The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



13. Chapter 13 "His view"

Chapter 13

Harry's P.O.V

I can see her in the seconed row that means that she has already paid a lot to see us, what about giving her a better view or givin' it myself actually

"Hey Steve come here" I said to Steve the nearest guard from me right after my solo

"What's wrong?"

"See this girl in the second row with that jacket similar to mine?" I told him pointing to her

"Ohh yeah sure she's hot"

"Shut up and get her to the first row there's a free place right there" I said pointing to the place I want her to be

"Sure dude" He said and went away to get her and I'm back to the song not taking my eyes away from her.

What's happening here?! Why is there a boy following her?! Is he her boyfriend?! Fuck, but I won't give up on her cuz maybe he's her brother or something, Now she's in the first row and I'm sure that she knows what's going on cuz I saw her watching me when I was talking to Steve

After the song is over I went back to Steve

"Hey, can U go back to her and ask her to come backstage again after the concert, I need her and if she said yes can you plZz get her to me please" Of course she will "Please" I repeated

"Sure, no problem" YES !!

"Thanks bro"

"you're welcome" He said and then he went straight to her ... After few seconds I saw her shaking her head No, what does that supposed to mean?! When Steve is back to me and my part is over I went to see what happened

"A no then, ha?!" I asked

"Yep, Dude she's a rough one, I don't think that you'll ever get her" 

"you're wrong bro, you'll see" I have an idea "What are you doing after the show" I asked trying to hurry up for my next solo

"My work"

"Is following her and getting me the address a part of it?" I asked in hurry "I know I'm asking a lot but you know that I cannot do that by my own" That's the real only reason that he's doing that for me

"Sure now go" He said

"Thanks you're the best" I said full of happiness

"Go!!" he said on more time and I was back to the song at the right moment, I can't believe that she said no!! Damn it

"London make some noiseeeeeeeee" Loui said and a wide smile is drawn on her face, her smile is so cute, how could she be an human being just like the rest of us?! She's an angle ... An angel that I'm in love with, LOVE?! Is it the right word cuz I don't even know her.

I stepped right next to Zayn

"What's going on?" He asked

"Someone is playing hard to get" I said and I haven't notice that my mic was on so the first thing I thought about is ... Could she hear me?! Did she?! 

"Yes she did" I said through my thoughts when my eyes met her's as soon as I said that word through the mic, I can feel Zayn's eye's moving between me and her but I didn't move my eyes from her until Zayn poked me to start the next song

After this concert I couldn't find her cuz she's nowhere to be found, Steve has already gone so I supposed that waiting is my only option, we all went inside waiting for Pual to come an tell us to leave. I was planning to go to my mother's place for a visit tonight but I'm so damn tired I don't know if I should go by now or wait till tomorrow's morning.

"What's going on with this fan?" Zayn asked cutting my thoughts and taking a seat beside me 

"Nothing" I lied "Do you think I should go by my mother's tonight or ..."

"Don't change the subject" He cut me off

"I want her so bad and fortuitously she has that number close to Niall's that I used to dial wrong"

"How could you know?"

"Because I can recognize voices, Duh!!"

"Hahahaha ok now tell me why were you talking with Steve a lot tonight"

"You noticed?"

"Everyone did"

"I was just having a normal conversation with him"

"A normal conversation?"

"Yeah what else then"

"Dude why do you want this girl so bad?" actually I've been asking myself the same question here

"I don't know but I want her"

"Sure" He said ending this awkward conversation

"Time to go" Paul said rushing through the door and we all went out and Steve isn't here yet.

When we entered the bus I called Steve 

"Hey sup' ?" I said as soon as he picked the phone

"She climbed into the car with that lad who were with her at the concert and he's parking now"

"Ok, give me the address"

"Sure I'll text it to you as soon as we hang up"

"K bye then"

"Wait" He shouted


"There's something wired happening"

"What is it? Is she ok?"

"Yeah yeah but he's lifting her and taking her inside"

"Whaaat?!" He cannot be her boyfriend

"Her mom or his opened the door and they went inside"

"Can you wait for a few minutes please?" If he went out then that's her address and this was just a stupid game

"Sure bro" He said and after few minutes "He's out" he broke the silence

"Cool now give me the address" 

"Sure, bye"

"Bye" and we hanged up and he texted me the address "Woooh" I said out loud

"What is it about?" Zayn asked

"I have her address now and her phone number and all what I need now is her" I'm so happy and I don't know what to do about her boyfriend

"You're crazy"

"Sure bro, I'm Harry" When I said that I glanced Niall giving a full attention to me and when he noticed that I'm lookin’ he turned his face to meet Liam's, What's wrong with this lad?

I'm planning to meet her tomorrow, I'll call her tomorrow's morning and ask her out and if she didn't come I'll go and get her.

The next morning I called her but too early ... Should I call later

"Look dude I know that U dial the wrong number every time but don't do that in the early morning ok? I need to sleep so redial the number U want and save it cuz that's too much" She said before I can change my mind

"Hey hey slow down, this time I want U not my friend" I said trying to keep her online

 "Whaaaaat?!" She screamed

"Yeah U heard me, I know who UR" This seems like 'I know what U did last summer' or something

"Ohhh I'm scared" Yes I'm right

"That's not funny, if you wanna know who am I, come to Starbucks today at 11:00 am ok?" That's the only thing that came in mind and I'm sure that she doesn't know who I am as she's talking in this way

 "UR an unblushing and flippant little asshole, U want me to meet U as if I know U, tell me now who RU or I'm not coming" I'm sure that she was sleeping cuz those words are ... I don't know

"U will come both ways so hurry up" of course she's

"No I won't, how dare U?" 

"Yes U will see U later babe, bye and don't forget the cute jacket" I was trying to give her a hint of who am I and that babe I don't know why I have said it at the first place

"Whaaaaat?! Babe, as if U know me?" Outch ... I don't know what to say so I hanged up, That's cruel I know but I cannot find anything to say.

As soon as I hanged up I went to get ready to go and meet her, I know that I told her to come at 11 but I'll go now in case she came early

 (Hey I know it's very short but I'm trying to do my best to update it as soon as I can, I hope you're enjoying it. Don't forget to vote and comment your opinion, ilysm ♥)


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