The First Crush

Her happiness was never with HIM.
She loved him for being himself but that was never satisfying A! She was always an inch away from death and they never lived happily ever after :)



11. Chapter 11 "Back Home"

Chapter 11

After this incredible concert I went out as fast as I can grabbing Bakie's hand out of there, I don't wanna face what Harry want to say or even want to know why did he want me backstage 

"Slow down" Bake said while I was taking him out

"No slowdowns just move"

"Why RU in rush?" He asked

"Becuz I don't wanna him to find me, he's Harry Styles if wants me he'll get me but not now at all" I said while we're at the end of this rush " Can U drive me home?" I asked as soon as we're out of the stadium

"Sure, but why? I thought U were staying at Daissy's?"

"Yeah only for one night" I said when I entered the car, it wasn't too far

"If U don't wanna go home for now U can stay at my place" He offered

"No thanks I'll just go home and ...." Wait a minute "I have an idea"

"What is it?"

"U'll take me back home and lift me as if I'm sick or something and take me upstairs to have some rest and U'll tell them that I've taken a soporific instead of my headache medicine, I'm a genius" I said resting my back on the seat

"No UR crazy not a genius"

"Will U do that or not?"

"Why do U even want to do that"

"Becuz I don't wanna face my whole family not now at least"


"They'll ruin my mood"

"This is insane"

"Hey!! U know me I'll do it, so will U help me or should I find anyone else to do it? I mean it"

"Ok ok I will"

"Good boy"

"Crazy girl"


"I only forced"

"Hahahaha I know" that’s why he's my best friend

"Here" He said parking his car in the lot

"Com'on" I said when he looked at me asking me to pack up, I know what he wants to say from only eye contact

"No way I'm not doing this it seems to be fun"



"The whole family is inside and they'll see me carrying U as if UR dead and it’s fun to U?"

"Hey will U or should I ask any guy from the street?" I mean it

"Ok ok let's go" He said and we both jumped out of the car

"Here lift me and I'll ring the bell" I said as soon as we're in front of the door


"Wait carry my bag on your shoulder it will seem more real" I'm excited to do that and I don't even know why but it’s crazy and I love it, I'm a genius

"Remind me why am I friend with U"

"Because I'm the best you will ever have in this world"

"I'm not buying that"

"I don't care that's your destiny now let’s go" I said and lifted me and I rang the bell

"Oh my god what happened to her?" My mum asked in worry

"Nothing she's just sleeping" He said... ohhh he forgot what I told him so I squeezed his jacket from behind "I mean she took a wrong medicine" I squeezed him again "A soporific instead of her headache medicine so I decided to take her home" Finally

"Thanks, UR a good boy come in darling" She said and shut the door he's taking me upstairs and my mum is following

"Thanks darling UR a real friend, the whole family was looking for her and she was rejecting all of our calls" Yes I did "Thanks really, I've never thought that she was with U, I thought that she hasn't told anyone" 

"Yeah here" He said and can tell that he's giving her the bag and turning out of the room, I feel my mum putting the bag on the night stand beside me

"Wohoooo" I let go of that breathe that I've been holding just to make it seems real... I don't even know if the ones who takes those things breathes or not but that was FUN :)

"Hey" I said to Bake through the phone

"Hello crazy little girl" He answered

"I enjoyed that"

"Yeah sure"

"RU gone?" I asked

"Yeah I've just got out of the lot, why?" 

I was thinking if U can sneak in and spend the rest of the night with me?"

"Hey it was a very very very long day for both of us"

"I know but I'm not done yet"

"Sure UR Victoria"

"Yeah" Ohh I forgot "Hey I forgot all about my clothes, both of my suitcases are at Daissy's" I can't believe I forgot that

"Do U want me to .."

"No U've done enough for me, I don't even know how could U handle me that long"

"I don't know either" He said and we both laughed

"Shut up!!" I said but I heard someone's shoe "Wait someone is coming bye bye bye"

"Ok ok bye" and we hanged up and I acted like I'm trying to get up

"Here" My mother said helping me to sit straight, she's buying it

"ThanX, look I'm sorry for everything I don't know what I was thinking I know I'm gonna pay for it but I want U to forgive me plZz" I said while acting as if I'm crying, I'm GOOD 

"It's ok, Let us not talk about that now" She's buying it so far, She doesn't know me anymore "Now change your clothes and back to sleep" Should I ask her for some .. NO!!

"Sure goodnight" I said turning my back and resting my head to sleep

"U won't change"

"I don't know I think I don't have enough power for now to change, goodnight" I said and as soon as I rested my head on the pillow again ... I'm asleep

Buzzz Buzzzzzzz ... I hate my mobile and its always in vibration mood, Who would call me this early in the morning, all of my friends would be as asleep as I am ... It’s that stranger again

"Look dude I know that U dial the wrong number every time but don't do that in the early morning ok? I need to sleep so redial the number U want and save it cuz that's too much" I said half sleepy and half angry, believe me it's not a good mix 

"Hey hey slow down, this time I want U not my friend" The stranger said

"Whaaaaat?!" That's all what came in mind

"Yeah U heard me, I know who UR"

"Ohhh I'm scared" I said making fun of him, He can't be the one in my mind ... He cannot be Harry, I know it's insane so he cannot be him he's just an unblushing and flippant lad

"That's not funny, if you wanna know who am I, come to Starbucks today at 11:00 pm ok?" Whaaat

"UR an unblushing and flippant little asshole, U want me to meet U as if I know U, tell me now who RU or I'm not coming" I shouted, now I 100% angry

"U will come both ways so hurry up"

"No I won't, how dare U?"

"Yes U will see U later babe, bye and don't forget the cute jacket"

"Whaaaaat?! Babe, as if U know me?" I shouted not giving any attention for the last statement "Hello" I said when I found no answer

"How dare him to close this fuckin' line while I'm talking, he must learn his lesson" I said to myself

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