The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



14. Chapter 14 "The challenge"

Chapter 14

Victoria's P.O.V

I was so mad at the time and I tried to get my shit under control but it ended up with me fighting the pillow cuz I feel like I'm powerless for the first time of my life ... I rested my head on the pillow, took a deep breath and closed my eyes for a few seconds until the doorbell rang. Is that him?! He wasn't kidding then. I rushed downstairs to find ...

"Hey I got you your things" My father said when he noticed me on the staircase

"ThanX" I said in a weak voice "When are you sending me free?" I asked him and I hope it's soon

"It has been only 20 minutes since you went to your room" only 20 minutes?

"They seemed like 20 year over here" I said and he laughed

"You're gonna suffer a lot, I like this punishment"

"Then you're gonna suffer with me cuz I won't stop asking for my freedom and mercy" I said and he laughed again

"Come and get your bags"

"Sure" I said and headed downstairs taking my bags, as soon as I hold the bag handle the doorbell rang

"I'll get it" My father said heading to the door.

"Hey sir I'm looking for a girl with dark brown hair and ..." 

"Harry" I said cutting him off while rushing to see him after realizing his voice clearly this time 

"Hey" He said giving me a small wave and a small smile too

"Hii" Is he ?! "Ohh the stranger ?" I said in a wired voice as soon I realized how stupid I am

"Yep" He said and he's smile is getting brighter

"Who's he?" My dad asked me, I've already forgot his existence

"He's .. he's" I said in broken worried voice cuz I know that my dad hates One Direction and he hates everything about them so I looked at Harry for a help

"I'm Harry, Harry Styles" He said offering his hands for him to shake it, this cannot be true. I saw my mum moving her eyes between my father and Harry then she looked at me and I can see the worry in her eyes just as in mine

"Come in boy you won't stay out for a long time" My dad said clearing the pass for him to the living room, I can't let my father have him cuz It will end up with a disaster soo

"Actually dad I'll take him upstairs we haven't seen each other since so long" I lied

"Sure go ahead and have fun and if you need anything just tell me" He said ready to leave

"Actually I was going to take her out for a while" Harry said to my father

"Whaaat?!" Me my mother and father said at the same time, That's wired 

"I mean upstairs would me good" I was trying to make this less awkward and I grabbed him by the arm to head upstairs but he's stronger than me and he grabbed my arm back

"No outdoor would be better" He said looking directly in my eyes

"Indoors are the best" I don't know what am I doing I wanted to get out of this place since the last 30 minutes and now I'm refusing that offer? May be because I don't wanna him to know that I'm badly punished. I think it’s like a challenge 

"We can grab a coffee we haven't seen each other since too long" He continued my lie

"He's right you should go" My mum said giving me this glare that says 'Take him away from here'

"Fine" I said taking my hands out of his grab "Let me change"

"No I like you that way" That's sweet but at least not in front of my parents

"Shut up" This is all awkward. Me, Harry Styles and both of my parents at the same room!! "I'll be right back" I said grabbing one of the suitcases upstairs and as soon as I took it...

"Come here boy have a seat" My father said and I swear I was feeling Harry's eyes on me until my father called him

I reached my room and opened the suitcase looking for this cardigan

"Got It" I said taking it out and heading to the bathroom. Changing in the bathroom is a habit for me now.

"I'm done now let's go" I said hanging my bag on my shoulder

"Sure. Nice to meet you Mr. ..?" Harry said to my father

"Mr. Adam" My father said shaking hands with him

"Time to go" I said grabbing Harry by his arm out of this door

"Why are you in hurry?"

"You're welcome"


"I saved you so you're welcome. Now can you drive me to my friend's house?" I don't know what I was thinking about ... A date with Harry Styles is a priceless thing and now I wanna go to a friend’s house? Damn it, I'm so stupid

"You wanna hang out with a friend when you have me?"

"It's not like that. I'm trying not to me rude but I didn't come I would be locked inside of this place for so long" That's true "ThanQ" I said when we both climbed into his car

"You're welcome" He said and locked all of the car doors 

"Hey what was that?" 

"To make sure that you won't jump out of the car"

"Ha-ha I won't now open it"

"How could I know that you're not lying?" 

"Pinkie promise" I said raising my pinkie *Little finger* for him

"Whaaat?" He half shouted out of surprised face 

"Pinkie promise, I know it's silly but I like it and I keep it" I said shaking my pinkie

"You're insane those things are for kids" He's right

"Will you or will you not" I said 

"Fine" He said putting his pinkie around mine and we shook it up and down

"Good boy, now open the lock" I said with a little bit loud voice

"Sure" He said and opened it

"See this is easy, it's easy to be a good boy" I said with an annoying tone and he moved out of the lot

"Where do wanna go?" He asked 

"Anywhere includes coffee and breakfast"

"You haven't eaten your breakfast yet?"

