that? and who is he referring to?

"Harry?" I said in a shocked voice and ran downstairs to take Bake back upstairs

"Emergency" I said when I reached half the staircase and he followed immediately

"What is it?" He asked when we entered the room and he closed the door behind him

"This" I said giving him the mobile and few tears ran down my hot cheek

"Who's your ..."

"Harry Styles" I cut him off knowing the rest

"And who's the ..."

"Don't you see you blind it's blocked" I half shouted

"Ok I'm sorry" He said raising his hands in the air "Why are you so freaked out?" He asked

"I'm not freaked out, I'm just ... just ..." I can't find words "Ughhhhhh I don't know let's go and get chocolate" I said wiping those stupid tears away

When we reached the kitchen I took the whole jar of Nutella and a spoon while Bake took some pancakes that mom has just made and we both headed upstairs again. All what I did after that was staring out of the widow taking the jar in a tight hug giving my back to Bake

"Do you wanna do something?" He asked breaking the silence

"Nope" I said popping the P, I like doing that

"Anything?" He asked again


"Fine" He said and then back to silence for a few minutes "Look I know you've got a crush on him and I think that he likes you too and this message has nothing to do your relationship that you're having"

"Relationship?" I repeated

"Yeah I'm sure that there's kinda of relationship between both of you and it's gonna end up with you in his ..."

"Do not complete that" I cut him before he say anything

"I'm sorry but you deserve your own Cinderella story, leaving with those stupid rules takes away many opportunities to live your normal teenage life" 

"I know and I don't like it but I have to respect and obey, that's my job"

"No you have to live your life, you're in London not in Egypt you don't have to obey those stupid things"

"I have to" My voice is so weak

"No you don't" He raised his voice

"Yes I do" So did I "Look it's not only about different culture or different rules, I'm Muslim after all"

"You what I see Muslims everywhere living their lives, drinking whatever they want" Here we go "Dressing in hot shorts and those things"

"Hey" I shouted "Wrong ideas are not my false ok? This is wrong and their place is in hell after all so please stop talking about religions, understood?" I was really harsh

"Look I didn't ..." I was trying to apologize

"No need for that I get it" He said with a smile 

"You're the best person I've ever met" I'm cool now

"I know that" He said with confidence

"Really?" I said raising an eyebrow

"Of course, where would you find another Bakie?"

"Hhhhhhh right" I said and we both laughed for a while till the door knocked

"Come in" I said

"Hey Bake your mother is leaving and she were asking if you'll ..." My mum said when she went in

"Yeah yeah sure I'm coming" He said standing up

"Ohh will you come back?" I asked leaving the chair

"I don't know" He answered

"It's ok" I said giving him a hug "See ya"

"Bye" he said

"Bye" I repeated and went back to the chair then I thought about looking for a job through the internet.

I opened my laptop and I found several things but the vibration of my mobile cut me off. It's Harry!! Why is he calling now? It's already 9:40 

"Hello" I answered

"Hey it's me Harry" I love his thick British accent

"Ohh hi" I said and a wide smile appeared on my face

"I was wondering if you have already thought about the trip?"

"Ohh I'm sorry I haven't told my parents yet"

"What about your boyfriend?" What?!

"My boyfriend" I repeated

"Yeah your boyfriend, this one that you're always with, he has a long brown hair, this one who was with you today's morning" Bake!!

"Do you mean Bake!!? Hhhhhhhh he's not my boyfriend I don't have any boyfriends, I've never dated" Opss I shouldn't say that but it has already came out. Maybe he didn't pay attention for the last word

"Ever!!" No he didn't

"Nope" I said popping the P as always


"I told you before that I have a different background with different rules from a totally different culture"

"Yeah but it's not an enough reason to let you skip this experience"

"Yes it's, can we please stop talking about that cuz it's annoying enough for me"

"Yeah sure, then go and ask your parents now" 



"They might be sleeping"

"Ok then, let's talk about something else" I'm feeling so happy, he wants to talk with me!! but unfortunately I remembered the text

"I ... I " *I don't know I one of us will be alive after this call* I wanted to say but I pushed it away "Forget about it, how was your day?"

"Great actually, I went to visit my family after a long time without seeing them and then I saw you" Aww

"Great" Another text is received so I had to hang up "Ohh Harry I need to go now but I'll call you tomorrow to tell you if I'm coming or not"

"Ok and I'll wait for it"

"Sure :) Bye"

"Bye" and we hanged up and checked the message

*There's a bad girl over here, I'm still watching* The text said 

"Damn it" I said out loud

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