"Nope cuz when you waked me up I went downstairs to go and meet then I knew that I was punished and I cannot go out"

"Why?" He asked

"It's a very long story and you'll get bored"

"No I wanna hear it so bad" He said looking at me "Please please please" He said showing all of his teeth in a cute way

"Hhhhhh ok ok here we go" I said and started my way too long story until we reached a restaurant and when we sat down he asked me to continue while we had our breakfast. I told him from how much I liked the life here and didn't wanna go to Egypt to the moment I'm here with him now.

"That's it and now I'm here" I said when I finished my story

"Wohoo no doubt that you're punished"

"Shut up" I said giving him a poke in his shoulder and we both laughed "What?" I said when I found him staring at my face

"You're the most beautiful girl I've ever met"

"And you're the courtliest person I've ever met"

"I'm only saying the truth"

"Liar liar pants on fire" I said with the brightest smile I've ever had in the last few days

"Hhhhhh you're so childish. First the pinkie promise and now this" He said and we both burst into laughter

"I think I am" I said while laughing

"You're the craziest person I've ever met"

"And you will never meet someone crazier than me, I'm sure" That's true

"Yeah" He said with a small laugh "Do you wanna go somewhere"

"I don't know, I think that I have to go home by now, I punished remember" I think I have to obey my parents for the first time in a very long time

"Sure? I mean from your story it's already regular for you to break rules so why do you care about this time?" He's right

"This time is different cuz I cannot even open my room's window and I'm sure that being out for some time would be a crime" I said and he smiled

"As you like but I'm sure that if I could take you out of this prison once I'll do it twice"

"Yeah please do it" I said with a smile but his faint for a while "I mean I'd like to get out of this house I'm not that indoor person at all"

"I get it" He said and the smile came back. He waved his hands for the waiter to get the bill

As soon as the waiter put the bill on the table I took it

"Hey" He said trying to take it back from me

"No way" I pushed it away and then I gave it back to him as soon as I saw how much my plate cost and when I saw his I thought that I can pay for it too

"Thank you" he said when he took it back and I dug my hands in the bag taking the money out and placing it on the table "What's that?" He asked pointing to the money

"I don't like anyone to spend a penny on me"

"Am I anyone?"


"Well I'm the man here and the man pays"

"What rule is that?"

"The number 1 rule here ok?"


"Here take your money back" He said moving the money to my side

"No" I said pushing them back

"Yes" He pushed them again

"I said no"

"And I said yes" He said and the waiter came back

"Here" We both said at the same time offering him the money

"Take it" I said to the waiter

"Should I ... ?" He said looking to Harry

"Yes" "No" We both said

I have an idea "I won't fight back" I said putting the money in the bag

"ThanQ" He said to me and the waiter is gone "Now let's go" He said standing up

"Sure" I stood up too heading to the door and he's following me

"So what are you gonna do when you're back home?" He asked breaking the silence

"Nothing, maybe acting as if I am dead so they'll take me to the hospital ..."

"And there they'll know that you were lying" He cut me off

"No they'll send me free cuz I'll ask the doctor to lie, Duh"

"You're crazy" He said with this smile that shows his dimples

"Everybody is saying that" I said and we're back to silence

"Here" He said pulling the handbrakes

"ThanQ for this amaZayn breakfast" I said putting the money under my leg to leave them there

"You're welcome"

"Bye" I said and climbed out of the car walking over the grass to my house, taking a long steps to reach the door before he notices the money

"Hey wait" he said and I heard his door shut

"Noo" I said in a weak low voice

"After all of this I don't know your name yet" He said leaving only inches between both of us

"Victoria" I said with a smile "My name is victoria"

"Cool" He said stepping closer and I rang the doorbell so he stepped back

"Hope I'll see you again" I said when my mum opened the door

"Nice to meet you Harry" My mum said 

"Me too ma ‘me, Excuse me" He said turning his face and heading to the car and I rushed upstairs, The window is opened so I looked out of it

"Harold Edward Styles you're my first damn crush" I was planning to say it out loud but it came in a weak voice.

(Hey!! I hope you like this chapter cuz I like it so bad and for the cast of the mother, Mrs.Adam as Laura Leighton. Hope you're enjoying it :D )


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